Monday, December 22, 2014

ET to PK

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

ET – The Extra Terrestrial movie came out in 1982 and now we have our own PK which came out in 2014.  Similar movies with extraterrestrial beings put on earth and can’t get back to their carrier ships because of simple reasons, and are stuck in humanity for a period of time, and how they cope with the earthly circumstances and how we the humans define their emotional and psychological nature in general and how they will survive a hostile and unfriendly nature of people on earth, barring a few good ones.

It was fascinating to watch ET at the time, and even today to see how fragile ET is and still how it is depicted as smart, intelligent and caring towards the little boy and ET depicts the goodness of humans as we can define it.  We really don’t know what is good and bad except as we have developed on our own since our existence, and using the same terminology for extraterrestrials is purely symptomatic of our tendency to think of good and bad in terms of where we are and what we do, but not a relative description of what the ET might want to do.  The most wonderful thing that is depicted in both the movies is the ET’s ability to learn quickly and look at finding a reasonable solution to human problems.  They simply learn quickly and understand our emotions quickly, so they will be behaving in tandem with us earthlings.

Hindu mythology is full of references to such characters and actions, and even has depiction of the most intricate and intelligent actions of these characters to meet the situational demands; both good and bad.  Once again our mythology simply defines our terms of good and bad, and how our mind and heart feels is translated into the actions of good and bad.  In many cases our mythology also defines a good and bad person based on how they look and how they act, and those stereotypes continue to define our behavior equations to date.  WE have essentially molded our life and the way we live and behave based on the depiction of good and bad, what to do verses what not to do, and we continue to use these depictions as yard sticks for the way of our life.  It is not just Hindu mythology, but every religion that exists typically depicts the good and bad, and whosoever follows the religion deciphers the scriptures to their liking and life style.

The examples of PK and ET are excellent derivations of what we want to be and see in humans, that extraterrestrials are projected as beings that are capable of a very nature that embodies the best in humans, while being very smart and intelligent, and also survive the earthly conditions that we have difficulties living with.   While cinema is a medium for us to see and relax (mostly) is not a reflection of our day to day life.  Cinema simply projects what we aspire to be and what we would like to do, but is on celluloid.  Depicting the extraterrestrial beings through our imagination and giving them a earthly nature and allowing them to be a part of our life even for a brief period, always makes it a heart touching experience, especially on the big screen.

With such wonderful experience of seeing someone alien be thrown into the chaos of human life, and somehow learn our ways and become a part of the life of a human, and also engage themselves in a heart touching and wonderful way to help and embrace the human issues, and do it so selflessly and after all is done, just leave the planet back to wherever they come from, is pure fantasy.  For as long as we have lived humans fantasize and dream and visualize the extremeness of the universe and what could be out there, and the depiction of extraterrestrial beings is nothing short of the human imagination at its best to at least for a short time think of the greatest virtues of us; people on this planet.
Not just these two movies made in entirely different context and age and markets, there are many such examples of wonderfully entertaining movies, books and other media that capture our imagination on the wonderful tales of beings from far away who come and try to blend themselves into the realities of earth, and somehow they find a way to quickly adopt and experience the life on earth to the fullest, and at the end they provide the greatest joy to the earthlings by simply helping with the simplest of things that of importance to those they get in contact, and then they go back to wherever they come from.  Doing this while they endear themselves to us.  Enjoy the movies for a couple of hours and just imagine whatever that comes out on screen is simply what would like to be, and should try to be.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Marketing the Nation

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The fundamentals of success of an enterprise will be largely based on great marketing of its products and services. Having developed great products and fantastic services, doesn't give an automatic recognition and acceptance in the markets without targeted marketing. Just about every product; big or small invest a great deal of resources for bringing the product to market and also keeping the product alive in the minds of the buyers will constant bombarding of advertising. With media, TV and Radio blasting stuff 24/7/365, there is plenty of air space and ears that needs to be filled with promotions and advertising, and there is no lack of audience for just about every programming.

Great products and great services definitely need marketing and promotions; even apple and Mercedes need to be constantly pushed to the market (as well as many other great products and services) to keep people constantly aware of the latest and greatest in their product space. The media never stops pushing even cola which just about everyone in the world has a favorite one. The art of constantly reminding people of a product is taken to greater lengths each year with more and more focused and polished advertising and marketing. The overall success of the product or service is directly proportional to how successful the marketing campaign is to reach out to the target audience.

As with products and services, nations also market themselves as great places to invest and promote their countries as places which are a must for tourists. Nations use their bast face to promote their countries and try and target the global audience for attracting more and more visitors each year. Even the USA, UK and other major economies constantly promote each of their nations to the global audience as places to visit, and in many cases the states with in each of the nations keep publicizing their locations to attract visitors and also investments. Road shows and promotions are also common while pushing stuff into the market. Today we see movies being promoted with so much expense and hype, the marketing budgets sometimes equal the cost of production. Everyone, every media and every company and every nation is constantly trying to woo more and more public to embrace their product or service.

Even president Obama is not too shy in promoting the USA and its tourism and enterprise. There is no markets or there is no people on earth who will not be targeted even by the greatest companies or national leaders. Typically displaying the competence and the infrastructure for the businesses and the beauty, culture and historical significance along with weather and activities for tourism are hyped with absolutely stunning locals, pictures and people. It works and there by constantly marketing stuff pays dividends.

Looking at India, which is a relatively young independence (1947 is young in the earth years) has quite a standoffish attitude in pushing products and services. Although the recent years have seen movie makers taking the lead on promotions, and also some of the major companies following suit with their global counterparts, the marketing of the nation has been a non-existing activity for the head of the state or higher level politicians. Come the new prime minister, Mr. Modi this has dramatically changed. Here is the head of the state who is constantly promoting the country and its needs, and he is not shy about asking other nations and industries and private investors to come and invest in India. As months go by in office, Modi is constantly on the horn touting his administration and his policies to bring more and more investments into India. For a politician he is very savvy with marketing and promoting his agenda. For the first time India does have a great resources in the PM himself as the best marketing lead. Modi often and constantly markets his agenda and also his country. For a stodgy political system in India, it is great to have a PM who is a great marketing lead. Not only his work ethic but also his personal pitch to the world is a welcome sight from old age politicians that have represented India prior to Modi.

