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What Can God Do?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The flash floods and devastation caused by the melting snow and continuous rain in the holy places in India has been long time coming.Human greed, human neglect and encroachment, and unplanned development, careless attitude towards nature and every imaginable use of natural resources is the cause for devastation that is unprecedented.God has always chosen to reside at faraway places which are pristine in nature and hard to reach for thousands of years, but man who with his greed and animosity and utter disregard for the environment and nature is the cause of devastation which is becoming a common occurrence not just in holy places, but the world over.

Far off and pristine places where god chose to reside have become places of worship for everyone, and have become commercial enterprises with roads and buildings, shops and restaurants and hotels and motels; and whatever needed to have humans visit these once faraway and remote places with relative …

Limitations of Being an Indian Politician

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Although there are opposition parties in India that are simply opposing the Indian National Congress “INC”, the main opposition party that has come to force has been Bharatiya Janata Party “BJP” that has come into existence as a political party of national stature in the 1970’s.There are many regional parties that align with a language and or a particular caste or sometimes even a leader or a family.The main political parties typically rely on a leader and typically try to follow the personal philosophy of the individual.The biggest asset for the party and its followers is the philosophical and ideological inspiration that comes from the leader, and during the lifetime of the leader he/she influences inordinate influence on the working of the party and its cadre.The utmost respect that is bestowed on the party leaders is unparalleled anywhere among the free societies of the world.

India although continues to embrace western economic theories and …

Someone Is Watching You
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

All over the world people are doing something that is good, bad or ugly every second.There is no escaping whatever you are doing or whatever place you are, and with whomsoever you are in any situation you might be in.Some is watching you, every second of your life.As I write every time, the emails or text messages, and probably every call that is made, even a missed call or an unanswered call; every one of them has a track and someone has a way of monitoring the communications.

For those who like music, the song “Eye in the Sky” from Alan Parson’s Project from1982 is a wonderful recollection and reminder of someone is watching you.Perhaps the wonderful song captured what was to come with the communications revolution of the last 30 years with mobile and internet, and telephony and video and any which way we have developed the ability to communicate with each other.The ability to reach each other by voice or video, or find someone immediately or i…

Time to Work and Govern

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

If the elected politicians spend all their time with traveling to meet the party bosses, throwing allegations and challenges to their own colleagues and opponents, and raising money to contest the next election or fatten their bank accounts; when will they have time to do people’s work and manage their responsibilities in the government?

All the elected officials and the ones appointed by them have a schedule by season to attend the appropriate sessions to debate, discuss, argue and also participate in the democratic process of governing the people’s business.Of late much of this time is spent on accusations and arguments on everything but the people’s business.Parties in power and parties in opposition make it a point to do everything but hurl accusations and insults in the very chambers they are representing people, and where they are supposed to discuss, debate and make policies to manage the people’s daily business.

The country which has meage…