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Orphan State

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Modi’s election slogan of “Development for Everyone”, for some reason seems to be not applicable for the residual (“my”) state of Andhra Pradesh. After the bifurcation of AP (now Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) in Modi’s watch, any kind of commitment for funding for development is missing from Modi’s vocabulary, especially considering his election rhetoric, and the state government aligned with his ruling government in the center.The bifurcation of the state, the current government support for the bifurcation, the previous government’s assurance and passing the decree on special status, Modi and his election promises and the tie-up with TDP to form a government in the newly formed Andhra Pradesh, all that lead people’s belief that the new state will be treated with a special status thru India’s constitution to help establish itself after bifurcation, and govern itself at par with other states.
Watching and following Modi before and after his elevat…

Viewer’s Challenge

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

I had written (had is the key here as I no longer write about them) about movies for many years.I have always enjoyed watching movies and as I learnt more languages, I have enjoyed watching them with more choices.As I got older I enjoyed the movies more and also the multiple languages, sometimes even when I did not know the language just the celluloid was entertaining.Despite my being away from home most of my life, I still like Telugu movies the most.Every chance I get I watch the newer movies, and for the past few years I seem to be watching the same Telugu movie with different title and different actors.The heroes glorified, the women in skimpy clothes and a bunch of guys get beat up and killed in the unimaginable way, and much of the movie shot in most outrageous locations that people really don’t care much about, with the ending of every movie gruesome to unimaginable violence.The movies are no longer representing the age old good versus ev…

Quota Systems

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

World over the democracies foster quota systems.It simply is that the politics drive establishing quota from a portion of available opportunities and funding from colleges, schools, jobs, money, housing, land, and any other resources of the nation/s.Politicians continuously believe and use the quota system while in power, or posturing for power.Politicians and the power of quota systems constantly play to the polls and politics.Quota systems pander to vote banks, and continues to be popular with all countries, especially when it is time for reaching out for votes, and as an election promise and also reaching out to interest group, quotas still touch a nerve with people.
For some reason we believe that somehow or someone has at some point of time taken advantage of our people, and we want the so called old wrong to be done right today.It’s a long statement, but everyone has a grouse about something, and we want today’s society so something about t…

Eternal Optimism

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

For Chicagoans and Cubs fans, the words eternal optimism are synonymous.For those of us who are Cubs fans, our team win or lose, it is an exciting game every time Cubs play a game, and each and every year we want to believe that we are going to the world-series. For the record the last time the Cubs won the world-series was in 1908, and I don’t believe that anyone in Chicago was around at that time.The last time the cubs made it to the world-series was in 1945 (LOL.. it was before the Indian Independence in 1947 from the British).So, the optimism of cubs fan is nothing less than eternal.I have been a Cubs fan (I am sure as is much of Chicago) for most of my adult life and simply love to follow them.Win or lose they are a team with potential, every time they play a game.The late Harry Carry, the long-time broadcaster was one of those who made every game he broadcasted a treat for the Cubs fans, by simply calling the paly-by-play.There is no doubt…