All Modi now needs is the support of his countrymen in delivery of the great market he is pitching to the world. The people and their competence, the systems and their ease in building new business, the politicians and their age old issues of graft, the country and its attitude towards work and enterprise, delivery and dedication; there are so many more aspects to a successful nation. Modi promises all this and aggressively markets the nation, and with wonderful reception wherever he goes to. All we have to do now is to start to deliver to his promise. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter is Here

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

This week we are bracing for another polar vortex. Its only the second week of November and a couple of weeks away from thanksgiving of 2014, but we already are bracing for really cold weather. Last year when the word polar vortex was popularized by the news channels (constantly), I had the impression that this polar vortex phenomenon was only once in a while happening, and did not expect it to be as soon as with in a year of the last polar vortex.

We had a relatively mild summer in Chicago this year after a regular winter last year. Actually the summer time seems to just come and go, as there was no let up of winter until late into the spring and the winter has already arrived by early November. After all these years of life in Chicago, the cold weather doesn't bother me, but it is interesting to see the winters come early and be severe for several months. This was the pattern we are used to here, but for a few years we had mild winters and the talk of global warming becoming very fashionable.

There is nothing to shy away from speaking of the abuse humans inflict on the environment, and how we trash everything around us. We simply love to generate garbage 24/7/365 and no stopping how much and how many different ways we have for creating trash. The biggest challenges for mankind will be trash management and as we have more and more of us every year, trash management will continue to be a great challenge for the human race. We have so far destroyed thousand of species, and we continue to destroy other animals, birds and living being, and also land, forests, trees and environment, and we have no shame in dumping on the fresh water and sea water. Our thirst for garbage creation and uninhibited dumping is unparalleled phenomenon, which is only second to human greed. The governments and environmentalists and scientists and everyone else continue to warn us of grave and destructive consequences of dumping, which never seem to help in containing our desire for creation of garbage. The man kind has insatiable appetite for junk creation and dumping and no amount of alarm raised has not hampered our aptitude for garbage creation.

The weather patterns had been unpredictable for a few years and the clod season becoming less severe, but the last year was as common a winter as it should be in Chicago, and this year seems to follow suit with the normal and harsh winters of the windy city and its surroundings. The link to dumping on earth and global warming, and the changes to the weather patterns, all are true, but the severe winters coming back with a bang are also true. It doesn't mean that global warming is not a destructive phenomenon. We simply might get harsher than normal winters, and polar vortex which was a rare occurrence becomes a normal weather pattern every winter.

Unabated dumping and destructive environmental practices will have an impact on generations to come, and whatever corrective practices we will instill with the global population, will have to be adopted by everyone. Allowing for exceptions and keeping economics in front of environment, will not help the world. Cleanup drive in every part of the world, and respect for the surroundings will only help foster the planet for millions of years to come.

The severe weather patterns and changes to the cyclical patterns of seasons will not be corrected overnight, because the damage has been caused over decades of human abuse and dumping in every place on earth; land, water, air and even space junk is dumped without abandon.

For some reason known to the man upstairs the earth seems to bear the brunt of the humans, and keeps rebuilding and surviving the onslaught of dumping. We continue to see the beauty of the nature and seasons, and the life across the planet. We also see the devastation that we cause each time there is a catastrophe, and also see the mother earth some how reinvent the

Winter is here, and early in 2014. This sinks well with the normal weather patterns for the Midwest, and two years in a row the weather cycles seem to be normal. If this continues for years to come, Chicago will remain the windy city and our weatherman will have no new issues except report normal weather patterns. Its great to see the normal weather for two years in a row in Chicago, and it will be great to see the weather normal for time to come.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Money Matters

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India's obsession with money in Switzerland banks is as old as the country's 1947 independence from the British. It might be a story for the movie makers in India and or also to the Mission Impossible franchise. The fact of the matter is that everyone knows that people with big pockets and or political connections will try to stash their money in tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of their in-country taxes, and also people who take money in return for personal or professional help and don't report the commissions, or simply people who take money that doesn't belong to them; all and many more will try to find havens for their ill gotten money to avoid both paying taxes and also reporting the money sources.

Even legitimate business, who work globally will always find tax loopholes to work within the law, and try to reduce the tax burden on corporations; all legal but when exposed becomes a concern for the country and the politicians. The illegal hoarding of money is at best difficult to assess and calculate as it is simply too much money and resources that have been in hiding for so long, and so much more being added each year, it is a matter for some supreme power to unearth all this wealth and money and make it reported income. Achieving 100% account of all money hidden in the world, will only happen with an act of god.

India's current politicians continue to squabble about who is holding money where and how much, and they constantly challenging each other to show the proof. Everyone in India, even a child knows that there is unimaginable amount of money stashed somewhere in India and outside of India by the guys who have their hands out for money from everyone who needs work done. As people pay for work (favors) the guys with their hands out will easily collect their dues, and then start to think of how to protect the ill gotten wealth. The world is a massive place to hide money and wealth and also there are enough safe havens to start spreading the ill gotten wealth in many places to make believe that it is safe. We all know that some countries resist sharing the details, where are some simply work in secrecy and coded system so the tracking is difficult. It is not impossible to track anything in the world, but it is simply made difficult by the banks and financial institutions to go to the source of the accounts, and even more difficult to find the source of acquisition of the wealth. All said and done, with today's electronic infrastructure, it is simply following the course of origin and governments should be able to at least point to the sources of the accounts.

Also protecting the account managers and account holders is not a global monitor as the local laws that govern the banking system of each country in the world. Most times the local laws are written to protect and defend the local citizens, and then aligned with the needs of the international community. India and its government just must accept the process of handling the banking laws and systems around the globe, and start to work with them.

While Modi is constantly assuring the Indians that he and his government will make all efforts to get the money back from abroad, and is trying to do their best in tracing and and tracking the illegal money, it is far from easy to prove the existence of black money/wealth and its origins. Their effort to identify and negotiate with local law enforcement on opening the information is commendable. What is for the government to do, and in its hands is to stop the process of hand stretching when working, meaning stop people from accepting and encouraging bribes. Modi himself is a great example of being above fray in money matters, as time and again his strength is that he will not involve in accepting money for favors. He simply should lean on his government to follow his principle, and it will stop the politicians from looting public wealth, and will also stop national wealth into tax havens.

This government and any government should identify and prosecute the money launderers and looters, while also looking forward to changing the system itself in promoting open and good governance that stops the looting. Modi for better than any other reason can be the leader in eliminating graft, and there by eliminating the issues with money laundering in governance, and further enhancing the use of public resources for public works.

