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ET to PK

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

ET – The Extra Terrestrial movie came out in 1982 and now we have our own PK which came out in 2014.Similar movies with extraterrestrial beings put on earth and can’t get back to their carrier ships because of simple reasons, and are stuck in humanity for a period of time, and how they cope with the earthly circumstances and how we the humans define their emotional and psychological nature in general and how they will survive a hostile and unfriendly nature of people on earth, barring a few good ones.

It was fascinating to watch ET at the time, and even today to see how fragile ET is and still how it is depicted as smart, intelligent and caring towards the little boy and ET depicts the goodness of humans as we can define it.We really don’t know what is good and bad except as we have developed on our own since our existence, and using the same terminology for extraterrestrials is purely symptomatic of our tendency to think of good and bad in terms…

Marketing the Nation

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
The fundamentals of success of an enterprise will be largely based on great marketing of its products and services. Having developed great products and fantastic services, doesn't give an automatic recognition and acceptance in the markets without targeted marketing. Just about every product; big or small invest a great deal of resources for bringing the product to market and also keeping the product alive in the minds of the buyers will constant bombarding of advertising. With media, TV and Radio blasting stuff 24/7/365, there is plenty of air space and ears that needs to be filled with promotions and advertising, and there is no lack of audience for just about every programming.
Great products and great services definitely need marketing and promotions; even apple and Mercedes need to be constantly pushed to the market (as well as many other great products and services) to keep people constantly aware of the latest and greatest in their …

Winter is Here

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
This week we are bracing for another polar vortex. Its only the second week of November and a couple of weeks away from thanksgiving of 2014, but we already are bracing for really cold weather. Last year when the word polar vortex was popularized by the news channels (constantly), I had the impression that this polar vortex phenomenon was only once in a while happening, and did not expect it to be as soon as with in a year of the last polar vortex.
We had a relatively mild summer in Chicago this year after a regular winter last year. Actually the summer time seems to just come and go, as there was no let up of winter until late into the spring and the winter has already arrived by early November. After all these years of life in Chicago, the cold weather doesn't bother me, but it is interesting to see the winters come early and be severe for several months. This was the pattern we are used to here, but for a few years we had mild winters…

Money Matters

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
India's obsession with money in Switzerland banks is as old as the country's 1947 independence from the British. It might be a story for the movie makers in India and or also to the Mission Impossible franchise. The fact of the matter is that everyone knows that people with big pockets and or political connections will try to stash their money in tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of their in-country taxes, and also people who take money in return for personal or professional help and don't report the commissions, or simply people who take money that doesn't belong to them; all and many more will try to find havens for their ill gotten money to avoid both paying taxes and also reporting the money sources.
Even legitimate business, who work globally will always find tax loopholes to work within the law, and try to reduce the tax burden on corporations; all legal but when exposed becomes a concern for the country and the …

Cleanliness Anyone?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
How we will manage to keep a billion plus folks in line with keeping a clean home and clean environment is a task for the heavens. The initiative of clean India which is being pushed hard by the prime minister is being well publicized in the Indian and also the international media. Starting with the PMO and with the PM himself taking lead and at the same time calling out to some of India's well liked celebrities of various fields, the PMO has been taking the publicity route to the masses for clean India campaign. From Gandhi to Modi, from before India's independence in 1947 to prime minister Modi in 2014, a lot of time has elapsed and a lot more Indians have been added to Indian population, lot of leaders, lot of changes to the living style and standards, and in general life it self keeps changing while Indians did not adopt to being clean, which could have enhanced the country's overall health and hygiene.
Driving the nation to ad…

Measuring Success

Vasu Reddy
For more than a billion plus people it is very difficult to measure the success or in fact failure of any program. There is so many of us with a multitude of different requirements, any plan that is put out to the public will have its fair share of yes and no from everyone. The politics of India are also similar to any other large democracy, where everyone in opposition will question the ruling party irrespective of its decisions, and the public will have the usual multitude of opinions on every issue. The reach of the government initiatives are typically enjoyed by a select group that is targeted by the benefits of the specific program, and the context of each such program can be decried by others who are not entitled to the benefits of the specific program, thereby allowing the critics to pound on the vote bank politics that are typically raised, and that typically ignore the importance of each government initiative to help the needy sections of the pop…

Clean India?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Mahatma Gandhi is often quoted as the person who practiced cleanliness along with his simple life style. Often our Indians and especially politicians use the word Gandhi and then associate cleanliness to his name and pitch it to point to us Indians on being clean. Modi and his initiatives on clean India are being well publicized and also being well orchestrated by the politicians and media alike to bring the being clean as an important and also a viable life alternative for Indians. It is one of the wonderful initiatives for the world, not just for India to be clean, and the constant coverage helps to bring the people to look at what they do and also think about being clean.
It is not just India but the whole world needs to appreciate the meaning of cleanliness, and attempt to do their best to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. Going back to India and Indians, the age old issues persists with our living standards, and it will take …

Magic Man

Vasu Reddy
Modi is in the United Sates as the head of the state. He has all the right words, moves and magic with him to deliver optimism and a promising future for all Indians, and also cater to the greater demands of the world from a country that has typically had little to say to the global community. Hindustan has always weaved magic on the world and its tales and history has always awed the globe. Our society, culture, traditions, history and geography needs no introduction to the global audience. Only after 1947, India continues to be a developing country, and it continues to be addressed as a developing country. But 2014 brings a new common man who is representing the country, and it is time for him to charm the globe with his words, deeds and also the simplicity in his messages. The future belongs to you, and you can make it beautiful and wonderful.
Modi's is on his first trip to the USA after getting elected as the PM, and also his first trip to USA a…

