Friday, October 26, 2007

Leave Chiranjeevi Alone

October 26, 2007

It is an unbelievable situation for Chiranjeevi.

His daughter keeps asking him to do things like meet her in-laws, and she has their blessings. Then why does he have to do anything? She can simply go to their home. Chiranjeevi and his family has said that they accept her wish. Outside of his money there is no more he can offer her. Now she has a husband and his blessed family. So she should get off his back and go where she pleases with who she pleases. Stop harassing the man through the media and so called attorneys. In less then a week, Mom, Dad and family are strangers for this girl, and they should let her go and do what she pleases. She is unable to appreciate that this attorney, this media and this guy she married are never after her but her father's name and fame. He earned his good name for 30 years and she is killing this.

This idiot who eloped with a 18 year old doesn't have a job nor support of his family. He claims to be upset at the police. Doing stupid stuff first and then getting a little support from someone and starting to showoff for a few days. He should be made to answer how he will take care of this girl. If he is not after her money, then why make noise. Just get a job and leave her family alone.

It is also stupid to see so many columns about so called run-away bride. If she was not Chiranjeevi's daughter nobody would care. So let them get a life and leave the man alone. They shamed him and continue to make stupid claims. Just shut up and get a life, and show him that they really are good citizens, and not just stupid kids who got in front of the mikes because of him and blame him for what they have done.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


September 25, 2007
Vasu Reddy in Chicago

If there was a name that is pronounced each day, daily, and if it gets counted the total number of times people say it - Rama is definitely going to reverberate around the Universe daily. The Hindu God Rama or Srirama is the single most revered God in the history of Hinduism. There are no parallels to his virtues, no comparisons to his leadership, no blemish in his personality and not a single story that has been told that belittles his good name.

In the last few weeks the reports on Lord Rama’s existence and if it can be proved if he built Ram Setu Bridge to Lanka has been questioned by the authorities who want to dredge the bridge. As stupid as it sounds to question the believability in Rama, it is also quite foolish to link the easy way to dredge the holy bridge to weather the Lord really went to engineering school and which one?

Hindus everywhere worship and adore Rama. If some idiot questions of his existence let us simply remember that Rama is forever and everywhere. There is no need to prove if he existed many thousands of years ago, as he lives in every person who believes in him. There is no need for dredging Ram Setu as it will cost very little to dredge the land around it and not touch the holy belief of Hindus.

May be God will make sure that the idiots who question the existence of Rama will somehow realize that there is no reason to destroy beliefs of those who do. The non-believers are human and will never live tens of thousands of years, as the Lord Rama has, and forever be remembered.

The government of India and the state, the current politicians who were elected is specs of dust compared to the name Rama. They will be gone soon, and Rama as he has been through the ages will be revered forever.

Just build the stupid canal thru the land mass and don’t touch Ram Setu. You can believe whatever you chose to but don’t be stupid to ask if Rama really went to an engineering college and which one? Remember that the good Lord Rama did not need engineering degrees and archeological departments; he did this with Monkeys and a Squirrel. Let me emphasize that all of them are smarter than you stupid idiots who question the most revered name in Human History.

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