While taking actions to track and prosecute the old felonies that involve decades of looting, it is of greater importance for this government to stop the cause of the money grabbing. On both fronts actions on working with international communities and banks, and also continuously monitoring the internal systems to promote clean and good governance, will help stem the age old problem of graft. Keeping the issue of good governance on the top of the agenda for the central, state and local governance will begin the process of stemming the graft that is so deeply rooted in the society. If this government continuously makes this a governance issue, India can slowly become a nation of laws that are followed by its politicians, bureaucrats and its citizens.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cleanliness Anyone?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

How we will manage to keep a billion plus folks in line with keeping a clean home and clean environment is a task for the heavens. The initiative of clean India which is being pushed hard by the prime minister is being well publicized in the Indian and also the international media. Starting with the PMO and with the PM himself taking lead and at the same time calling out to some of India's well liked celebrities of various fields, the PMO has been taking the publicity route to the masses for clean India campaign. From Gandhi to Modi, from before India's independence in 1947 to prime minister Modi in 2014, a lot of time has elapsed and a lot more Indians have been added to Indian population, lot of leaders, lot of changes to the living style and standards, and in general life it self keeps changing while Indians did not adopt to being clean, which could have enhanced the country's overall health and hygiene.

Driving the nation to adopt to a clean society is by no way a simple task for one leader. The entire nation is used to spitting and peeing and simply throwing stuff everywhere they live and use. Irrespective of where people live and go to and irrespective of their social stature, Indians love to pile up garbage and throw stuff around.

We are also a society that hoards every little thing that we get our hands on and also save every scrap. From paper, clothes, bags, shoes, utensils and any other household items we save and keep them under lock and key. Indians inherently have a wonderful culture of saving, and this transcends to saving trash.

For many generations we have continued to follow the same routine with hygiene and savings and we lead our children to follow the same way of life. So, even if our leaders ask us to keep things clean, specially our surroundings clean it will be a humongous task for us to follow as a complete society.

For our current PM who is from Gujarat, he must be used to his fellow state's men chewing tobacco and spitting everywhere. With our huge population and minimal sanitation facilities and in general our lack of respect for our own surroundings, along with everything else that the nation has to deal with is a huge task before the country become a clean and habitable India.

The initiatives being suggested in respect to sanitation in India is a major step in making the nature's call a private session, which is imperative to get the Indians first to do what is supposed to be done in private to be done in private and also stop messing up the country. While building toilets and restrooms is clearly a feasible enterprise, the nation and its leaders and planners should also how to dispose off the sewage. Indian doesn't have sewage collection, management and processing capabilities to deal with sewage and waste. Even the major cities have problem with collection and disposal of waste. India needs to get a system planned and implemented not just build sanitation facilities but also waste management. At this time for those who live in villages, smaller towns and municipalities, there is no such plan for waste management and there are no sewer or water pipelines that support a waste management and disposal system. Along with building toilets, the country also needs to work in tandem in massive restructuring of the infrastructure of cities, towns and villages, where by building the infrastructure to handle the waste, and manage the waste management to not further suffocate the population. Also, the so called smart cities that are being pushed by the current Pm, should be planned and developed in keeping in mind the waste and sewer management as a part of the overall planning of the new development.

The country has to get started somewhere and somehow to get India clean. There are no alternatives but to make India clean to keep the nation healthy. The clean India task is enormous considering where we are now. The country, its population and its leaders; all should start with a clean slate and start the process now for a sustainable environment and clean India.

From the initial looks of it, and the processes and promotions on Clean India, reception to the PM and the subsequent initiatives has been very positive. A number of well regarded celebrities taking to the streets with gloves and brooms to show support to the clean India program has been well received by the general public, who also wants to pitch in. Modi himself keeps his channels of communications open, and keeps the cleanliness drive as a top priority for him and his government. His direct communications constantly update on who is doing what on the cleanliness drive, and also he continues to encourage more and more participation.

As we look at the clean India drive with irony, it has been long overdue. The PM needs to be applauded for pushing the cleanliness drive as a personal and national political issue. Going back to Mahatma's India prior to 1947 and Modi lead India in 2014, it is of great importance for the nation to be clean and continue to remain conscious of the importance of cleanliness. Here a big tip of the hat to Modi, Indians and a happy and clean India. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Measuring Success

Vasu Reddy

For more than a billion plus people it is very difficult to measure the success or in fact failure of any program. There is so many of us with a multitude of different requirements, any plan that is put out to the public will have its fair share of yes and no from everyone. The politics of India are also similar to any other large democracy, where everyone in opposition will question the ruling party irrespective of its decisions, and the public will have the usual multitude of opinions on every issue. The reach of the government initiatives are typically enjoyed by a select group that is targeted by the benefits of the specific program, and the context of each such program can be decried by others who are not entitled to the benefits of the specific program, thereby allowing the critics to pound on the vote bank politics that are typically raised, and that typically ignore the importance of each government initiative to help the needy sections of the population.

India's politics are not much different from other large democracies, and perhaps the few differences might be their leaning to a particular political party to get elected, and also their backgrounds. This space will never be enough for speaking of politicians backgrounds, and the writer doesn’t have the expertise to explore the politicians backgrounds.

The measure of success of the government to respond to the citizens needs and also respond to the unplanned and unexpected events that occur during the government's time in office; will clearly place each successive government in position to get reelected. The definitive style of leadership and the public review of one individual that leads the country is also a measure to get reelected. As long as the politicians continue to meet the public's demands and project themselves as working in public interest, they get back into the office. India doesn’t have term limits and we have politicians for life, and many of our prime ministers passed away in the office. Each of them leaving a legacy of work that gets debated constantly by the current crop of politicians and also the media. As each of them were bestowed the highest elected office of India, they are all leaders of exceptional abilities and intelligence. Just being the prime minister of India at any time and for any duration will require not just leadership, but also the ability to at least convince a majority of the country's elected politicians and electorate that the individual is in fact has the wherewithal to lead our diverse nation on one path.

