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Great History and Anecdotes

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

In everything Indians do and in everything India represents, its history and mythology is represented as if it constantly emphasizes the relevance of the past to today and by the vastness of its history. The anecdotal reference to something in the Ramayana or the words of Mahatma are a way of life for Indians. Every situation has a reference to the past that was glorious and full of human virtue and great sacrifice. Just that the current crop of people simply use it as a reference to the past with great relish, but confine the reality of practicing the anecdote to someone else, and no to themselves. We are very good in referencing the past or a great person's reference to today's surroundings and we are also very good in applying to the everything around us and everyone around us. It simply doesn't apply to us, per SE, but only applies to others. It is all of us, and everyone of us who do this with great anecdotal referencing, …

I Don't Want To Know The Future

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Nothing sacred, but I really don't want to know the future. If I go back in my life in India and subsequently in the USA, with a lot travel thrown in the middle of my life, I am quite certain that I really don't fancy about the future and what might happen around me and my people. From India to the United States and everything between and around really have been changing for the worse as time goes by.

From change in people and families, from changes to the countries and their neighbors, from changes to the environment, from changes to the water both inland and the sea, from changes to the definition of life in general, a lot has changed in less than a generation and nothing for the betterment of mankind and nothing that shows that we care about our environment, our nature, and even ourselves. We have simply abused everything that is available to us, and sometimes even unavailable to us.

This evening my family was invited to go pay respe…