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Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India has been run on political entitlements since 1947. For some reason the country continues to favor the privilege of the past or privilege of the family in looking for leadership at every level of the country. From the smallest village, town, city, state and the country; at every level politics are typically run as entitlements, and the country despite being the largest democracy continues to push through political entitlements. We love to keep talking about the legacy of someone or some family, and always are looking backwards on the glory of the past, and try to recapture the glory of the past in the current generation of people who represent the past.
While the value of remembering the past and the people who we look up to, the idea of a current generation of people are the same representation of people of the past is far from real. The claims by almost all Indian politicians at every level of politics, is difficult to miss even in thi…

Two Point Agenda

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The Indian elections are here and have begun for 2014. The process is drawn out for a couple of months covering the nation, and there is probably little speculation on the outcome of this election, except rhetoric from the politicians. The time leading to the first ballot has been with little new hoopla, and we have only heard the same old personal bashing, and nothing that offers a brand new agenda to deal with great Indian population and great Indian needs.
The recommended two point agenda for the new administration is quite simple and should be easy to embrace and implement.
1. No New Scams 2. No Nepotism
1. No New Scams – The great nations wealth and resources have been squandered for years and years of scams in every aspect of national management and state and local management in India. Everywhere and anything that is being built or developed, has been embroiled in scams and the new government should strictly adhere to no scam politicians a…