Our new government is only into to its second quarter in power and the theories of their accomplishments are already being floated by the countrymen and also leaders of opposition. It is in fact very difficult to measure the accomplishments of a government in three or four months, rather the direction the in place government is taking that will need attention. For starters Modi himself continues to follow the same regime that he canvassed prior to getting elected, and continues to drive his team of ministers and staff to work longer and smarter. Always a good sign when the leader is working long and hard to demonstrate that he is serious about moving things along. His team of ministers seem to follow the same path as he is in pushing things along. When the ministers are pushing hard to move things along, it is going to be difficult for the bureaucrats to not follow. The top down flow of work habits will also be reflected across the government and for starters the country seem to appreciate the work habits of the leader and his push to have everyone follow him. The initiatives are way too many and way too diverse to measure in matter of months, but many of them seem popular and well received, and their success will only be measured in successive quarters to come. The countrymen embracing the suggested changes and programs will also help in moving the country forward. We have a leader who is hard working and hard charging and the results are expected to be positive.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Clean India?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Mahatma Gandhi is often quoted as the person who practiced cleanliness along with his simple life style. Often our Indians and especially politicians use the word Gandhi and then associate cleanliness to his name and pitch it to point to us Indians on being clean. Modi and his initiatives on clean India are being well publicized and also being well orchestrated by the politicians and media alike to bring the being clean as an important and also a viable life alternative for Indians. It is one of the wonderful initiatives for the world, not just for India to be clean, and the constant coverage helps to bring the people to look at what they do and also think about being clean.

It is not just India but the whole world needs to appreciate the meaning of cleanliness, and attempt to do their best to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. Going back to India and Indians, the age old issues persists with our living standards, and it will take quite some effort to make India clean, but it is not impossible.

Modi must have a great deal of experience with his fellow men from his own state, where chewing tobacco and spitting is as common as drinking water. We have great examples of our fellow countrymen in the USA, and wherever they congregate or shop, the red spit is obvious. It is perhaps a wonderful initiative for Modi to ask his fellow men to start being kind to the surroundings, and stop spitting on the streets and walls, where the guys shop and spit.

There are huge life style changes that will be required of Indians to be respectful to the nature and their surroundings. It is not just sanitation, and trash and spitting, but also life style changes are required to self discipline in making themselves and their surroundings habitable and clean. Everywhere in India, bit cities or small towns, villages or any habitable space that is available becomes fair game for abuse. We should start by looking at these spaces with a clean eye, and making all public places free of trash and crap. All this is not impossible, but will require a conscious and continued effort on the part of all Indians to have self respect and also respect for their fellow citizens and their environment. If that is instilled into all people, then the clean India movement will start to become real.

Perhaps the most ambitious initiative of the government of making Ganga clean is not just an expensive mega billion effort, but making the 300 or 400 million people who live along the river, and along with a billion or so who think its holiness will lead them to heaven by immersing ashes in the holy river or various religious and cultural activities associated with the river, while other wash, clean and do whatever people do out in the open to the river. The river continues to survive the massive abuse by everyone any everything all along its journey and only god knows how much abuse by the humans if inflicted on the river, and the population keeps growing every year along with the abuse. It still survives and is still majestic. Now the initiatives to make Ganga clean, is not just throwing money into dredging the river or building parks and recreation facilities on the banks of the river, it is to respect the river and its serenity and beauty, along with the value of its cleanliness, as one would respect ones own mother. Modi and his team need to start instilling the value of the respect the river deserves, and not just throw money into it. It certainly needs a huge investment, but it also requires an investment in effort by everyone around the river to change their life style in respect of the river. If we do that and stop dumping everything into the river, and make the investment to clean it and beautify the Ganga, it will be glorious for ever.

The absolute cost of clean nation is really impossible to estimate. Building sanitation facilities might be simple, but what about the sewage pipes, water pipes, treatment and management facilities, collection of garbage and dump yards; all this and many more along with where to and how to build these facilities in mostly unplanned nation without much city planning? The challenges are enormous, but the nation is also enormous and one step at a time, and one initiative at a time can make it happen. If people start seeing that being clean is really more attractive, any amount of investment and any mount of effort will begin now, and will yield immediate results.

It is a great initiative and Modi is pushing it hard to get Indians to start practicing clean. It will only be possible if all of India's citizens are willing to be respectful to their nation, surroundings and to themselves. Here is wishing Clean India. Jai Hind.


Cleanliness is next to godliness” actually comes from the writings of Phineas ben Yair, a rabbi whose writings can be found in the Talmud written this way:
The doctrines of religion are resolved into carefulness; carefulness into vigorousness; vigorousness into abstemiousness into cleanliness; cleanliness into godliness.” As you can see, in the quote, cleanliness’ is literally next to ‘godliness.‘ Yes, as simple as that!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Magic Man

Vasu Reddy

Modi is in the United Sates as the head of the state. He has all the right words, moves and magic with him to deliver optimism and a promising future for all Indians, and also cater to the greater demands of the world from a country that has typically had little to say to the global community. Hindustan has always weaved magic on the world and its tales and history has always awed the globe. Our society, culture, traditions, history and geography needs no introduction to the global audience. Only after 1947, India continues to be a developing country, and it continues to be addressed as a developing country. But 2014 brings a new common man who is representing the country, and it is time for him to charm the globe with his words, deeds and also the simplicity in his messages. The future belongs to you, and you can make it beautiful and wonderful.

Modi's is on his first trip to the USA after getting elected as the PM, and also his first trip to USA after being rejected by the USA for more than a decade. He is all of a sudden in the league of his own, and all kinds of accolades and adjectives are added to his name and everyone wants to be associated with him. He in return wants people to work with India and Indians, and his entire focus seems on “With Everyone”. His words are simple and straightforward, and almost all the time well thought out. He really seems to have the understanding of the old five year plan which started with the first government of India after 1947.

He is always speaking freely, fluently and seemingly frankly. There is no hesitation in saying what he wants to and almost all the time the words are direct and precise. For a man who just took over the PM of the largest democracy, he is well prepared to meet the many challenges of the nation. It is the confidence of the person which is beginning to translate into the confidence of the nation. India all of a sudden has a man with a mission that will be magical for the country. Everyone is listening and thinking of what will be the future of the great nation in the next five years? Just imagine the plans he has laid out and the unblinking open arms he has for global audience, always placing India first.

Modi si fasting during navratri for nine days, and that too with most of those nine days taking up on the trip to the USA is something of great personal tolerance and integrity. It is true that many Indian women and men take up fasting as a way of devotion and cleaning of the body and mind during several of the religious festivals, during that period adhere to strict discipline, but they also remain quiet and peaceful, and pray and rest for the duration of the fast. Modi has gone the opposite direction with this year's navratri fast for nine days, he has picked the most grueling schedule for a man in his sixties with his trip to the USA. About half way through the fast, he seems to get more energized and more engaging, also an attribute of a man who is disciplined and organized. God bless him.

Modi is always prepared to speak, understand and address just about every issue for India. His public speeches are full of his experiences with traveling and visiting places around the world. All his acquaintances and friends constantly speak of his interest in understanding and appreciating the way of life where ever he visits, and asking questions and understanding the things that make life simple and manageable. His constant quest for quality of life for all Indians, is well documented and continues to show in his efforts to make small things that are important for all Indians in the focus of the nation and focus of the public.

