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Election Manifesto

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Elections all over the world have become very expensive (not forgetting offensive).Be it in India or the USA, or everywhere else where democratic elections are held, the cost of getting elected (just running) has become astronomical.With each election cycle the cost of competing has been increasing by so much, it is difficult to comprehend the value of the elected office.We constantly hear that the latest election is the most expensive in history of the nation.It only keeps getting more and more expensive.
The reality with the USA presidential elections in 2016 are not only the most expensive but also the most absurd in the history of democratic elections.One candidate has nothing to say to the public but insult everyone in the nation, nothing positive to say about the country or its global stature and knit pick the opposing candidates and paint a picture of anyone who opposes as unqualified, demented and unfit for holding any responsibility, let…

Leaning on non-existent Legacy

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Pre-independence India (prior to 1947) did boast of a long legacy of kings, kingdoms and a fairly large history of civilization and accomplishments.There is no question about the contribution of Indian civilization/s to the world’s accomplishments and advancements.Indians have a great hangover of their family legacy, albeit much of it is hearsay.Very rarely a family has any legacy that is properly documented.It there was ever any real legacy, the nation and its current population has made every effort to decimate whatever that can be claimed.Indians have a habit of referring to someone or something to profess family lineage and legacy.Much of these claims have no back-up, but just by constantly repeating something people start to place importance to the fibs and even start believing in their own fibs.By and large it is a normal Indian thing to speak of legacy, weather or not it is fact based.
India’s performance in the modern Olympics is really d…

Clean India and Girl Power

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

August 7, 2016

The Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi
New Delhi, India

My Dear Sir;
It has been 35 years since I went to study in USA, and after completion of my education I have made a life of hope and promise.Everyday my wife, my children and myself speak, talk, behave and feel Indian, although we are 10,000 miles away.We are proud of our Indian heritage and we try and represent the hard work of our nation.Our classification as NRI’s doesn’t really make any difference in our life away from our India as the nation will always remain “MOTHER INDIA”.
Prior to and after your election, and your term as PM for the past two years, to me provide the promise of what our India should be on read in our history books and listening to the fables from our elders.Although we no longer participate in daily routine in India, we do follow your every word and have high regard for your every speech and look forward to actions as follow-up t…

A Native Place without a Home – Proddatur Diaries

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
In many years since I came back to my native place, Proddatur. Close to twenty.  It is still quite a travel from the nearest airport.  It is an all night trip by bus, train or car from Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai.  I have always been an excellent traveler.  No amount of time spent on a plane, car or a bus makes me tired but for the waiting time to the destination.  My impatience comes from waiting in between.  It has always been something I did not like is to wait.  Just have to get from here to there, and as fast as it is possible.  Sleeping the entire way, anywhere anytime and being hungry on time and the favorite pastime of coffee drinking anytime and anywhere, all go along with traveling well.
Not much has changed in the way we travel from the city to my town.  For more than two generations to date the routes, the roads, and definitely the travelers remain the same, despite the multiples in increa…