Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Happy India

4 November 2005
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

I am sure all Indians are happy now. I have to imagine we Indians are either farmers or cricket fans. I am sure there are people who will debate on my categorizing all Indians into farmers and cricket fans, but if someone has an issue, please forgive my generalization of the farmers and fans, as I want this week’s column to be a happy one.

India has been getting good rains, and perhaps more than necessary of rain this season. Monsoon has been on time and many a tropical storms and cyclones have been lashing India, and rivers overflowing and many areas flooded. I feel sad that many farmers lost crops and low laying areas effected with floods and lost homes, huts and livestock. But the farmers in many areas are blessed with timely rains, and good crops.

India in the last two weeks has a new captain in Rahul Dravid, and a bunch of new young players, who have been the latest Sri Lanka team as they would play with armatures, and so far have won the series 4-0 of the seven games. Although I have not seen a live match played a long time, the recent series win over Sri Lanka seems to lift my spirits to levels of happiness I used to experience when I was in India seeing India win.

I am proud of being Indian for simple stuff. We Indians seem to be happy with simple things, and as in a win in cricket and a good crop for the season. Comprehensive happiness is not possible for farmers and cricketers as each season brings its own fortunes. Continued happiness (prosperity) is only possible with prolonging the cycle of success. As with any other business, the business of farming and the business of cricket need to be nurtured with care. The current problems of earthquakes, scandals, bad politicians, bad luck, bad markets, bad karma and bad everything is a part of our life, and it is not just meant for Indians. The great part about us is that very little of happiness makes the entire population happy.

Mom always says to think of God in bad times and good times, and everything seems fine if you keep thinking of him. I agree. But beyond being fine, I want to be happy and I want to associate happy things to make sure I remain happy. I am sure the current Indian team will foster into a great team and then begin to age and start showing their age. I am sure that the current rains will some year become scarce as the rain gods will have to go somewhere else, or may get tired, and may not rain well for a season or two.

Hey you know what we should do?

The current team, its captain, its coach and the selectors should do dramatic things to encourage the current players, future players and the establishment to make moves that prolong the success cycle. Team should do team things, and ignore everything that doesn’t suit its success needs. The longer the success the more the happiness for Indians. Why not develop a long winning team that makes a nation happy for a long term. No need to panic, as even meaningless matches that our team wins, we will still be happy. It doesn’t matter what game you will, as long as you win we will be a happy nation. Give up selfishness; forget politics, make sacrifices and play with your heart (not forgetting smart) will help the winning aspects on a continued basis.

Farmers can always rejoice each good monsoon, and grow great things for themselves and the country. Great monsoons and continued seasonal rains will also need water management. Dams and canals, irrigation projects, water management and removing politics from farmer’s issues will prolong the great monsoon season’s benefits to years of drought and poor monsoon.

I always think simple things make life simpler. We Indians are simple folks and simple things make us happy. I wish for a continued success with all wakes of farming and great success for our cricket team. They both make us a happy bunch of Indians.

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