It Takes Money Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Several years ago Mrs. Clinton wrote a book; “It Takes a Village” and it was a wonderful and simple book that references to everyone in a small place need to get involved in raising children. It was a definitely a wonderful reflection of her thoughts on raising a child and the simple things that are needed to make it a wonderful beginning for children. For many people who come from India including myself, the idea of growing older is not simply going to school and studying and getting good grades and getting on a plane to go to some where far away and start working for a living. It is much more to it than just passing and going to work. The friends, relatives, brothers and sisters and parents, uncles and aunts, grand parents and many more loving and giving and caring folks all around you, that make it a childhood that you can never go back to and will never forget and also will always be the formation of your future, is all about the Indian …

Investment Bonanza

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
With every trip made and trip planned by Modi, the announcements for investments into India are made by the media, in a fashion that beats any game show winnings. Fifty billion by the Japanese, fifty billion by the Chinese, and great interest by the Australians, from Singapore and whatever names of countries that we can think of they are omitting investment into Modi's India and the news is constant about more and more dollars flowing into India. The latest word in the media is that half a Trillion dollars in investments will be announced by the USA businesses when Modi visits USA at the end of this month. Fantastic to hear and read about the investments that will be committed to India in the near future from the global industry and leaders in support of the current government in India, and its leader. No questioning on the ability of the Modi leadership and his personal discipline and charm in attracting commitments from the global and …

Time Is Now For Results

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Although three to four months is not a great amount of time to turn a massive country with more than a billion people into a production and progressive powerhouse, the new Modi government has had enough time to start showing some results of the various and massive initiatives that has been announced and being advertised by the current Indian government.
First and foremost we certainly have a PM that leads the government and the country from ground level with his leadership, handwork and dedication. We certainly have someone as the country's leader who has country first “India First” agenda, and also a man without personal baggage that has plagued our democracy. He certainly works hard and pushes his agenda relentlessly in India and also as demonstrated outside of India. In his short tenure as the PM he has several master strokes including; cleanup Ganges, sanitation, BRICS Bank and several major initiatives that he has pushed prior to gett…

Workshop Vasu Reddy From Chicago
World is a workshop and we are always trying to figure out how to make things to simplify our day to day actions. All of us living things are constantly doing something to simply live and make life simpler by trying to simplify life itself. Beginning with the industrial revolution era, a workshop may be a room or building which provides both the area and tools that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops were the only places of production until the advent of industrialization and the development of larger factories.
India and the rest of the world continues to be a workshop as the whole world continues to be interested in better and bigger things, and in ones life time the idea of bigger and better is constant. Some countries call themselves developed, some call themselves developing nations and some are simply under developed. Whatever the terminology for development in the world, each and everyone of t…


Vasu Reddy From Chicago
“With Everyone” is part of the slogan for Modi's speeches and government, before and after the 2014 landslide election in India. Modi is quite good at promoting and also pushing his agenda. He simply emails, tweets, facebook or uses the social media for bringing attention to his election stump calls, and simply makes the statement through the social media that he has passed on the directive to the responsible bureaucrats to take actions necessary to help facilitate these actions. If someone who follows him regularly sees the actions that arise from each of his messages, it is clear that he does drive the massive and bloated administration to act on what he has said he will deliver.
A sample of his communications made public by the PM through social media “I have written to all banks to facilitate opening a bank account for every Indian” (the facebook post is similar to this and may not be exact lines) but makes the point that he is simply…

Smart Country

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
We just had another grand celebration of Indian Independence day on 15th of August and the celebrations of Indian's independence of 2014 is once again celebrated with pomp and circumstance around the world. With more and more wealth in the Indian community across the world along with the ever expanding NRI population, it so seems fitting we remember the country's freedom struggle and it being freed of the British in 1947. It has been three generations or a bit more since the British stopped using Hindustan and breaking it into pieces, and left the nation more divided than whatever it was, and the nastiness of divide and rule and caustic and religious intolerance; all of which continue to be fostered by the nations that was once a great nation with great expanse.
While we continue to want to celebrate the leaving of British on 15th of August of every year since 1947, we have forgotten how smart the country was prior to the occupation by …

Open Mike Syndrome

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
The constant media attention to grab headlines from every politician has become a laughing circus rather than newsworthy reporting. A lot of TV channels all vying for eye balls are doing whatever they can to attract more people to tune in, and the extent to which they are going to get a few minutes of attention has been driving the politicians to grab any mike they can and blurt out seemingly intelligent verbiage which almost all times becomes statements made without any intelligence or information. The words are dramatic in impact as they often make people respond with gasps, and often wonder what are these people saying and why are these people representing general public.
How did they get there to represent a democracy, and what is that they have in their gray matter that makes them constantly say outrageous and often misstating the facts, all the time pretending to be authority on the matters that are of great importance to the nation. Som…

Indians First Vasu Reddy From Chicago
The abstaining of ratification of the WTO trade talks by Indian government is not brazen nor against the global trade initiatives. The new government under Narendra Modi simply said India and Indian first, and then only they will ratify any agreements that leads to betterment of trade options. The current government's involvement with the agreement is limited as they just got into power at the center and had little inputs into the agreements prior to its taking office. Although power is handed from one government to the next is seamless in India, the objectives of the government in power can be distinctly different. The current government refraining from the ratification of the WTO agreements with a simple objective of India and Indians first is commendable. While it sounds absurd to hold off on ratification of a WTO initiative that has just about every nation on the band wagon, India holding off with the stated objective of India's…