Monday, October 14, 2013

Great History and Anecdotes

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

In everything Indians do and in everything India represents, its history and mythology is represented as if it constantly emphasizes the relevance of the past to today and by the vastness of its history. The anecdotal reference to something in the Ramayana or the words of Mahatma are a way of life for Indians. Every situation has a reference to the past that was glorious and full of human virtue and great sacrifice. Just that the current crop of people simply use it as a reference to the past with great relish, but confine the reality of practicing the anecdote to someone else, and no to themselves. We are very good in referencing the past or a great person's reference to today's surroundings and we are also very good in applying to the everything around us and everyone around us. It simply doesn't apply to us, per SE, but only applies to others. It is all of us, and everyone of us who do this with great anecdotal referencing, and it only applies to only our fellow citizens, and none to ourselves.

Our mythology and history, and the great men and women of yesteryear have chronicled the impact of their service to humanity and the country; depicting sacrifice and selflessness in making India's history a glorious and enchanting tale to be told again and again, and the relevance of its history and the significance of events of the past will be constantly relevant to people of all ages; past, present and the future.

While we savor the past and constantly use anecdotes of history as a common reference, our habits belie the past referencing to present day living. From the life of lord Rama to the life of Mahatma, and great men and women before and after, there is no lack of courage, humanity, dignity, practice, patience, devotion and many a human virtues that should be the qualities of humans; and to only reference them rather than practice them has become a way of life for us, and at least after India's independence from the British and the advent of chronicled history and present happenings we can clearly see that we simply use our history for anecdotal referencing, rather than practicing them in spirit and life.

When the politicians invoke the name of the father of the nation or the name of the lord (in all forms), and also sometimes compare themselves to the yesteryear legends; they seldom think of the consequences of their speeches, which have increasingly become scandalous and directionless and only point to negative bashing of everything that is in opposition. Now a days politicians have learn the art of including not just historical references, but also sports analogies in their opponent bashing, its comical to listen to politicians speak. They don’t have anything to say about their own achievements, or the progressive nature of the policy making of their party, only bashing their opponents in harsh and uncomplimentary language, harboring on the border of only abuses. This is because of that they really don't have anything to tout about, and nothing to show for as elected legislators. The party in power is constantly involved in survival and scams, and nothing else. For them to find something to speak of as achievement, its hard to find anything worthwhile.

The land of epic historical past, and the land of many epic achievement, and the land of Rama and mahatma, we have become a land that simply use anecdotes of the past, and have nothing to speak of as present day achievements. The country continues to grow with population and no stopping the population growth, but doesn't boast of significant achievements as a nation nor as population that is close to the largest on earth.

It is time to stop references to the anecdotes, and start to think of the present, and what we could be doing now and into the future. We certainly have the people power, and thereby the human and brain resources; just that we must focus on the achievements of the current time and what we can be in the future. It is granted that our past and history is full of epic anecdotes, and we must now start building for the future, and not just laud on the past.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I Don't Want To Know The Future

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Nothing sacred, but I really don't want to know the future. If I go back in my life in India and subsequently in the USA, with a lot travel thrown in the middle of my life, I am quite certain that I really don't fancy about the future and what might happen around me and my people. From India to the United States and everything between and around really have been changing for the worse as time goes by.

From change in people and families, from changes to the countries and their neighbors, from changes to the environment, from changes to the water both inland and the sea, from changes to the definition of life in general, a lot has changed in less than a generation and nothing for the betterment of mankind and nothing that shows that we care about our environment, our nature, and even ourselves. We have simply abused everything that is available to us, and sometimes even unavailable to us.

This evening my family was invited to go pay respects to a swami, and he would be able to foretell what could come to us in the future. I did not want to go not because I have disrespect for the swami, but I might hear something that might happen in the future and really did not want to hear it. When young and was asked to go to school away from home, and college away far away from home, and further go to America to seek fortunes that we could only imagine; I was willing to go without hesitation and without worries. Just get on the bus, or a train or an airplane and just go wherever the elders wanted me to, and never question why. The future was always full of promise for everyone involved and that included me and my family. But if at this time I have to go somewhere I worry about what might come to happen, and truly what might come to misshapen.

I am not afraid of taking risks or chances, but seldom I am given the chance to do something that is rewarding or challenging. Everything a person has to do is complicated and convoluted. The simplest things life have become difficult things and difficult things have become impossible. Just looking around to see that the governments going into default; not some small country that can't meet its debt burden or a country in civil war, but the largest democracy and largest market in the world shut down because of the politicians don't see eye to eye with each other. As impossible as it might be my adopted country, also the largest market in the world can also declare itself as not honoring its debt if the current impasse continues with the president and congress. Looking at the state of affairs why would I really want to know the future?

The future of employment, future of nature, the future of countries, and the future of economies, the future of education, the future of children and their development; all of them are simply unimaginable. The politicians keep promising a bright and futuristic outlook of what they will do when they are elected into power, and the ones in power will continue to ask for more time to achieve what they promised in the last election cycle, but none seem to be able to come close to deliver the promises they made while getting elected.

The dynamics of the world continue to change everyday, while the old hatred for each other, and the religious and regional conflicts of the old ages continue to ravage the resources that are available to all human beings. The daily dose of bad news keeps people guessing on what else could happen when they wake up? All too much resources and energy are diverted to protect from or fight with each other, and the next big tragedy to strike the earth is always lurking in the name of religion and economics.

All said and done I really don't want to know what might come next to me or the world. I am grateful for whatever that has already been mine, and whatever I have as family and friends and life which was full of promise, and I only wish the future hold the promise of opportunity and acceptance for everyone.

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