Monday, January 06, 2014

Polar Vortex

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It is only January 6th of 2014 and we have already had enough snow to beat the annual snow fall averages. By looking outside the window Monday early morning, there is more than 3 feet of snow that you can look at, may be more because the snow is really packed due to the constant fall through the last few days. Its white and white and white everywhere you look at and all frozen. Its frozen solid, and beautiful to just look out, as its hazy and snow is coming down in batches. For those who live in Chicago it has been a few years since they saw so much snow so early in the season, and the clod it self is absolutely cold.

We have a constant barrage of news and radio and internet reports on what is coming to through the weather by the minute and nothing changes it except people just looking out the window and going about what they have to do, albeit very very slowly. Believe me it is slow, as there is no way to zip down the road for too long without hitting someone or something.

The deep freeze has come at a good time as the kinds are home for the holidays and most working people are also on Christmas and new year holidays, so there is not a whole lot of traffic or anxiety on the road because of the holidays. By the way the movie Frozen is in the theaters at a great time to enjoy the wonder of snow, cold, ice and deep freeze. The movie in great detail displays the wonder of winter and cold weather along with ice castles and great snow covered landscape. Although I no longer write movie reviews, this movie is a great one for family viewing and wonderful entertainment.

Next couple of days will be really cold as predicted, and outside of more snow and more snow which is followed by deep freeze, there will be much else that will be reported. It is assured that the bad guys will be holed in and not out on the streets, and only the guys with odd jobs will be heading to work as they will have to show up to get paid by the hour. Schools are closed and the kids are going “yes” and “yes” although they have been home since before Christmas. I guess they are just happy staying home and watch TV or playing video games, and bunking school. The no school message is as welcome as the Santa showing for the children, and it makes them quite happy with faces showing the absolute delight of bunking school.

It is quite interesting to worry about the weather as there is absolutely nothing humans can do about the weather, and we simply have to live with it. Where ever we live; be it hot or cold, rain or shine, snow or sleet, and whatever combination of the weather gods, it is simply inevitable. The folks who live in the mid west experience the seasons to the full every year, and it is given we will get sun, cold, rain and snow and in between weather every year. It does make you appreciate each and every season and the wonders of the nature just staying put in the old neighborhood. For the love of god each season is wonderful by it self, and every season has its own appeal, color and character.

The deep freeze is probably good for the next season. The rivers will be flowing full, the vegetables and crops will be wonderful, and the grass and trees will be green and flowers when arriving will be in full bloom. It is given that we will have a wonderful spring coming up after the deep freeze. The employment for winter workers is in full bloom, along with the wonderful after Christmas demand for salt and snow equipment and the workers who help with snowploughs and cleaning the snow. It will be a season for great sales (after Christmas) and great winter weather employment. Also great business for emergency workers and equipment and tow trucks and salt trucks. It will be a great winter literally and figuratively; all around the winter weather will make full use of the resources and employment for the season.

Its a great start to the year, and a great winter in full force. The rest of year looks very promising as the water, irrigation, agriculture and many of the naturally driven sources of commerce and industry are well resourced in just the first few days of the year, allowing for the rest of the year to catch-up to the demands of people and process (may be politicians). Here is to a great winter and moving forward in a great year.

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