Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Playing to the Audience

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The politicians of Andhra Pradesh are really trying hard to keep their constituents in good cheer, by playing to their fears and apprehensions. Since the division of the state has been in the news, there is more openness in their opinion on where they stand with the division of the state. It is not a new decision for the politicians to make, as their stance on the united or separate state is aligned with the region of the state they come from, and now that the Congress in the center has decided to announce its intention to divide the state, politicians have to come out in support of, or dividing the state; simply to play to their constituents.

The biggest drama is from the ruling party itself, as its leaders have always thought that the central leadership will continue to waffle on the decision making, were caught with the sudden decision to announce a divided Andhra Pradesh. They were always proclaiming to be abiding to the decision of the Central leadership, and once the decision was made their constituents did not like the decision made by the leaders in Delhi. Their leadership did not take the state leaders into confidence while announcing the decision, and no matter what the state leadership presented to the powers to be, did not help in the announcement.

The center has only one agenda, to survive in the center, and whatever consequences of their decision doesn't really matter to them. They were only counting how many seats they might win in the next election which is coming up in 2014. The issues of people have seldom been on the agenda of INS, and this decision too was not an issue of the government rather a decision of the politics.

Now that the center has gone ahead and announce their decision to split the state, the elected politicians have to pay the cards to keep their constituents still interested in voting for them in the next elections. They have to now think of a new act for the public to view and reelect them, while they have to keep the central leadership also pleased in their public support of the decision made for their state.

Congressmen have always suffered the humiliation meted out to them by the central leadership, and this instance is nothing new to them. Someone who is interested in continuing in power, and faraway from the people of the state will make decisions that are detrimental to the state, and there is absolutely nothing that the leaders of the state can do to support it. The claims to abide by the central leadership is only true if the center makes decisions in support of the local leaders and their constituents, not when the local constituents are 100% opposed to the decision of the center.

There are supporters of the separation, and their voices have been quite vocal until the announcement was made to split the state. The voices of people who want a united state have been mute until the elected politicians who represented them were blindsided by the decision to divide them. Now they have to play to the voices of people to keep their elected office at least for the current term. No one in the electorate is supportive of the congress politicians and their positions and posturing taken within their party, and nothing can save the party in united Andhra Pradesh as people of all regions are disenchanted with the party and their decision making. It might be likely that Congress might form poll alliances with the separatist parties and might also be able to play to the tensions of all of the people of the state. It is certain that they will not be able to retain the current number of seats in the parliament. It might also be possible that the alliances that congress anticipated might not happen, now that the decision to separate the state has been announced.

Elections are a year away and anything can happen between now and the next elections. For sure the congressmen will have to come up with a brand new set of script to play to their electoral audience. It will be quite interesting to see what they will tell people. The dramas of resignations has run out of steam, and their current voicing of anger has already been heard by the people. It is worth the wait and watch to see what these congressmen will enact for the people.

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