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Are Indians God Fearing?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

All through this year the news from India has been scam after scam, and accusation after accusation, and negativity and negativity, and every elected and unelected person in power simply blames one or other for every reason that a human being can think of.We are looking at most of the politicians who belong to the post-independence era, and may not share the camaraderie with each other as the India’s pre-independence folks did.

The generation of freedom fighters had a common purpose of achieving independence from the British as a common goal, while their individual aspirations were kept in check.They focused on one and only one thing; freedom.From the father of the nation to the foot soldiers of India, all of them wanted freedom from oppression and the only and only thing that was their lifelong goal.When you read of the stories of the sacrifices of countless Indians to achieve freedom, they will forever be our pre-independence leaders and people…

Turkey Time

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

It is Thanksgiving time in the USA, and beginning of the holiday spirit and time in North America.Children are making Christmas lists and staring to count down for the holidays.Not much has changed since the last year and we continue to have same conditions as last year, along with the president reelected, and back in the office for the next four years.

Typically turkey has a different connotation in the vocabulary of the United States, and not just the bird in the thanksgiving dinner table.All through the year and probably in the coming months we have a list of turkey’s to look forward to, and perhaps they will keep coming until something is done in the world with both peace and pockets.

The biggest turkey we had recently was the just concluded election where president Obama won handily, and the republicans accepting the defeat grudgingly and the comments after the election in justifying the loss.This country is full of immigrants and it belongs …

The Blessings of Second Term

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

President Obama will not be running for public office again in his life.The reelection of the president of the USA, allows him to build his legacy and work on delivering the election promises he made to the people of the USA.His job is the most powerful job on earth, and term limits prohibit same person from being on the job more than two terms, and after being the president of the USA, one definitely don’t want another job.Once again congratulations on his second term to president Obama.
The second term presents huge challenges to the president.The second term will start with the fiscal cliff, which is just around the corner and the reality of expiration of the tax cuts to the rich, and automatic budget cuts to major programs, and across the board cuts to start bringing the deficit down are all a reality, as congress and president are still at loggerheads.

The republican congress and the president have always been at loggerheads on the programs a…

Sandy’s Aftermath

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Franken storm Sandy did tens of billions of damage, and millions of people in danger and without basic facilities even after a week of the monster storm passing through the east coast of the United States.It has been a week since the big storm and many millions are still without power and basic amenities that are a part and parcel of daily life in the United States.Before and after the storm the people and the services were well aware of the strength of the storm and the possible impact it might have on the areas affected by the storm.

The devastation was expected, although horrific in looking at the power of nature on all living beings their homes and businesses, and establishments.Slowly but assuredly the people are trying to get back to their homes if they are still intact, and those destroyed trying to grapple with the reality of rebuilding.The public services and governments, and disaster recovery and support services, and everyone involved …