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Looking For Light

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It is Diwali time for 2013, and lots of celebration and cheer among the Indian folks world over. Everyone of the NRI folks seem to embrace the festive nature of the festival of lights and much is written and said about the time of the year for revival and new found attitude towards the next year. It's fall here and already a touch of the cold weather to come in the next few months, and Halloween Candy adventure was already cold and splattered with rain. A typical time of the year for those who live in Chicago. This year was very similar to the weather at this time of the year.

Beginning with Dasara and Halloween thru the beginning of the calendar year, Indians are quite blessed with the days of Dasara and end of the year to new year celebrations. Personally the sweet tooth is well fed with all kinds of confectioneries for almost 3 months and probably 25% of the body weight to be lost as new year's resolution. All wonderful things co…