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Scamisthan or Scamdia

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

I had to find some satire on Hindustan and India, and with all the scams (unending and continuous like a soap opera on the USA day time television) going on and on, and the most valuable resources of the country, both real and political being abused to no end, had to name this week’s column with satire.The entire nation both at the center and at the state levels is embroiled in some irregularity or the other, and it is never ending.Every resource of the nation be it visible, invisible on the ground or under it has been subjected to massive misappropriation.The people of the country, who enjoyed quite a ride for sometime as a developing nation and with information services as one of the main drivers pushing along with telecommunications, suddenly seem to be embroiled in scams and scams, and there is no end to the abuse of democracy by politicians and bureaucrats.

The government at the center is oblivious to the issues that are plaguing the country…


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India as a largest democracy on earth has over a billion people, and very large population of various caste, creed, religion and color which adds to the diversity of the country.People simply refer to each other with single word syllables such as Hyderabadi, mumbaiya, Bihari, benarasi, Punjabi, madrasi or whatever the term that defines the original place they belong to within India.Most of these terms are endearing and quite affectionate.

There is absolutely no difference in people from various states or regions and they all live happily together in large metropolis areas or small colonies, and when displaced from their native habitat to work in other parts of the country they readily pack-up and move and quickly make a new home in the new environs and typically learn the language and ways of the natives and quickly intertwine with the locals.Even the smallest towns have people from various parts of the country who do specific type of work and ar…

More Than A Billion Without Gold

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The Olympic Games in London concluded yesterday (12th August2012) and they were a fantastic spectacle from beginning to the end. 204 nations and almost 11,000 athletes competed for sixteen days, and competed for 4,700 medals (gold, silver and bronze).For almost all through the games the city of London, in USA NBC coverage and overall organization and competition was as expected, Olympic in nature and competitive in spirit.Barring a very few instances the athletes were competing in good faith and did their best to win a medal.The very fact they made it to London to compete and gave their best to the competition is itself a great reward for the individual and the country they represent.

Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas, along with everyone competitor who won a medal in the 2012 Olympics made me very happy.Whatever color the medal was the great thing is the spirit of competition and the work that went into the sport.  Whenever I got a ch…


Vasu Reddy in Chicago

More than 600 million people were out of power for most of the days in two consecutive days, last week in India.The government did not offer any specific solutions to avoid any future such outages, but blamed misuse of power by the states.As incredible as it the excuse sounds, there was not much political backlash about the outages.
The most amazing aspect of the blackout was there was no reported abuse of any kind in the two days that six hundred some million people were affected by the electric outages.I followed the news constantly to see what the cause was why it would happen in such a mass scale, and how so many people, states, businesses could and everything and everyone involved, no one so far has been able to offer solutions.No one is even offering a plan for resolving the outages if they happen again, and if there are even corrective steps being taken.One thing that made me happy is that there was no looting, no mass destruction, no commun…