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A Tear for Ali

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

When Mohammad Ali passed away on June 3, 2016 (at age 74) everyone who ever heard of him would certainly remember a moment when he made you feel good some action from a part of his life.I particularly liked the mischievous look he always had with a smile on his face.Ali was universally loved, admired and followed.No illness could take away his love for life and his proud gait.
While growing-up in India we got our news in snail mail; news papers and magazines.We did have radio but limited international programming.Even in the days before the TV and internet, Ali was not so foreign to the kids.Ali and his accomplishments and his life were admired by everyone.As a kid, I never thought of anything but his voice bites and his accomplishments, and certainly his determination on his faith and life.No one thought of him as a black man or a Muslim man, but as a great man.He was a champion in the ring and off the ring.Nothing mattered except what he stood …

Flag Day

Vasu Reddy from

"I see USA flags everywhere here!!" – wrote Allipuram Rajasekhar Reddywhen he was around Brayton, IA · posted sometime on July 1, 2016 his Facebook page. He is from one of my many friends on Facebook. He is a visitor to the USA, who has been here for about a month, and for the first time, and has been posting on his travels and visit to the USA. I don’t know him personally, except read into his posts occasionally as I do with all my contacts. But I have been following his travels within the USA and this post really made me proud. Most of my life I have been away from my motherland, and have made the USA my homeland. I have the same fervor when it comes to nationalism to both my countries.

For a nation full of immigrants, the United States certainly displays its flag at full tilt irrespective of the time one has been on the US shores, the star spangled banner and the national anthem, immediately become a part of one’s life and the…