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Market Dynamics or Disproportionate Assets

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Last night’s arrest of Jagan was expected by everyone who was watching his political life especially since the death of his father in 2009.He was behind the scenes and worked away from the spotlight building his businesses and enterprise, and never a public figure until his father’s untimely death.His troubles started when his defiant stand against the congress in Delhi, and formation of an independent party to challenge the incumbent congress in the state.To begin an analysis of his meteoric rise in business and politics, and what lead to his arrest on disproportionate assets is the making of a blockbuster.
His continued insistence that market dynamics and not favors doled out by his father to help build his businesses has merits if other high flying Indian enterprises can be compared to his own business expansion.There are dozens of cases similar to Jagan’s business enterprises, raising extraordinary amount of private capital from investors, an…

Investor’s Nightmare

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It must be frightening for an investor to even consider making a valued investment in the Indian market.Every aspect of the country’s economy is being pulled sideways by the continued impact of political witch hunting and uncertain policy making.Even some policies that have been successful in implementing are being overturned to go back to the time when the country was run more or less as a socialistic state.
The never ending scams are the highlight of daily news in the country.From the center to the states, and to local governments, they have become so common; it is difficult to imagine there will be any segment of the policy making or business that doesn’t involve a scam.
The government has no qualms in making changes to policy and procedures, despite the implementation of approved procedures for industry.Some of the latest developments to change tax structure and make it retroactive to encompass the past transactions are beyond reasoning.Such d…

Utopian Dreams

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Elections are coming again and we will start hearing promise of a great place with benefits for all and uplifting of the poor and everything for everyone.It is not just in India but all over the world the election time promises of Utopian life for everyone, and the best promises typically gets the majority of votes.The just completed elections in France saw a change in leadership, the about to come USA elections are gaining momentum.There is no stopping the election cycle in India, with continues mid-term or by-elections and the soon to come general elections.
The title includes dreams along with Utopia, so there is no promise of delivering Utopia as a dream, but simple promises which brings the moon to the hearing public, but not very sure even the person who is making promises believes in what is spoken.The promises are so farfetched that they are unrealistic to implement and impossible to sustain.They sound melodramatic and so filmy when promi…

Impossible Diplomacy

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It is perhaps called diplomacy because it is impossible.Every country has diplomatic channels and diplomats trying to convince people, parties and countries to listen to their agenda for handling things in a fashion that is in their opinion diplomatic.With so many countries, so many political agendas, so many religious beliefs, and so many people who really don’t see eye to eye with anyone else, diplomacy is practically impossible.
Diplomacy is, defined as the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations and skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility.The word diplomacy has been used since the year 1796, and has been generously employed by nations since then.Every nation has had eminent and competent people represent the interests of their own nation, some as secretaries of state, some as foreign ministers, some as career diplomats, some as special envoys, and whatever name and fashion as required by the instance and incid…

Advice Is Free

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

There is so much of it available in the world; it is the equal to free air.Human beings love passing on advice to everyone with or without asking for it.Actually most times advice is unsolicited; it is simply given by everyone and anyone.With Internet and Mobile telephony at a minimal cost and far reaching, it has become so common to see advice being dished out in every language and every instance, and everyone has an opinion on everything in the world.
When solicited advice is useful and sometimes paid for from reliable and resourceful and experienced people, who still do the same as they did before the advent of communications.But whenever we open the channels of communications, people are dishing out expert advice; be it through twitter, face book or any other medium that is a form of free and mass communication.
From politicians to cricketers to movie stars and movie makers and wannabe stars have become experts at pasting their advice to the g…