Every word that comes from Modi will have India and Indians first. He never shies away from who he is and where he has come from, and has a constant library of stories on his many experiences in India and abroad for synchronizing today's event with something he will relate to from his experiences. There is not a whole of personal baggage he has and the anecdotes from Modi are always connecting with his audience. He speaks well in English, Hindi and Gujarati, and also makes an effort to find something to say in the local language of the audience he is addressing. He addresses his audiences as if speaking to every person in the audience, and always has a word of humor and an example of his own experiences he shares along with the occasion.

Words that are frank and free of rancor, and there is a sense of urgency in Modi's appeal to the audience. Always dressed impeccably, although in simple Indian attire, Modi never stops pitching for development and investment. He has to constantly seek help from his audience as there are more than a billion needy and they do need help now.

His magic is in his words and demeanor, and the constant display of confidence and control which becomes magical. Every time you see Modi speak or interact it is simple and straightforward. There is nothing but confidence that should be magic for all Indians. The new India's Magic Man. Jai Hind.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Takes Money

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Several years ago Mrs. Clinton wrote a book; “It Takes a Village” and it was a wonderful and simple book that references to everyone in a small place need to get involved in raising children. It was a definitely a wonderful reflection of her thoughts on raising a child and the simple things that are needed to make it a wonderful beginning for children. For many people who come from India including myself, the idea of growing older is not simply going to school and studying and getting good grades and getting on a plane to go to some where far away and start working for a living. It is much more to it than just passing and going to work. The friends, relatives, brothers and sisters and parents, uncles and aunts, grand parents and many more loving and giving and caring folks all around you, that make it a childhood that you can never go back to and will never forget and also will always be the formation of your future, is all about the Indian life. Many of us have the experience of a village or a small town, where the whole place is your extended family.

Mrs. Clinton's book wonderfully captures the investment into each child by the family and extended family and friends in the formative years of a child, which ultimately leads to happy and productive childhood that leads to the same in adulthood.

Our current prime minister of India has voiced many plans for all Indians, and specially his much commonly used word of development for all Indians is sort of over used in his first few months in his office. His ministers and staff constantly use the word development, it has no real significance to someone listening to the all ready elected politicians. It takes money for doing things and if doing things is development, then India needs a lot of money.
We really need a lot of money from every source we can get to get started on the massive agenda laid out by Modi to bring all Indians on the path of development. Although noble and forward looking, the money matters play the most important role in development.

Modi is a master salesman and not just the CEO. He has been able to get his Asian partners lineup and now he is embarking on the United States for help with Indian development. Although he uses the word development, he is also an expert in getting things done. The gentleman is simple, direct and has no issues in asking for help, while always having India first on his agenda. It is a foregone conclusion that USA will embrace him and the industries and investors will more than agree to his plans for India's development. There will be no question on his public and private pitching 24/7/365 for all of India, and there is no doubt that those who he is pitching to will embrace his plans. India for a change has someone who is putting India and Indians first.

His initiates with the Japanese and Chinese and his interactions with the neighbors, and his messages and actions within the country all along with a public display of actions and also follow-up are all good beginnings for the nation. Modi and his life style of simplicity continues to draw the nation to his very move. So, far his every move has been keenly watched and followed, and so far all good.

This PM does have an advantage as the money that is being invested will go into investment into the country. If all the money that is put into Indian economy really goes into the economy then there will be no looking back for the country. If we go back into the last few years of scams and looting, the money will have been more than adequate for making the country self sufficient. Modi if nothing has the reputation of making sure people are not squandering money and also not lining their pockets. So, India should look forward to a much more rapid pace in country becoming self sufficient and more productive.

It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us is a book published in 1996 by First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton

Monday, September 15, 2014

Investment Bonanza

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

With every trip made and trip planned by Modi, the announcements for investments into India are made by the media, in a fashion that beats any game show winnings. Fifty billion by the Japanese, fifty billion by the Chinese, and great interest by the Australians, from Singapore and whatever names of countries that we can think of they are omitting investment into Modi's India and the news is constant about more and more dollars flowing into India. The latest word in the media is that half a Trillion dollars in investments will be announced by the USA businesses when Modi visits USA at the end of this month. Fantastic to hear and read about the investments that will be committed to India in the near future from the global industry and leaders in support of the current government in India, and its leader. No questioning on the ability of the Modi leadership and his personal discipline and charm in attracting commitments from the global and regional nations to support his agenda for India. India has not experienced such positive euphoria since its independence with just about everyone wanting to put money in India and its new development plans under Modi. In just a few months into office the new government has started off well with inviting and enticing the money men of the world to come and participate in the current Indian growth plan.

India certainly needs partners to continue to develop its infrastructure, resource management and industry, while exporting its human resources and intelligence. If the other countries are committing to a trillion dollars in investment over a five year period (assuming that the investments are committed for the term of the government; five year term), this is a massive influx of money to build, develop and manage the many needs of the country. Water, transport, power, roads and buildings and all other infrastructure can certainly be upgraded to meet the needs of generations to come with a trillion dollars, and India can also give back world class resources back to the world. Ignoring my Utopian dream for the country, the basics of life can be addressed with appropriate investment into the general life and education, which in turn will focus the people on learning, will only allow the country to be in peace and prosperity, along with clean environment. The massive investment leads to jobs, security and a productive country which will have forward looking agenda. This also builds national unity, grace and self-respect. Even a portion of these announced investments will be a massive influx of national building for the country, which is eager to work hard to build a better India.

One man driving the country's agenda with his group of ministers and their respective ministries and so much emphasis on investment and development is almost magical for a country so full of hope and looking for ways to get better and live better. The opportunity is always there in India, and we simply needed someone to drive the nations agenda and not a personal agenda. Modi is just the man with India first agenda, and so far in the short time he has been in office has shown that he really puts India first and nothing else. He really represents a simple Indian man, with his leadership focused on Indians. While the global euphoria on Modi's leadership, management and initiatives, its a great time to be an Indian and in India. The country looking forward to what is being planned and what is being said is nothing but incredible and no time in India, since 1947 the conditions for optimism has been so great. Its a fantastic plan, driven by one hard driving and simple Indian man. Modi represents the old style business development managers, who simply did not know what presented them in the markets, but simply went out and made the best out of every opportunity that presents them, and will keep working at each open opportunity until it turns into a venture.

