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Finding A Way

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Doomsday scenarios have always been a topic for discussion for mankind.For mythological followers the world has always been in danger of apocalypse and coming to an end.But the human kind has always found a way to survive, rebuild and even flourish.Most times a combination of habits, abuse and indifference, all of these manmade that continue to plunder the precious ecosystem that we all share and live in.Perhaps we should never expect human beings to be respectful to anything.The biggest issue human beings have is the “me” syndrome.We are creatures who put “me” ahead of anything and anyone.For human beings the good earths, its nature, our surroundings, everything in life only come after “me”.Living life revolves around “I”, “me”, “myself” and everything else doesn’t really matter.Almost all the time there is nothing that matters except self-interest.For earthling with this highest intelligence (as we know) we human beings are also inherently sel…

Motor Mouths

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Politicians are no longer gentlemen.With constant media, internet and instagram accounts available to make them wild and agitated at every opportunity they get to opinion on just about everything.Long gone are the days of idealism and nationalism.Today it is simply wilderness of imagination on attacking everything.Granted that democracies allow anyone to have opinions, but the same democracies and available media attention (media also gives particular attention to wild allegations not facts. They simply sound better).But the wildest allegations, repeating false statements and staring to sound as if they are the verifiable truth, abusive language, disrespect; all of which are a norm these days from politicians and people looking to become politicians.The world’s largest democracies both India and the USA, have both (along with every other country) have become quite burdensome to the general public.There is no escape from the angry and impolite vo…

Letters, I Wrote

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
In the age of texting, chatting and email, we are quite used to sending quick messages, or responses, often with common abbreviations.  Much of our responses are in symbols and emoticons.  It really doesn't matter if we are busy or simply idling, we try to shorten the responses as much as possible and just hit send.  Gone are the days when a sentence started with "My dear" and ended with "Yours lovingly".  The letters we wrote were long and detailed, often written with impeccable styling and language, and often detailed much of what happened since the last letter.  Each letter had no mistakes, no corrections, no bad words, no abbreviations; there was nothing written but great communications.  It really did not matter who you were writing to, as every letter was a matter of heart and soul as communicating was in long hand and covered the distance and longing.
Often the letters were written in detail and in wonderful prose a…


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

When the II world war ended in 1945 the European nations and the USSR were not cohesive, the Germans just about invaded or fought with all their neighbors, and the Russians formed a block of Eastern European nations as communist controlled USSR block.When you turn to 2016 there is no USSR, or Eastern communist block of countries, and now exists a massive European Union which includes Germany (East and West together now as they were until the Berlin wall was torn down).Just imagine what people were staring at when the second world war ended and the destruction that was bestowed upon them; communism, nuclear bombs, rebuilding, concentration camps, and whatever was the leftover impact of the war.It is really unfathomable to think people would think of EU as a block with common economic structures and common people goals.
USA and Japan were at the opposite ends fighting a war, and war only ended when USA nuked Japan.Today USA and Japan are best frien…