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Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Every now and then we keep discovering new civilizations of our past and we keep trying to assimilate the lifestyle and culture of a long lost era of our ancestors.There is a definite time and place to the attitude to life at that given time.The times and technology might continue to evolve and change, but the human resilience will remain adept to change with the times and continue to survive, prosper and most times be more successful with each event.Sometimes life’s challenges, and at times in need, things are constant in change and human beings always are finding ways to survive and prosper.
The ability to be strong, healthy and/or successful after something bad happens, the ability to come back stronger after being knocked down by life; resilience.It is our ability as human beings to find a way to succeed, and the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats and/or significant sources of stress related to family,…

Political Religion

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

When elections season is in full force, the politics of religion come into full force.In the USA this current political season (2016) especially for the republican politicians has been quite active on the religious front.All said and done and with a lot of pandering to the religious groups (a lot of sounds were made towards the evangelicals) the end product of picking a republican candidate still ended up with choosing Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.Go figure this out about the politics and combining them with religion, and Trump being the republican nominee.
Trump has made a lot of pronouncements degrading everyone and everything, and by doing so knocked out all his republican opponents.His words and actions to date have been nothing less than boxing bouts of the worst kind without the gloves.The republican primary campaign has not been civil, not been policy driven, not been one that has offered any solutions, it has simply been full o…

The Importance of Feeling Secure

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

First; it’s me, I, mine and then my folks, my home, my lane, my village, my town, my state and my country.There is no secret to what comes first.It is an absolute certainty that I come first and everything else follows.It’s a well-developed emotional and rational human response to everything; when it comes to choice first it’s me.It is instinctive and natural and absolute emotion that allows for one’s survival.
Although the global political systems are loosely based on democracies, communists, dictatorships and rulers; the people’s aspirations for themselves and for their near and dear ones remain the same.When it comes to making a choice, it will always be me and mine.
Wherever we live in the world and whatever system of government we are under, the aspect of personal security will always be in the forefront of personal comfort.Politically it is probably the most audible and also most fearful feeling when security of ones surroundings is concerne…

Enter the Dragon – Proddatur Diaries

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Enter the Dragon was in theaters in Madras (now Chennai).  We had to go see it as there was so much buzz about the movie, and specially Bruce Lee.  In those days there were no TV, DVD or VCR or other means of watching a movie, except in theaters.Everyone wanted to kick the air and break bricks and throw themselves around.I really think that Karate for a little while was as popular (if not more) than cricket, all because of Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon.
It is the best martial arts movie ever made (I think) and probably always will be, and inspired many entertaining movies and all languages of movie making.  A Telugu movie was made and released in early 2016 with the name Bruce Lee (go figure).  You can check more details on Enter the Dragon: don’t have to be a martial arts enthusiast, just watch it you will like it.Even today I enjoy watching it, and still enjoy the cinematic experience as much …

The Magic of Reading – Proddatur Diaries

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Almost everyone I knew in town was veracious readers.My own love for reading (and writing) has been a lifelong and continues to be one.I read just about everything I can get my hands on; books, magazines, new papers, internet and even my kid’s books.I keep telling her to read, read and read.
Proddatur had a little library, not a huge one by any standard, but had a good one.I don’t believe that there were many patrons, so you had easy access to what was available.It was close to the girl’s high school and a bit of a distance from my home.Although it was quite a walk, I found it full of promise as it was not crowded, and did have up to date literature for the time.
If I start with my own home, starting with my two aunts who were at home (until they got married) read a lot when I was young (I remember the grand wedding celebrations of both of them). When in boarding school I was a veracious reader.The school in Horsley Hills had a great library.From …