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Balanced Budgets
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The most important and most offered advice to humans is to be wise in spending and save for the future.Future refers to retirement and taking care of the needs of the children and family.As long as life has been recorded, the opinion offered to save for the future exists.

Some societies religiously practice savings and foster the environment for savings, and families continue the practice to plan for future.Some do exactly the opposite by simply spending whatever is available to them, cash, credit and whatever other form of resources that are available to them, and then spend rest of their life trying to make payments.

The philosophy of planned expenditure, saving for the future and spending within the constraints of available resources are all that are inseparable teachings to all of us. This refers to individuals and families and organizations and companies and governments and nations.Looking at the world very few (you can count with fingers) na…

Smart Cities

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Isolating a particular geographic location as smart is imaginary.We have planned cities across the world, typically built around an industry or business.Many of these cities or townships built are planned to suit the requirements of the particular location, and housing, schools, hospitals, roads and parks and sanitation, water management and shopping and all appropriate transportation and recreational facilities to meet the needs of the new population are all planned and developed, and can be called planned cities.These exist all across India (for a matter of fact around the globe) and are simply referred to as colonies. They are quite well managed and well laid out to meet the needs of the population of the colony and the working adults, home makers and the children, and the people who work for the families including maintenance and support staff, and the vendors and shopkeepers all of them preserve the colonies intended and isolated cleanlines…

My Mother and Her Gift of My Life

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

We are all born to a woman; the only one our mom. Without her we will never exist.All of us living forms come alive because of our mother.There is no question of the love, care, pain, suffering and every human emotion she shares with her off spring are emotions that are of such profound importance to life, and have been since the formation of human life.

The women in our life; mother, sister, wife, daughter, cousins, aunts, friends, grand mothers and teachers, nurses and doctors, and neighbors and colleagues and all of them surrounding us and making our life what it is are all women.For men to believe anything else is plain wrong.

I saw the documentary “India’s Daughter” the BBC documentary on Nirbhaya’s case, and interviewing the rapist and the lawyers who are representing them.These idiots all of them; the rapists and the lawyers.Some of them are speaking English and educated but the idiots speak of women as foreign objects using words such as d…