Now we will only look for how many of these commitments will come to fruition and how much will India will do to quickly make use of the resources being presented to them to the country's needs and advantage. The current government clearly will have to stay away from the abuses of the past and will have to invest in the country. There is no turning back or looking back for India as long as the commitments are turned into investments and making sure that they are 100% invested. Modi and his agenda will forever be remembered in the democratic world for its hands on approach to seeking help and delivering to the nation.  

Monday, September 08, 2014

Time Is Now For Results

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Although three to four months is not a great amount of time to turn a massive country with more than a billion people into a production and progressive powerhouse, the new Modi government has had enough time to start showing some results of the various and massive initiatives that has been announced and being advertised by the current Indian government.

First and foremost we certainly have a PM that leads the government and the country from ground level with his leadership, handwork and dedication. We certainly have someone as the country's leader who has country first “India First” agenda, and also a man without personal baggage that has plagued our democracy. He certainly works hard and pushes his agenda relentlessly in India and also as demonstrated outside of India. In his short tenure as the PM he has several master strokes including; cleanup Ganges, sanitation, BRICS Bank and several major initiatives that he has pushed prior to getting elected and since getting elected made sure that he pushes them and gets them tabled. It is also inspiring to see a man get to the office on time and works late, there by pushing the entire government to follow suit. Grated he lives alone and is a vegetarian and has no monetary interests; it is given he has all the time and his personal inclination to work for the country and his countrymen.

The communication skills and his simple and open life style is also very endearing to the people who watch him without politics in context. One of the most endearing moments that put a personal touch to him is him playing the drums in Japan with the others, without rehearsing, and playing them well was a wonderful and human touch to the man with a billion issues to deal with. Modi is well mannered and well dressed and well planned; all the time. His public and personal persona seem to intermingle and seem to be one and the same. More importantly he constantly pushes his cabinet and the government to be transparent and aggressive in pushing the party's poll promises. All are very commendable and worthwhile initiatives.

While watching him in action, and also becoming a keen follower of what is happening in India (specially since the election of Modi as the prime minister and my many friends from Gujarat touting their State and its development under the Modi government), the initiatives are really admirable. While we follow his every tweet and every update and every move, we also want to ask the same question that the supreme court asked “what is the time frame on starting and finishing”. It is a question for all billion Indians and not just the supreme court.

The two quotes that came to mind are”

Don't mistake activity with achievement.” - John Wooden
Don’t Confuse Activity With Result” - Brad Abrams

The country has a leader with a driven agenda and his agenda is only the country and its needs. That's a great start for the people as he will focus his undivided attention to the needs of the people. His government is driven by his agenda and energy and continues to announce to their poll promises and programs that are of massive importance to the country. It is time for implementation and results of the announced programs.

As this prime minister is constantly in touch with people through social media, it is be a wise decision to put all his announced programs on line along with their objectives, including the milestones, time table, investments and who does what. It is simply the ole who, what, where, when and why for each of these massive undertakings by the government. If Modi wants a transparent and responsible government, he should also make his government demonstrate that they are doing what he is saying and doing it right, and are not afraid of public scrutiny that comes with the WWW. If the PM is taking time to tell us that he is announcing a new program, and participating in an event, enjoying the company of other heads of states, paying tributes to Indian heroes, and displaying his management and personal skills on a regular basis, his government should also put the details of how they are managing and conducting his initiatives. Then only we can really appreciate his vision becoming a reality, while we watch it.

Monday, September 01, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

World is a workshop and we are always trying to figure out how to make things to simplify our day to day actions. All of us living things are constantly doing something to simply live and make life simpler by trying to simplify life itself. Beginning with the industrial revolution era, a workshop may be a room or building which provides both the area and tools that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops were the only places of production until the advent of industrialization and the development of larger factories.

India and the rest of the world continues to be a workshop as the whole world continues to be interested in better and bigger things, and in ones life time the idea of bigger and better is constant. Some countries call themselves developed, some call themselves developing nations and some are simply under developed. Whatever the terminology for development in the world, each and everyone of them are seeking a workshop on bigger and better in all aspects of materiel things and mind. The whole world is working on development and development, and as change is constant so is development.

Ask anyone in the world they have plans on doing something or making something, outside of what they already do. Me, I always wanted to be a farmer, and I still want to be a farmer. I don't know how and when I will be a farmer, but I constantly think and plan being a farmer. Don't ask how, don't know when, have no idea what implies farming in the USA, but still want to be a farmer. The key word is want to be a farmer. Along with me rest of the world has plans for working on something, as we have to plan and plan and continue to plan, as the world itself is a massive workshop ready for us, and all we have to do is get started working.

Children even before they can read or write will tell you what they aspire to be when they grow up. This is typically inspired by the parents and or adults around them prompting to think of being a so and so, and wanting to do so and so; and as they grow older they certainly look up to someone and start thinking of becoming just like that someone. Life it self will start to plan and deploy what we will be doing and how our work life will shape up for the rest of our life, and nothing will change the wisdom of fate. All said and done we will still continue to aspire to do something that we have always thought of, and just thinking of doing something we have dreams of will make us plan, think, and even enjoy the thoughts of just being able to think of doing just what we wanted to all our life. Life as it is predictable for whatever it is, simply drives the time as it so chooses and allowing very few of us to really do what we want to do. This has nothing to do with money or time or opportunity, it simply is what it is, and it is circumstance rather than resources.

India as well as other nations which aspire for better conditions, simply compare themselves to others and derive their planning on development based on someone else displaying their way or life. It is not saying planned and clean living is nothing to learn from, but the people of each country can make their our environment to best suit to their needs and not reflect on any other nation to copy from. We can all have the same aspirations in life, education and environment; all of which simply leads to self help which is the best kind of help.

For ages and ages people have traveled and imparted their wisdom, expertise and enterprise to others across the globe, and when appropriate and convenient they also took advantage of the people of the new world they visited to best suit their purposes. When there were no communications except by word of mouth or pony express the world did not learn of the rest of the world quickly. Today we don't need to wait as the news and word is instant, and everyone knows what is going on everywhere. Our world is a massive work shop with the tool kit/kits to allow us to plan, produce and execute to the resources and environment we live in, and also to best suit to our needs. We already have the place and tools, all we have to do is figure out what best serves our needs and execute to those needs. No one is smarter, no one is better, no one is greater, it is all of us who have the workshop, and the tools and the needs, and we should make the best use of the opportunity to best meet our needs.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

With Everyone” is part of the slogan for Modi's speeches and government, before and after the 2014 landslide election in India. Modi is quite good at promoting and also pushing his agenda. He simply emails, tweets, facebook or uses the social media for bringing attention to his election stump calls, and simply makes the statement through the social media that he has passed on the directive to the responsible bureaucrats to take actions necessary to help facilitate these actions. If someone who follows him regularly sees the actions that arise from each of his messages, it is clear that he does drive the massive and bloated administration to act on what he has said he will deliver.

