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Collective Reasoning

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

On 23 June 23, 2016, the British voted to disengage with the European Union.The voting was not really close (in the traditional sense) and when all the votes were counted the British wanted to isolate (separate) from the collective strength of the European Union.EU was founded on 1 November, 1993 and before the British voted to disengage from the EU, it had 28 member nations and covered over 500 million people.EU was diverse as the world is and the population and governments worked together as a major political and economic block.The intention of a single market and uniform laws made the EU a great union for all member nations, and also as a common platform and global forum for negotiations.
The historic evidence on the British is that for many centuries they have adopted the “Divide and Rule” as their motto and philosophy to occupy/abuse most of the world.Up until the II WW, the British never propagated for anything united as it did not serve th…

The Value of Life

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

No one gets used to death.For all living beings death is final and comes once.However we see life and how it comes to fruition, death also is a given phenomenon for all living beings.We have a normal, rather an average life span as human beings, except when death comes accidentally or inflicted.As we (humans) are more evolved and obviously more intelligent of all living species on earth, we constantly look for longer life.Mythology and history continues to be fascinated with eternal life, but so far the life span and its limitations have not been conquered by human intelligence.We continue to have a set life span, unless we mess with it.
Human population has been growing exponentially, and human’s also destroying earth’s resources, and eliminating other living beings at a rapid pace.From the beginning of time man has been brutal to every other living being and other elements on earth and as time goes by we have become more brutal in our ways.We k…

An Unenviable Job

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

My early years of growing up included the beginning of MTV and CNN, essentially cable television.CNN and MTV are synonymous with the 24/7/365 coverage and television just blaring in every place you were in.Mobile revolution followed the cable television to add to the ever increasing proliferation of (dumping) of anything people can think of on the earth’s ears and eyes.Both music and news continue to be popular, and multiple cable channels keep at you on every subscription with “breaking news”.It’s rather difficult to have something breaking 24/7/365 (even with the global coverage), but the teleprompters keep forcing on us with different person every hour, and will constantly tell us it is breaking.
The cable news network is no longer in its broadcasting infancy.The anchors have been on the air for many years and many of them are familiar and household names, which is in line with the regular network news anchors.The cable anchors cover the globe…