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Narendra Modi

Only In India 2 0f 10 Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of India, and the 15th person to hold that position after the 1947 Indian independence from the British.Modi is a lifelong follower of RSS and also a lifelong politician.His humble beginnings and his much touted childhood as a tea seller is well documented.Outside of a young marriage and a life of separation from his wife (who is also equally commendable as she remained loyal to the wedding and continues to remain married to Modi despite living an entire life married but without a spouse) who has lived a full life of anonymity, rest of Modi’s life is well documented since his entry into politics.

From an early age Modi (reported that when he was 8 years old) was influenced by the RSS and his entire life before and after his entry into politics and his election to the highest office of the nation, RSS and its role is well documented. Modi reflects a fairly long and committed associat…

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

There is a great importance to making progress on an announced project.If you are a business then you just don’t announce or start something and just let it sit, you finish the project on budget and on time.The key to successful and profitable business or life is not announcing or starting something, it is the process of effectively working to achieve the stated objectives of what was planned.
Our politicians announce many major projects and initiatives, and also assign huge values to them as budgets and potential employment.India has a legacy of major announcements by the party in power, along with massive investments and really massive employment opportunities.It has become a common practice for politicians in power to say “I will do this in five years”, and then there is nothing that comes back to say “I have done this in 12 months”.
In recent news there was coverage of linking the rivers in Andhra Pradesh which was more than a 50 years plan.It…

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

I really love movies.Always have.Even as a kid I loved to watch a movie every chance I got.We have been making movies for over a century now.We make them in just about every language and just about every part of the world.From simple movements on film without voice on celluloid to the mega budget movies of today, the business of movie making continues to evolve and also continues to get more sophisticated and continues to keep up with technological advances and user preferences.All this except when we try to remake popular movies of the past.

India makes more movies than any other country, all in multiple languages.It makes more movies than Hollywood, in fact a combination of all other markets don’t even come close to the number of movies made in India.India also has a variety of audiences; regional markets with their own languages, dubbed movies from one region to the other, movies simultaneously made in multiple languages, English and other lan…

One World?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Continuously looking at the young and old, men and women and children; all of them trying to find a safe place to stay, to just get a drink of water and a meal, staring simply at the cameras that are trying to make news of their misery, driven away from their home, and now simply without any destination.It is not their fault to live where they were born and be who they are.They did not commit any crime or do anything to deserve the forced relocation to nowhere.With communications getting more and more constant the human suffering is getting is also being played out constantly for the rest of the world to become a part of the destitute.We think we are looking at someone out there being forced to run away from their home, but we are one world, and it can happen to us, wherever we live.We are watching human suffering played out on television, and that’s exactly what we are doing, just watching our race being decimated, for what?There is so much wri…