A sample of his communications made public by the PM through social media “I have written to all banks to facilitate opening a bank account for every Indian” (the facebook post is similar to this and may not be exact lines) but makes the point that he is simply emailing the responsible parties to make sure that they take appropriate actions to see that every Indian has a bank account. It is a very appropriate and practical public initiative to make sure everyone has a bank account, and also the banks help people to establish an account. Even if every Indian saves a few bucks every month, it will amount to a great deal of wealth in quick time. The national savings are almost all in gold and silver as only the very rich have money in excess of their needs in a mostly middle and lower income democracy, where savings are rare and even if the families want to they stay away from the banking process. By having everyone open and maintain a bank account, it will start a process of savings for everyone, and a very few pennies every once in a while will make the country start planning for future in one more way, other than in just gold. Adding real cash savings to gold, silver and precious metals and land and real estate will help the country to better manage and plan for a better future. The old saying that even the poorest Indian has a few grams of gold, we can add on a savings account to all Indians and each of them can start saving a few bucks as often as they can and add real money to gold.

While the push to save more and more in the country has always been in the forefront of national building, the exercise to make the people, banks and the process move forward and gently pushing the authorities and using social media to promote the savings account for every Indian is another master stroke from the PM. Put gentle pressure on the banks and also the people, and push them to open accounts and save. What is also an apparent plan is to have the banks and financial institutions have the cash resources for them to continue to invest in the national building and national infrastructure with the nations own wealth, rather than borrowing and foreign investment. I am not even sure of if the economists and financial planning teams of the PM's office have thought through this beyond encouraging everyone to have bank accounts and everyone to save as much as they can, the future of the money managers and available resources for new development with indigenous resources. If they have thought through this and are actively encouraging people and the institutions to get on with the process of account opening and nation building; it is no less a master stroke than cleaning up the river Ganges

A nation which distrusts the institutions and politicians without hesitation due to their experience with the truth of watching them in action for more than three generations of independence from the British in 1947, it will be difficult to trust the new mantra for savings and national building. The first few months of the new government has been trying to work their poll promises into the government agenda, and with the plan to clean the Ganges, the banking for everyone is a positive and progressive step. The country needs self management and cleanliness in the forefront of any development, and these steps are a clear direction towards a India First theme, and for this government and all subsequent governments to come, the nation and its people should be first.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Smart Country

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

We just had another grand celebration of Indian Independence day on 15th of August and the celebrations of Indian's independence of 2014 is once again celebrated with pomp and circumstance around the world. With more and more wealth in the Indian community across the world along with the ever expanding NRI population, it so seems fitting we remember the country's freedom struggle and it being freed of the British in 1947. It has been three generations or a bit more since the British stopped using Hindustan and breaking it into pieces, and left the nation more divided than whatever it was, and the nastiness of divide and rule and caustic and religious intolerance; all of which continue to be fostered by the nations that was once a great nation with great expanse.

While we continue to want to celebrate the leaving of British on 15th of August of every year since 1947, we have forgotten how smart the country was prior to the occupation by foreign invaders, and the division of the great country for centuries. For in fact some of the politicians of today keep referring to themselves as people who have been occupied by the Indians, rather than looking back at the division of the great nation for centuries of occupation and abuse by the invaders. Perhaps every politician who would like to represent Indians should be thoroughly tutored in the history and traditions of the nation, and that might help them from mouthing off on who they are and where they come from.

The mantra in the speeches of the Prime Minister since the victory in the latest general elections and even prior to the elections the development of smart cities in every state of India. Also the word development is used and continued to be used with such regularity, it is more than redundant to hear this repeated constantly. Your elected representatives are given a chance to represent a smart country, and the smart people of India are quite politically savvy and are quite smart in looking forward to their future. It is a country that is very large, very diverse and very smart; and always looking forward to the future. A country of believers in god, faith and destiny; and also a country of people who are smart in picking and choosing a government every five years based on their belief in future. The country remains democratic in principal and optimistic in nature, and it is already a very forward looking and smart nation.

The diversity of India requires smart planning as the issues that face the nation are as diverse as its population is, and requires smart politicians who envision the needs of the great nation and it people. No doubt that building infrastructure to meet the needs of the Indians is important and planning well ahead into the future to meet those ever expanding needs, but the politically intelligent population of the country will always look for the leaders to keep their promises made while looking for votes. The speeches made to bring voters to the polling booths, are typically in line with the aspirations of the nation, and delivering them to the electorate and only by delivering to the poll promises the democracy will allow the political parties to continue in power.

The value of being a smart nation is really making do with the resources we have, and managing to the best with what is available. Building cities that are self sufficient, energy and resources smart, forward looking in education and employment and also provide safety to all citizens is important for the country and its people. We also need smart planning in agriculture, rivers, human resources and natural resources all along with people management, and we should start to do what we plan quickly. Just talking about them is not going to help, implementation of these plans and doing them quickly will help the nation to remain smart and forward looking. There is no question of the magnitude of the issues to be resolved and the implementation of plans to meet those needs of the nation. A smart country will get started on implementation and stop talking about the ideas of the last 60 some years. We are a smart country and we know that the time to talk is over and time to do is here. With each election cycle and each elected government we hear the rhetoric of what can be done with the nation, and we only see the degradation of a smart country, rather than development to meet the needs of its people. It is now time to get smart in doing things that are made in speeches and on paper, and say we are smart people that realize that we don't want to waste any more time talking, but we get smart and start doing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Open Mike Syndrome

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The constant media attention to grab headlines from every politician has become a laughing circus rather than newsworthy reporting. A lot of TV channels all vying for eye balls are doing whatever they can to attract more people to tune in, and the extent to which they are going to get a few minutes of attention has been driving the politicians to grab any mike they can and blurt out seemingly intelligent verbiage which almost all times becomes statements made without any intelligence or information. The words are dramatic in impact as they often make people respond with gasps, and often wonder what are these people saying and why are these people representing general public.

How did they get there to represent a democracy, and what is that they have in their gray matter that makes them constantly say outrageous and often misstating the facts, all the time pretending to be authority on the matters that are of great importance to the nation. Some of these folks are so far off they will out right make statements that they believe that are factual, without any background information to even verify the matter of fact. The public themselves are also very gullible and tuning into these elected representatives, start to believe the atrocious details being fed to them as facts, as often times the voters themselves are quite removed from the reality of what is fact verses fiction.

