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What Ever You Say

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

If you are a public figure for a long time, it must be really difficult to keep track of what you say and what you really do. The advent of communications and 24/7/365 media makes it difficult to retract the words you say, and even retracting has become difficult these days for blabber mouths. A combination of inexperience in dealing with issues and also with the multimedia has become a standard operating procedure for politicians, and we can see the constant foot-in-mouth demonstration by politicians, irrespective of who they represent. Media itself is on the prowl for any kind of tidbits to keep the channel space occupied and even the slightest response to the most innocuous query gets its space for at least a brief period time, and it is stored for perpetuity.

The early leaders for the 2014 national agenda are already going at each other, along with their respective parties helping in fueling the war of words. Mr. Modi is very articulate a…

The Chief Minister And His Men&Women

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The power of office is seldom mistaken for lack of confidence or opportunity to do good, specially if you are the chief minister of the nation's capital. You as the head of the government and your ministers (men and women) are bestowed the power to represent the people and their interests as long as you hold the office. When you represent the nation's capital and depending on who is in control at the center, the power that comes with the office also directly goes either hand-in-glove or head-butting with the government.

The young party and government of AAP in New Delhi although in power because of support from INC (who was its main target to form the AAP and contest and defeat in Delhi), the party quickly tried to make good work on its promises in its election manifesto. The cut in the electricity bill, the free water supply (to a limit) and fighting corruption, holding public audiences, hotline for complaints and generally populist i…

Pressuring The Elected

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Before the elections the vote seekers promise the moon and anything else that might attract a few votes, along with greasing the palms of everyone who might help get the people to vote. Its not limited to just Indian politics but it is a universal phenomenon. The delivery by a single politician or a political party will start to set the wheels in motion for public expectations on the poll promises. AAP and its poll promises and the party starting to make good on the promises made prior to the elections will set the entire national political process into a me too syndrome (not just eating public's money but making good on the poll promises) and should at least temporarily start addressing the public's issues.

AAP is beginning to work through the list of promises it made, and also listed out in writing to the other parties to form a government. This list has been not only written but published and is on the internet for everyone to se…

Polar Vortex

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It is only January 6th of 2014 and we have already had enough snow to beat the annual snow fall averages. By looking outside the window Monday early morning, there is more than 3 feet of snow that you can look at, may be more because the snow is really packed due to the constant fall through the last few days. Its white and white and white everywhere you look at and all frozen. Its frozen solid, and beautiful to just look out, as its hazy and snow is coming down in batches. For those who live in Chicago it has been a few years since they saw so much snow so early in the season, and the clod it self is absolutely cold.

We have a constant barrage of news and radio and internet reports on what is coming to through the weather by the minute and nothing changes it except people just looking out the window and going about what they have to do, albeit very very slowly. Believe me it is slow, as there is no way to zip down the road for too long with…