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The Psychology of an Elected Politician

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The election cycle has become enormously long for politicians these days.From the time one is elected to the next election, the campaign is a continuous and arduous process which takes a toll on the general public.The promises of pre-election continue to be reiterated as long one is in the office and they will be continued in the reelection cycle.The only change that comes into place is fundraising that is continued throughout the time that one is in power, and with vigor and intensity to support reelection plus makeup for any investment made in getting elected in the first place.

Every election manifesto promises the moon, and massive reforms and restructuring of the current socio-economic systems, which are never justified with the available revenues in the country.There is never any intelligence involved in making assumptions in forecasting the resources that will become available, but simply make every promise that can possibly be made to imp…

No Experience Needed

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

There is a lot of discussion and expectation prior to being elected for being a leader of nation.Much importance is placed on time in public office and what the person has done prior to making to claim to manage the nation.Where there is a choice with electoral process, much is made out of what was done rather than what needs to be done.We always forget that the past is already past, and the country needs to look forward, rather than rest on the laurels of one’s past.
Past experience, education, and training and on the ground development is valuable, but no one can gain the experience of running a country until you get into the hot seat.The only claim to experience in such a position is from a person who is already elected as the head of the state and planning for reelection.Running for reelection has a real history of performance that allows the public to evaluate if the reelection of the person is really warranted. Next year’s elections in India…

Starting Fresh?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Every time you find someone from India to speak of politics, they immediately want that India hold new elections with all new elected officials, and if you are from Gujarat or some parts of North India or have some political affiliation with someone outside of congress party, you will immediately hear that Modi will be the best person to handle the needs of current day India.Mr. Modi’s biggest qualifications are that he has no one to worry about so he will be immune to kickbacks or scams.If you have none to worry about, perhaps is the biggest qualification you have for being in political office as you will be beholding to none.

However long ago you have left your motherland and been a NRI, India still is close to heart of first, second or third generation of Indians.Irrespective of the citizenship they hold, they hold their land close to heart and although may not be in real touch with what is going on in India (except through the internet or hea…