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Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The whole of North America was the native land of the Indians.Centuries of migrants still continue to embark on a journey’s sometimes simple and sometimes arduous to migrate to the Americas, and now all of a sudden the land of the Indians has become someone else’s claim to be theirs.
Killing of a young Indian man in a public place this last week was really shameful and deplorable.Any idiot with a gun and any idiot who is a bigot can shoot, but shooting someone who is as much an American as anyone else who claims to be American is only because the shooter is an idiot and who is really doesn't know what an American is.He is and will use race as a way to attack anyone else who doesn't look like him.
I am sad and I am angry.I am not confused.I really think these idiots need to understand and appreciate what America is and who it belongs to.It certainly doesn’t belong to any one color of people.
Let me ask as many questions as I can to see if an…


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

We are never sure of how the race as people refer to came into existence.My experience is mainly with the two largest democracies, India my nation of birth and the USA the nation that adopted me.
Small TownIndia I still believe lives in relative peace and harmony.Only when the politics become hot, the race relations get stirred up.Men and women typically get race biased with politics and international interference.Whenever Pakistan sends militants into India, the whole country gets its race and religion card up quickly, but otherwise they live in peace and quiet.India with its huge population and wide open boarders, does get affected often with terror, but does live in religious harmony.But internal to the country and in its politics race is a huge factor.Politicians constantly whip-up the caste feelings, and people keep following the politics of caste.
The United States divides the race by color; Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and so on by mostly …

Marginal Acceptance

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
All you need is 50.01% of the electoral vote to be put in power.Democratic societies typically need only a simple majority in most circumstances to put someone in power.The simple majority is what puts one in power over 100% of the people.Most democracies work thru varied structures of voting to elect the leader based on majorities in localized electoral process, where a majority as defined in each of these circumstances elects a leader.
In the large democracies such as the USA and India, the local leaders (typically representing a party that is contesting the elections) are elected and they in turn project a national leader of their party, who when his party obtains a majority in turn becomes the leader of the nation.
In the USA, the Electoral College elects the president, simply representing the states choosing their electoral college, which elects the national leader.For each state there are a certain number of electoral votes, and majority of …

The Art of Imbalance

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

In his first couple of weeks as president, Trump has started to keep his election promises in the executive power category.Weather you like it or not, he is acting on some of the most popular and eloquent issues which brought him to the white house.Be it general public, the US congress, any other heads of state, or even the global audience, it doesn’t deter Trump from issuing executive orders on his signature political issues; Mexico Wall, Trade and immigration.
While I have turned my television off from watching any news and deliberately avoiding anyone that is representing Trump.  People promoting the policies that have become the rallying cry for Trump in the 2016 election have continued to do the same.The nation is divided on what next with each of them, and Trump is simply acting on what he said he would.
Ignoring the trade imbalances for decades has put USA at a disadvantage in competing with a global market place.Although we still have the …