Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Leadership Vacuum

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India has no shortage of talented people; both women and men have excelled not only in India but all over the world.  They control large corporation, major political offices and intellectual leadership.  Corporation to universities continue to look for Indians to provide leadership and brilliance to the global enterprises, and we rightfully are catering to just about every aspect of the global economics.  Indians are in the forefront of meeting every global opportunity that is availed to them, and most cases successfully so.

We have more than a billon of us calling ourselves Indian; sometimes with a tag of something as American Indians, of British Indians, or whatever tag we wish to adopt to, to fit the local conditions.  Sometimes it is also exaggerated hyphen to simply describe the immigrant status of the country we have adopted.  For a fact even fourth or fifth generation Indians use the tag line just to be one of us, although for generations they are as foreign as any other foreigner is to an Indian in India.  NRI or whatever name is given to be politically correct is really not a true representation of the group of people who have gone on to find work and a new home, but in India everyone has a tag line even when they just move to the next district.

In any case for a country with such vast population and a huge diversity in thinking and education, we must have a way of finding good leaders.  In a democratically elected government; for example as the USA, it is even difficult to predict who could be the next president.  The electorate is quite smart to pick who they think is going to do the most towards the causes of common people, and elect that person and the elected president gets only two terms to be in the highest office, and cannot run for reelection after 2 terms as president.  The system does two things; allows for a fair and unbiased election to the highest office and imposes a term limit to the person who gets elected to the highest office in the nation.  As much as a president wants to do more or continue to be in the office for longer than two terms, the constitution prohibits the person from doing so.

India for sure has the ability to produce fantastic leaders who can take the country forward in economic development and regional harmony.  Nothing is stopping us from prospering in the world, both internally and internationally.  The stagnation of the same old politics and principals, and same old dialogue of being a developing nation is tiring and has become unproductive and repetitive.  From being a third world nation to a developing nation took more than 65 years of independence, but it is probably the most overused expression by idiot politicians who want to continue to justify their incompetence in managing the country.
As a country India continues to struggle with incompetence with its leaders and scams and stealing which is continued unabated.  Despite the horrendous mismanagement of the country and its resources we keep looking at the same people to come into or come back into power.  It is high time to look for forward thinking and serious men and women who will plan and deliver economic and political reforms and stability to a nation that has great resources but cannot meet its basic demands.

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