Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dead Men Can’t Defend

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The politics of backstabbing and bickering is a global phenomenon.  There is no place on earth people will not to great lengths to discredit someone who they might be opposing politically.  The extent at which they will go to malign the opponents is unimaginable in terms of language, posturing and making up stories that are far from the truth.  Every nation on earth which holds elections will go through the slinging of mud during the election time and typically make-up after the elections and at least until the next election.

Western democracies typically have an election cycle where the mudslinging is limited to and debates and politicking is typically limited to the election cycle and the parties and candidates to go on to doing their governing or licking wounds if they lost, until the next election.  Typically the winner and loser are cordial after the elections and don’t try to impress on the electorate about their candidature after the election.  In many instances the winning candidates try to recruit the person who lost to them to work on diplomatic initiatives which yield great results in helping the administrations agendas.

India seems to be an exception in treating political opponents with dignity.  There seems to first and foremost 100% of the time dedicated to simply bashing the opponents and forgetting the public’s interest.  No one seems to be above the bickering; from the national leaders to the state leaders to the local leaders, all of them constantly going at each other.  People in power and people who are not in power do nothing except keep barking at each other.  There is no time spent on public’s agenda in the assembly or in public or private life; only abuses being thrown at each other.

Each assembly cycle is becoming a bigger circus than the last one.  Fist cuffs, abuses and hurling projectiles have become a common scene in the public forum, without decorum or decency to the public office.  It is hard to imagine what the people will do to continue to elect the same bunch of politicians again and again; while looking at them with mouths wide open at their behavior.

Even the dead leaders are constantly subjected to harsh criticism and rude language constantly by the same politicians who were elected by the person who they constantly castigate today.  The people elect leaders for a definite period to manage their public affairs and represent interests of the public for general good.  We really have been electing uneducated, uncivilized, impolite and directionless individuals to represent the common man.  The parties that choose these individuals and present them as leaders have a lot to be desired from, and really have no hope of making a democracy work for the good of the people.

There is no last incident that gives India or its states an instance of a plan that has been announced and followed-up to completion.  The country only thrives on digging dirt on even its dead leaders to find fault with administration of the yester year, rather than presenting their plan now and implementing the plans that are needed now.  Not a single leader will present their agenda for the common good of the people; education, infrastructure, water, agriculture or any useful needs.
We probably have taken the democracy too far by allowing the elected officials to simply use the time to abuse others, rather than work on the public policy.  It is difficult to imagine what the country will do if we continue to keep abusing others including the dead leaders.

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