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Movie Critics
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

You pay a few bucks and see a movie in air-conditioned comfort for a couple hours.You probably buy a bag of popcorn and a soda for a couple of more bucks and enjoy the solitude of time and the experience, either by yourself or with someone else with you in the theater, and leave with the experience of watching someone else’s point of view on big screen.Just for a few bucks we escape the reality of life and watch people, locations that we probably will never see and situations that most times defy normal logic for any person; that’s what we expect and get from movies.There is no language or actor/actress, story or a fib, history or mythology, mystery or magic and anything else we can think of has been made as a movie.In about a hundred years of making movie magic, directors and producers have just about thought of story-telling that continues to draw us to the theaters.Language and logic are not criteria for people who make the movies and people …

Territorial Integrity

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Having hostile neighbors takes away a lot of resources from a nation; defending itself and defending its territorial integrity.If you have a large geographical territory to protect and have limited protection against insurgency, especially when there is constant strife with the neighbors. It really sucks up the resources and energy of any nation.India since its independence and division in 1947 has struggled to be at peace because of the issues with its neighbors.To start with the division on lines of religion and leaving India as a secular nation was an idea which has not been successful for India, and has caused grief every day for Indians.Western European nations simply have geographical boundaries on the map and very little need for protecting their boundaries.The respect the countries have for each other and their neighbors is well represented in the conduct of each of the nations.For some reason, ill-conceived by the nations with limited o…

APJ Abdul Kalam

Only In India 1 0f 10
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

When President Kalam passed away on 25th July 2015, I felt that I lost an uncle.He suffered a stroke in Shillong, Assam, doing what he loved to do.Speaking to a gathering of students.He loved to speak, write, teach, outside having been India’s 11th president.Before that he was the missile man.A man of science who spearheaded India’s missile program.
He was a perfect uncle for all of us, a man who was always smiling, always had the time to impart love and wisdom, he was intelligent and brilliant, he worked hard from the days of having a newspaper route as a child to the retired president of India, a writer, public speaker, and everything else you can imagine.He was a bachelor.No wonder he would be the best uncle for the nation.If Bapu was the father of the nation president Kalam was the perfect maternal uncle for Indians.Here is a man with a suitcase and nothing much else, but love for people.
One of the telling things you noti…


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Just over a year into being the prime minister of India. Modi’s stance on openness has taken a modification.We have a self-made and disciplined man, with humble beginnings who made it to the highest elected office of the largest democracy on earth, and the first year in office, and he did present himself and his agenda with the ease of a multinational company’s CEO.All of a sudden he seems quiet, almost silent and at a loss for words on responding to allegations against his cabinet and chief ministers. He has lost steam on his words, agenda and public persona.All within just about a year into the office.

One single man, who no longer is in India, who is a fugitive at this point, who was once close to a central minister and a state chief minister to do things that were humane, but politically imprudent and perhaps illegal.The state CM was certainly a personal and a longtime family friend, and was also involved in business dealings prior to the Cri…