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Need Changes to Public Reactions, Not Politicians

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Every single day we hear and read about the audacious behavior of the politicians; big and small and representing the center to the village levels.Outside of scamming people and from projects their heavy handed behavior is on public display whenever they are given the remotest opportunity.Politicians no longer reserve the verbal and sometimes physical bashing to their political rivals, but keep it handy for anyone that comes across to them.It must be a private hell for someone in power to display normal social behavior; normal simply signifying respect for others.

Time and again, and as time goes by heavy handedness of public and elected officials is constantly on display.The bad behavior is as good as an entitlement for these folks and they seldom have any qualms about raising the voice or hand to anyone who doesn’t toe the line to their dictatorial attitude.As the communications and electronic and print coverage becomes a standard part of publi…

The Tale of Two Democracies

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India and USA have had devastating events in the past couple of weeks.The two largest democracies have faced events that make the overall society cringe and suffer the consequences of carnage inflicted on unsuspecting public, and without cause or concern for fellow humans.The fact of life is tragedy is a part of it, and no matter where you live or whatever you might be doing; life has its own way of delivering sorrow to humans.There is no way to avoid either good or bad as it is a fact of life, and how we deal with it is what makes humans a special living beings.

From the beginning of life to the time we pass away each living moment is filled with some surprise or the other, irrespective of the time and place we will be constantly presented with something new and often unexpected.This doesn’t necessarily mean the unexpected has to be self inflected by oneself or by others.The recent years we have been seeing more and more hurt being inflected on …

Dead Men Can’t Defend

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The politics of backstabbing and bickering is a global phenomenon.There is no place on earth people will not to great lengths to discredit someone who they might be opposing politically.The extent at which they will go to malign the opponents is unimaginable in terms of language, posturing and making up stories that are far from the truth.Every nation on earth which holds elections will go through the slinging of mud during the election time and typically make-up after the elections and at least until the next election.

Western democracies typically have an election cycle where the mudslinging is limited to and debates and politicking is typically limited to the election cycle and the parties and candidates to go on to doing their governing or licking wounds if they lost, until the next election.Typically the winner and loser are cordial after the elections and don’t try to impress on the electorate about their candidature after the election.In m…

Indian Dreams

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

In the 1970’s and in 1980’s the term “Lakpathi” or “Lakshadhikari” was what the guys wanted to become, simply meaning that they would like to somehow earn 100,000 rupees and that was it.The value of money was not measured in real terms, but a simple amount of money was constantly used to show the society’s tendency to accept a certain amount of money as the necessary resource to live a life of comfort.That term was absolutely a measure of financial success of a person in all of India, not just in rural areas.Many movies were made with the concept of a man with Rs. 100,000 rupees and many books written on the same, and definitely every person who was capable of thinking wanted to become a “Lakshadhikari”.

Coming out of school and just beginning to look at real life, I would be lying if I said I did not want to be one along with all my friends, and live the life of comfort and luxury in the early eighties.By studying hard and completing education a…

Leadership Vacuum

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India has no shortage of talented people; both women and men have excelled not only in India but all over the world.They control large corporation, major political offices and intellectual leadership.Corporation to universities continue to look for Indians to provide leadership and brilliance to the global enterprises, and we rightfully are catering to just about every aspect of the global economics.Indians are in the forefront of meeting every global opportunity that is availed to them, and most cases successfully so.

We have more than a billon of us calling ourselves Indian; sometimes with a tag of something as American Indians, of British Indians, or whatever tag we wish to adopt to, to fit the local conditions.Sometimes it is also exaggerated hyphen to simply describe the immigrant status of the country we have adopted.For a fact even fourth or fifth generation Indians use the tag line just to be one of us, although for generations they are a…