Monday, February 16, 2015

Common Man

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

All men are common men.  Using common man as a reference is an acronym used by politicians, while pointing to people that they are common.  We are all common; men and women by birth, and will remain so throughout our life.  Some of us will go on to do some extra ordinary things with our life and some of us might end up doing some uncommonly stupid things in our life.  By and large the general population is simply that; common.  We humans have set habits with life, work, family and our general disposition.

Politicians will classify us as different people to suit their purpose, and most times what they are actually pitching to a particular group of people.  We, the people are quite gullible by listening to the rhetoric and the promises made by people who aspire to be our leaders, or continue to be our leaders. Us, the common folks have to vote to elect the folks who remind us and will keep reminding us that we are common men.  This will never change as the politicians will always try to project themselves as one of us; common men.

We common folks are all alike.  We all want to live someone else’s life and live someone else’s dreams.  We all hope and aspire for something better, simply meaning that we want things that we already don’t have. It’s in our nature aspire and work towards something else; typically looking at the world to aspire for more wealth, comfort and also at times peace of mind.  The world also has many societies which are looking for peace, some wanting food, some wanting water, some cold and some hot, the list of wanting something is endless.

The recent election in New Delhi, and the election of Arvind Kejriwal as the CM of Delhi for the second time under two years is a great example of common man’s belief in the democratic system, and also their belief in the ability of an individual to listen and work on their demands. Kejriwal is an educated and experienced bureaucrat, with an agenda that started with Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement, and for whatever reasons Kejriwal ended up as a politician.  He is new to politics and his party is new to the electorate.  Kejriwal doesn’t have the background and or baggage of a typical politician and his style of functioning is uncomplicated.  He still has no pretenses of a politician.  His party is named AAM ADMI PARTY meaning “COMMON MAN’S PARTY”.  Getting elected twice in New Delhi, and the second time with almost a clean sweep of all the other parties including the hugely popular BJP under Narendra Modi, is a testament to the power of common man.  This electoral win by Kejriwal lead AAP defied political logic, but also clearly endorsed the democratic belie in common man giving a second chance to a new politician, and his agenda.

The beauty of democracy is that anyone can contest and win, but how many of the politicians that are elected really deliver to their electoral speeches? In case of Kejriwal people have given him a very quick second chance, also with such super majority so that his party will have no excuses for non-performance.  The demographics of the Delhi voting population may be a small portion of the Indian population, but the ability of the electorate to choose and decide on leadership is a virtue; within itself is a reflection of the mindset of the common man.  It always wants to explore more, and do more and achieve more.  Democracies and common mam foster the ability to think and choose.

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