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New State

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The inevitability of accepting the separation of Andhra Pradesh in to two states is a reality that the people of the state and the country has to accept and move on. For whatever the reasons the INC decided at this stage to split the state and the circumstances leading to the separation are all well documented and it is for those who are interested should dissect into the information. For now the state will be split into two and barring a miracle there is no reason to believe that Andhra Pradesh as it stands will be the same.
Along with every other scribe who is remotely covering the situation in AP for weeks leading to the politicians voting to separate the state, me too was watching the unfolding of the events in Delhi. Everyone knew that INC will declare the two states, and there was little doubt in the separation. Politicians and political parties do things for a specific reason, and division of AP is no more than a political power play f…

No State

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Andhra Pradesh has become a no state for its people and the Telugu speaking community. For several years the state (if it remains one state by tomorrow) has been so focused on separation, and has completely ignored the bond between the people of the state, and definitely the needs of the people of the state. Since the accidental death of YSR in 2009, the state has not been able to hold together and live together, and also do anything positive for all the people of Andhra Pradesh. If and whenever the separation of the state becomes a reality, there will be much to look back and wonder about the same people of the state and their life and history from the time Telugu people and their heritage can be traced back to. Telugu people simply don't even see anything with the same context and seem to detest each other. No brotherhood, no friendship, no kinship and no nothing seems to have been in place, except hatred.
Even people who have lived aw…

The Curious Case of Kejriwal

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

By the time this column is written AAP in Delhi has already lost one of its own MLA who was expelled from the party for disciplinary reasons and another independent MLA who was supporting AAP from outside was ready to quit. The AAP government in Delhi is not even two months old, and has had its daily share of downgrades from other political parties and the press and itself continuing to step in deep dog doodle. For a party that was handed the reins of the national capital, AAP continues to fumble on a daily basis, and continues to make inexperienced mistakes in managing the most complex city in the country.
It was fascinating to watch the new party come into power despite not having absolute majority in Delhi, and that too with the support of Congress party, which was the main cause of the birth of AAP to start with. The objective of Kejriwal was to fight corruption and create ombudsman to curb and perhaps eliminate corruption. As ironic as i…

Hit Movie Material

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India makes great movies with the hero fighting the corruption and bad guys (probably in about 99%) in just about every story. The fight against the bad guys and corruption in the society is glorified with gory and great detail in just about every movie in every language we have in India. We are celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema, and also we celebrate the bashing of the bad guys along with the celebration 100 years of Indian cinema. Not just Indians but world over there undeniable connection to cinema and fighting the bad guys, and in almost 100% of the movies the good guy comes out clean (unless you are picking off-beat movies or someone who is making them for other than masses).
It is not just the movies, but our literature and folk lore to our history and philosophy; all of them typically uphold good verses evil, and the good guys although, might suffer temporarily, always come out well at the end of the story. The irony of today'…