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Splitting Because of a Rookie?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The state continues to be in turmoil and in agitation, and several weeks after the announcement of splitting Andhra Pradesh the tempers continue to be high. The children going to school and the workers going to work and the vendors and buyers and travelers and tourists; everyone is agitating or agitated. There is continued destruction and strife amidst the uncertainty of what will happen next with the division and what will be the consequences of separation?

The discussion on the main reason for separation being the influence of Jagan leading into the next election is discussed as the foremost in all the decisions made by the ruling party. Over decades of separation sentiment no party in power at the center declared their intention to separate the state, and Andhra Pradesh remains untied despite the sometimes real and sometimes mild discussions for separation of the regions. Politically it did not suit anyone in the center to support the divi…

Rama's Bridge

Playing to the Audience

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The politicians of Andhra Pradesh are really trying hard to keep their constituents in good cheer, by playing to their fears and apprehensions. Since the division of the state has been in the news, there is more openness in their opinion on where they stand with the division of the state. It is not a new decision for the politicians to make, as their stance on the united or separate state is aligned with the region of the state they come from, and now that the Congress in the center has decided to announce its intention to divide the state, politicians have to come out in support of, or dividing the state; simply to play to their constituents.

The biggest drama is from the ruling party itself, as its leaders have always thought that the central leadership will continue to waffle on the decision making, were caught with the sudden decision to announce a divided Andhra Pradesh. They were always proclaiming to be abiding to the decision of the Ce…

The Divided States of Andhra Pradesh

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Within days of the announcement by the Congress government on splitting the state into two regions, the people of Andhra Pradesh have simply forgotten their common bind having been a united Andhra Pradesh. Everyone is simply in favor of a separation or a united Andhra Pradesh for different reasons; which seem to come out of nowhere and only after the announcement of breaking up of the state. All of a sudden there is nothing in common for the same people who have lived together for generations. There are no common interests, no common identity, no common politics, and no common anything; if you listen to the rhetoric or read the news papers. Andhra Pradesh has become like two countries that seem to not coexist as one people, rather two states that simply loathe each other.

All of the bickering is fueled by the politicians who probably will have nothing to gain but a term in the office, and survival just because of the rhetoric that fuels the h…

United States of Andhra Pradesh

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

If we have three people from Andhra Pradesh, we might have several factions and groups, which might be aligned with everything under the sun.One has to wonder how we can be called Telugu people with so much uncommon in our attitudes towards each other, and so much animosity to each other, even if we don’t belong to different districts of the state.We can be neighbors and still don’t like each other.Our differences are with everything from language, slang, caste, religion, and even street to street, from the regional differences.Even our language has its own nuances and there is nothing that holds us together as one people and one state, and it is hard to imagine how the Telugu language survived such animosity between people that speak the language.
The late and beloved NTR fought for pride of the Telugu People until his death and his success as a politician was primarily based on the self determination and upholding the pride of Telugu people.We …