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Madame President?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

It is the end of February 2016, and the USA presidential elections are in full swing.Unless something extraordinary happens Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party nominee and Donald Trump representative of the Republican Party.Although the presidential elections are not until the end of 2016, the candidates from both parties (those who still remain in the race) have been hard at insulting each other.The democrats in the race, Clinton and Sanders, although mostly civil so far, are beginning to get animated in their positioning in the Democratic Party, while the republicans are not addressing the issues but simply insulting and bashing each other.
Although the initial directives of each party were directed at one another’s party, now the insults are only at each other in their respective parties, this has been mainly in the Republican Party.We no longer hear policies and progress, its insults and personal attacks.One has to wonder how one of …

Voter Empathy

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The 2016 presidential elections in the USA are in full swing.It is a long process that takes more than a year (every four years) to pick the candidates representing the two major parties and then finally a general election to pick the next president.The beneficiaries of the protracted and prolonged election process are not the politicians who are aspiring to become the president nor the public who are subjected to the election process who really get carpet bombed 24/7 by the wannabe presidential candidates, but the media outlets, advertising agencies, staffers and memorabilia makers.The candidates spend hundreds of millions bashing each other (everything but fist fights) and spending money that is unimaginable in promoting what great low life everyone who is competing against them.Hundreds of millions go into the election simply to tell people that everyone competing is such a worthless and indecent human being who is not capable of a normal lif…

Social Media and Public Pronouncements

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The ability to communicate, document, share and express; all democratic tendencies that all people like to embrace, appreciate and more over participate and utilize are now a part of the global life cycle.
There are billions of mobile devices that help us with not just call each other, but also have become vehicles for documentation of every nuance.It won’t matter if we like it or not we are under constant vigil, with someone or something is always watching us.Be it by our actions voluntarily or involuntarily we are under surveillance.Anything we write, email, text, browse or any mode of communication leaves a digital foot print that will be forever documented.If we speak to a gathering, work with a group, express an opinion, just about anything done with one more person is probably being filmed (more than just documenting).It is not simply a picture of a few words, but what we say, how we are saying and in what context.We are no longer innocent …

What Have We Learned?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Democracy is precious for people to live, express and prosper in life, along with the freedom to learn and choose.Looking at a very small sampling of time of human life on earth and its experience with democracies, since the American independence in 1776 thru India’s independence in 1947, and years since than the dynamics of democracies can be best described as politics allowing people not only have the respect to self-governance and self-determination, but also what people make from the freedom that comes with the democratic societies.In the last 100 years the world has a vast reservoir of experience with democracies and politics of nations otherwise.
Although India was a bit behind to achieve its independence from the British, the time after being the largest democracy (and somehow continues to survive as a democracy), the country really has not been able to learn the value of being a democratic society.It is however a five year term that keeps…


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

There is no mistaking that there is a thali for every type of cuisine.Non-vegetarian thali is equally popular and is famous.Before we delve into my favorite food thali (unlimited variety or the great American Buffet) first we acknowledge that just about every country has a variation of the south Indian vegetarian thali.To start with vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali (one of the best in the world outside of the five states of south India) is in Singapore, which is famously based on the old Tamil Nadu migrants serving food in lungis and with huge serving of rice and variety of dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
There is a little bit of a mix in referring to Thali (can be a limited one serving of assortment of dishes served with rice and chapatti or puri, or unlimited servings of food which keeps coming until one is fully satisfies and can’t eat anymore).
The meals are served in different settings depending on where you are or live or visi…