Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Starting Fresh?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Every time you find someone from India to speak of politics, they immediately want that India hold new elections with all new elected officials, and if you are from Gujarat or some parts of North India or have some political affiliation with someone outside of congress party, you will immediately hear that Modi will be the best person to handle the needs of current day India.  Mr. Modi’s biggest qualifications are that he has no one to worry about so he will be immune to kickbacks or scams.  If you have none to worry about, perhaps is the biggest qualification you have for being in political office as you will be beholding to none.

However long ago you have left your motherland and been a NRI, India still is close to heart of first, second or third generation of Indians.  Irrespective of the citizenship they hold, they hold their land close to heart and although may not be in real touch with what is going on in India (except through the internet or hearsay), they all will behold to India.  It is true of most immigrants as all of them will be addressed as persons identified with their ancestral land.

Indian politics are almost 100% blaming something on the other rather than working on the people’s agenda.  All political parties simply try to blame, badger or abuse each other in the filthiest of words at every opportunity, and perhaps behave very nicely when they bump into each other.  Never once politicians are respectful of their opponents in India.  The irony of the country’s management there is absolutely no plan for people issues or economic issues that are country wide and future based; rather they seem to be totally opportunistic or stop gap measures to just handle the current situation.  Irrespective of the planning or unplanned development of the country, politicians and business leaders co-exist in the nation, and common man is not even remotely involved in the direction the country takes; short or long term.

There is almost a factional divide in following the political parties and people who follow them are involved emotionally in the parties and don’t see through the damage that the individual politicians are causing the nation.  It could very well be that they are simply oblivious to the deeds of their political affiliation.

Indian is no longer a newly independent country, and has been free of the British for more than three generations.  There is no need for feeling sorry or newness of an independent nation.  The country has internal and external problems that it keeps trying to deal with; though unsuccessfully.  There is a clear lack of vision or direction from the nation to what should be done to move the country forward; literally and figuratively.  If someone slaps you or try to slap you there is absolutely no reason for taking it lightly, but should react strongly so that the attempting party trying to intimidate will understand that aggression will be dealt with aggression.  India is a nation of more than a billion people with strong national security forces and does not need to bend over backwards in defending itself.

The country has developed so much intolerance for its own people; divisiveness with language, caste, color, religion and whatever way to become polarized and divided and it should start to be tolerant and caring for its entire people.  Often time politicians try to drive the wedge of religion or caste into the people for political gains; and people should start to look through these petty politics and embrace the country’s diversity rather than become divisive.

Once people start to look at the ideas of the politicians for what they represent for the future of the nation, not divisive and emotional politics we might start to pick leaders who not only speak for the elections but also for the deliverables of elected office.  The nation doesn’t have a history of performance form the elected officials, so the elections and the manifesto should be measured for deliverables, and if not the electorate must be replaced; and this might take time to elect leaders who deliver to the people’s agenda, but it time for India to start finding leaders that will make decisions for the good of the people.  If it means a fresh start with all the leadership and political parties, then we begin now.

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