Monday, January 30, 2017

No Longer a Dilemma

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Today is the 30th of January 2017.  It is ten days since we have sworn in a new president of the USA.  None of the democrats in leadership have had anything new to say in the last ten days, except a tearful Chuck Schumer on television.  It is the republicans and their money bags that are of the opinion on the Shakespearean dilemma “To be or not to be”.

As a child I loved to read anything I could find in the school library, or whatever I could buy with every penny I had.  Shakespeare to Kushwant Singh and everything in between and every language were all invited into my reading time.

Till today, whatever I have read definitely form my opinions of what I hear and somehow try to associate with the written words of many men and women I have had the pleasure and insight into their minds and thinking.

Perhaps one of the greatest of thoughts is written by none other than William Shakespeare.  Perhaps the dilemma of mankind before and after his time, and here is the reference to the entire text in reference.

Please look thru the entire content of the recital in the link, and if you are a literature enthusiast and have yet to read Shakespearean works, its time to open you’re reading minds to him.

I have my thoughts with the American republicans past few days.  I have completely blocked out Trump’s staff and his family and people he is surrounded with.  They are now dealing with alternate facts, and I still have not found the meaning of that.

What about the Republicans?  Although most of them were not enthused prior to the election, and after Trump’s Electoral College win, they have been kissing-up to Trump after the election and through the inauguration.  But what is the deal now?  Its only ten days, and what will they do now?  Fiscal discipline, reducing budget deficit, health care reform, immigration overhaul, tacking terror, and whatever was their manifesto at stake for the public consumption, and Trump have his own agenda.  Now he is simply acting on what he said he will do when he gets to the White House.

The three parties to the question, Trump, Republicans with him and the opposing Democrats, what to do next?  Democrats would simply push their agenda to their vote bank, and unless they get another Obama (who certainly was not the run of the mill presidential candidate USA had) or another strong woman candidate like Hillary Clinton.  Both Obama and Clinton will not be available to run for the presidential office in 2020.  It is probably too early to look for a Democratic candidate, but it is not the quandary for democrats right now.

The decision now is for Republicans and their money bags on what to do now?

My personal opinions of Trump’s election manifesto are immaterial.  My state of Illinois voted for democrat Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.  Even my congressional district and both our state senators are Democrats.  But the nations Electoral College voted Trump in and he is our president at least of next four years. So, I don’t count on support for my state at least for the next four years.

I love politics as much as I love to read.  Watching the immigration and airport chaos over the weekend and trying to think of the great wall of America, and whatever else that is crossing my mind, I start the new week thinking like a Republican, what the @*$%.  God Bless America.  I know the allegiance to the Republican Party needs a huge prayer, except that the Republicans definitely have a much thicker skin than the Donald, and they have snake oil on their greasy hair.  It is the grand Shakespearean dilemma for the GOP, go figure if they can clearly think of what’s happening?

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