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Bitter Medicine

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Just about a month into the new government in New Delhi, they had to increase the rail charges with the notification that the charges are needed to fix the balance of payments. The opposition and the general public immediately cried foul and want them reversed, and both the increase in fares and the outcry are absolutes in our society. The opposition outcry on the price increases and the demands to withdraw are almost certain in any democratic society as they attract voters sympathy to the parties demanding the repeal of the price increases, but here what good will it do as the party in power has almost five more years to present its case to the public next time they need to ask for votes. Five years of power in absolute majority is a life time, and the hard decisions to increase prices will be long forgotten if the public sees the benefit and utility of the pricing plans.
It is impossible to keep things static while we have exponential growth…

Did People Of India Forget Bharath Mata?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

“India can be a dangerous place to be a girl” screams a headline on the internet. What is going on with our people? Everyday we read and hear of atrocities committed by mobs against women; mass rapes and then killing them. The killings are beyond comprehension on small child girls, who were never given a chance of growing up to be women, and then brutally killed. The news headlines are full of these unbelievable atrocities committed by groups of hooligans and there seems to be no end to the rapes followed by murder against the youngest of the girls. There is simply outcry in the media and no one seem to follow through with the capital punishment to the rouges who are constantly indulging in satanic attitude towards our own children.

Mother, Sister, Daughter; no one seems to be spared in the eyes of the hooligans. Just find a women alone and then simply abuse them. Irrespective of the capital city or small town or village or wherever the wo…

Master Stroke – Maa Ganga
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The new government in India is a couple of weeks old, and has been taking some bold decisions quickly, and intelligently. One has to wonder why the Indian politicians did not think of the issue before, and why was this issue ignored for so long on such an important part of Indian life which has been sacred form the beginning of life. Congress has represented the state of UP for generations and Nehru's have great affinity to Allahabad, but still they could not push for a free flowing, clean and prosperous Ganga, but here is Narendra Modi and his cabinet drawing a gigantic plan for not just a clean Ganga, but also a prosperous one. Master stroke number One for Modi's government and governance.
No river is as sacred and holy as Ganga for Hindus, and it is for ever been a pathway to salvation for the people of Hindustan. It has been abused and used but continues to flow and continues to provide the divine salvation for millions of people.…

Five Year Plan

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The new BJP government has a five year tenure and should have the ability to set the agenda and also drive the agenda for India. It has the votes needed and power to plan and deliver to whatever plans that it can develop and already has developed. It is only the second week of the new government, but a lot of discussion on every available medium that covers India (including yours truly) has optimistic opinions on what Narendra Modi will drive in his tenure as the PM of India.
Just by judging from the reactions of the Pakistanis, it is apparent that Modi has started to drive home his agenda, and they don't like the developments and all of a sudden a democratically elected PM of Pakistan looks like a school boy. Modi must be doing something right to get the attention his is, and not just Pakistanis, but other international media seem to have very optimistic opinions on what he might do in his tenure as the head man of India. I do too, along…