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All News Planted?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
If you read any of the web based news it is nothing short of unbelievable and often sensational.Typically the level of believability is often tested, and the reader has to interpret the reality verses fabrication or imagination of the writer.As there is little protection for the receiver, and the ability of the writer to simply name unnamed sources, there is little to lose for the writer.Just about any speculation can be made and corrections can be posted on an ongoing basis, and by the time the story gets told, it can be exactly the opposite of what was originally reported.

From movie reviews to personal stories, news columns to financial reports; all of them come out first and then get verified.All the time unnamed sources are quoted as the real source of information, and anyone and anything can be targeted for negative news.All the stories typically when flashing will get corrected over the days that follow and each of them have a disclaimer t…

Depending on the Government?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Be it democracies or communist countries or dictatorships, the value of the government is in planning the process of education, success and enterprise which dictate the daily habits and life of the citizens.Prosperity is not a relative term to a country or a class of people; rather it is the way of life for organized and hard working folks.

Each country has its own share of unemployment, poverty and desperation, which is not a choice of those who face it, rather circumstantial to the conditions they are forced to be in.There is no denying that some portion of the people will always choose to not to work and hang on to the programs that are afforded to the public by the governments.

In general majority of the population of the earth would like their families to live in dignity and comfort.People would like their children well educated, live a life of cause and goodness, and almost all the time a better life than their own.The world has become more …

Insulting the Prime Minister?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
Until he was appointed as the prime minister of India, Dr. Singh was one of the most respected economists and policy makers in the world.His leadership in leading Indian economic engine to grow and prosper is the story of legend and will forever be remembered for the decisions the finance ministry took and implemented.There was no question of his decision making and policy implementation in leading India into the new century with astonishing results.
The past week saw him called a few choice names by a US publication, which were quickly rebuffed by the Indians, and asked for an apology of sorts for calling the Prime Minister a do nothing wimp in kind words.We all know anyone can write anything they want in any country and just get away with it, and even heads of state are not an exception to the sharpness of the language being used by the writers.The truth of the matter in making a story on Dr. Singh is new to the international media in a negativ…