India does have a very media and communications savvy prime minister leading the nation. Modi is a master of managing his communications and his public and personal profile, he personally updates and communicates just about every aspect of not just his administrative decisions and undertakings, but also personal meetings and events on a regular basis and almost everyone following can share the moment of decision making or a personal story with the head of the Indian government, and even before assuming the PM office in India, he was an excellent media manager and excellent communicator with the general public. Weather you like it or not, the skill to communicate with a billion people is not simple, and the audience is so large and so complex, it is almost impossible to say something stupid and get away with it. Once you have said it, whatever it is is out there and recorded for posterity. The problem with posterity is that typically we want to be remembered for something good or something that helps future generations or words of wisdom, not some dumb comments that are absolutely nonsensical.

Many of our elected officials are educated, some with degrees that have value. For some reason they seem to be in a cocoon and not aware of the facts of life and also the history of the nation and its people. Although a seemingly intelligent statement might have great sound bites, it can be totally inaccurate and come back to bite you in the back. Since the division of AP and also the new party in Delhi, our politicians have constantly getting the open mike syndrome, and getting caught for blabbering nonsense. The latest is one to make outrageous comments on Hyderabad and Kashmir. While it provides no practical purpose to make outrageous utterances, it might have felt the few minutes of open mike was providing a platform for national audience, but it has become a national disgrace. What can be achieved by making statements that are against the interest of the nation? Nothing really, except people starting to look at the person with disdain. It also deeply divides the people and their sentiments towards each other. No one gains by divisive and ignorant statements, except that they build mistrust and misunderstanding in people, and further divide already conflicting minds of folks who look up to their leaders.

India is a country of great contradictions and also great diversity. The greater Hindustan is a case study that will take many life times to research and study, and it still will continue to yield treasures of history that has no parallel. Though many centuries of occupation and abuse and eventual independence in 1947, along with breaking the country prior to the newly independent India, which was no longer Hindustan, the country has survived with the constant internal conflicts and external pressures. With more than a billion people in 2014, it needs a vision for caring or its people and a future for the young ones. The country doesn't need politicians who have no appreciation for the integrity of the country and the importance of the republic. With open mike's all over it is difficult to stop anyone from making any statement they choose to, but we can better choose who should represent us. The only way the country can weed such people out of the electoral system is by education for everyone and appreciation for its history and integrity.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Indians First

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The abstaining of ratification of the WTO trade talks by Indian government is not brazen nor against the global trade initiatives. The new government under Narendra Modi simply said India and Indian first, and then only they will ratify any agreements that leads to betterment of trade options. The current government's involvement with the agreement is limited as they just got into power at the center and had little inputs into the agreements prior to its taking office. Although power is handed from one government to the next is seamless in India, the objectives of the government in power can be distinctly different. The current government refraining from the ratification of the WTO agreements with a simple objective of India and Indians first is commendable. While it sounds absurd to hold off on ratification of a WTO initiative that has just about every nation on the band wagon, India holding off with the stated objective of India's grain safety as the primary concern for it's holding off on signing on to the global agreement.

The rest of the developed world (the definition of developed is simply industrialized) is raising alarm about India not signing up to the WTO agreement, there is not a whole lot of opposition from Indians and also several heavily populated nations. Was this an expected argument by the USA and others who want India to sign up to the agreement? The answer is perhaps yes, if the Congress lead government came back into power for the third straight term in India. The Modi lead government has not had a lot of time to make major international advances and although its stated objectives in the election manifesto are clear, the WTO agreement might not have been high on its getting elected manifesto, and if today the Modi government simply asks for more time to think about the implications of signing up to a WTO agreement, and also states Indians first; there is no doubt that the countrymen will have to agree and embrace the objectives of such decision by the government.

For the global audience the news simply will relay that Modi has decided not to sign the WTO agreement, and this essentially kills the entire effort of a trillion dollar agreement for countries that are under the agreement. For whatever it is worth the trillion dollar deal will typically benefit the developed nation, and the yet to develop nations typically bear the brunt of the demand for dollars on their economies.

The abstaining of the agreement at this stage will disappoint the major players, no doubt will leave the WTO itself in self doubt. Can they do it without India, yes then can, but the size of India’s population certainly matters to the rest of the world. They can still go ahead and ratify the WTO agreement, and wait for India to join them as India feels appropriate. There is definitely important for the entire association of countries, including India to agree to the current framework, and without India signing on to the agreement, it falls apart.

Just a couple of weeks ago BRICS countries agreement a bank with equal partnership between the five nations. The formation of such bank covers almost 2/3 of the global population and the interest of those people. The immediate word from the rest of the countries outside of BRICS nations was that the role of world bank essentially gets eliminated with the formation of BRICS bank. Two basic issues to the address on the formation of BRICS bank and possibility of elimination of world bank or its role with developing nations.

  1. Formation of BRICS bank addresses the needs of the member countries and their specific developmental needs. The five countries essential with almost 2/3 of the global population will have direct and unbiased involvement with their own investment and development needs.
  2. World bank in current style of function serves as a conduit for developed nations with certainly specific agenda to push their aspirations and management in controlling the activities of the bank. The big brother syndrome exists in functioning of the world bank and the nations that controlling the funding and management certainly want the beneficiary countries to tow their line; politically and philosophically.

WTO and World Bank were found with noble intentions of helping with trade and banking to the needy and help developing countries compete and trade efficiently and effectively with the rest of the world. Their style of functioning and work across the world is commendable and has yielded positive results to millions of people. While the original intentions of both WTO and WB are noble and humanitarian, the developed nations which contributed to the majority of funding to run these organizations also continue to want to influence their agenda on receiving nations. It is expected that the investments were being made to open markets for their goods and services and also push political agendas. From the 1900 through the two world wars, and the communist rule, the formation of the WB and ATO along with UNO was a well timed and well advised enterprise to handle the global situation at the time and the needs of that time.

It is perhaps the time to rethink about the global needs and how to cater to the demands of a population that is exponentially larger and the Geo political issues exponentially complex in today's world. There will always be a need for maintaining peace, fostering trade and lending a helping hand, it simply is time for rethinking how to handle it. At the same time Modi's government taking the stance of Indians first is also commendable.

Pulse of the People Vasu Reddy From Chicago In the last couple of weeks I did predict that Modi will come back to be the prime ministe...