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No Longer a Dilemma

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Today is the 30th of January 2017.It is ten days since we have sworn in a new president of the USA.None of the democrats in leadership have had anything new to say in the last ten days, except a tearful Chuck Schumer on television.It is the republicans and their money bags that are of the opinion on the Shakespearean dilemma “To be or not to be”.

As a child I loved to read anything I could find in the school library, or whatever I could buy with every penny I had.Shakespeare to Kushwant Singh and everything in between and every language were all invited into my reading time.

Till today, whatever I have read definitely form my opinions of what I hear and somehow try to associate with the written words of many men and women I have had the pleasure and insight into their minds and thinking.

Perhaps one of the greatest of thoughts is written by none other than William Shakespeare.Perhaps the dilemma of mankind before and after his time, and here is the…

Only In America

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

One of the most endearing and fascinating aspect of the American democracy is the peaceful transformation of power after each presidential electoral cycle. When Trump was sworn in as 45th President of the USA on January 20, 2017, the democracy was in full display.Watching the living past presidents (with the senior president Bush and Barbara Bush unable to attend due to illness, and writing a wonderful welcome letter to Trump), President and Mrs. Carter, President and Mrs. Bush, President and Mrs. Clinton, and the newest entrant into the select group of past presidents, President and Mrs. Obama; all of them in the most exclusive club on earth walking into the inauguration and participating in the swearing in ceremony of a man who they did not support.Their respect is for the ceremony and respect to the constitution in peaceful transfer of power, and the 1/20/2017 ceremonies in WashingtonDC were something that is true to the American democracy s…

Citizen Obama

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

President Obama is completing him final term in office on January 20, 2017, this coming Friday.Most of my last ten years have been nursing back to health and only a single trip to India to visit my mother in 2016, but plenty of time in understanding politics and global directions.Both India and USA have been quite active in pushing democracy and development, and some brotherly love between Modi and Obama.
To draw simple parallels, since Modi became the PM of India, Obama was already some way thru his second term as president of USA.Both men got along really well, and even addressed each other by Barak and Narendra.A gesture to me was a special connotation of friendship between leaders of the largest and the oldest democracies, and the friendship between the leaders continue to the end of term of president Obama.
Before delving into retirement of Obama, the parallels that can be drawn between Obama and Modi are their beginnings as men in community …

Another Year

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

We are already running thru another new year.2017 is here and we are sleep walking thru the days quickly.We are still far away from home, ten thousand miles away and journey home is still very arduous and the same as it was more than a generation and half ago.Nothing has changed with the nation, its reception and of course my people.No one has changed.We all just got a lot wiser.
The music lovers of India will remember the song by Pankaj Udhas.“Chitti Aaayee Hai” from the film “Naam” fro 1986.Nostalgia and love for your home never fades. Listen to the song here, its still heart warming and heart touching.Those were the days when you really wrote and waited for a letter to come back.In living almost all of my life away from home, nothing depicts the love for home, for your people and your own everything from your birth place; irrespective of how many years you have been away.It was the time when the mobi…

Forgotten Reality

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Peace and Happiness to everyone in 2017.
At the dawn of New Year 1/1/2017, India was reporting that 90% of the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes were back into the banks as the process of demonetization comes to an end.From 11/1/2016 to 12/31/2016.  Getting 90% of the old currency out of circulation is not just a very good effort, and for a nation that is plagued with corruption and fakes, this is somewhat a super human result.There was a Times of India column recently that said the expectation of a wind fall for the government doesn’t seem real because 90% of the old notes are already redeemed.This is a disingenuous claim by TOI and the news channels, which already reported that money being burned, thrown thru the train toilets, thrown into the rivers, thrown into the trash cans, and simply being left everywhere and being donated everywhere.Assuming all the old notes that were legal were only 90% accounted for, it is still a 10% wind fall of the entire m…