Sunday, March 08, 2015

My Mother and Her Gift of My Life

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

We are all born to a woman; the only one our mom. Without her we will never exist.  All of us living forms come alive because of our mother.  There is no question of the love, care, pain, suffering and every human emotion she shares with her off spring are emotions that are of such profound importance to life, and have been since the formation of human life.

The women in our life; mother, sister, wife, daughter, cousins, aunts, friends, grand mothers and teachers, nurses and doctors, and neighbors and colleagues and all of them surrounding us and making our life what it is are all women.  For men to believe anything else is plain wrong.

I saw the documentary “India’s Daughter” the BBC documentary on Nirbhaya’s case, and interviewing the rapist and the lawyers who are representing them.  These idiots all of them; the rapists and the lawyers.  Some of them are speaking English and educated but the idiots speak of women as foreign objects using words such as diamond and flowers are references to the women in our life.  The documentary is amateurish in asking idiotic questions to the rapist and the lawyers who represent the idiots, and airing their opinions on women of India.

The law is very clear in all democracies.  All population have a right to freedom of way of life, expression, movement and choosing what to do and how to do things – all within the rights to choice.  These idiots all of them who were given a choice to speak talk as if it is a crime to go out in the evening and be out in the open with opposite sex.  These SOB’s have come from a mother and have some form of female involvement with their life; with a wife, daughter, sister, friend or any other women in their life.  For sure if any one of them were subjected to the treatment met out to Nirbhaya they would not be speaking in such unflattering terms about women.

What is sad is that the airing of such idiotic opinions of individuals who are either simply ignorant of the time and place we are in.  Even in the dark ages males did not voice their opinions of their women in the terms described by these idiots in this documentary.  The courts should fast track these idiots and implement the law of the land on these rapists.  The law enforcement should strip these idiot lawyers of their licenses simply based on the opinion they have on women, and let them fend for themselves on the streets and not in the court room representing rapists and having opinions that are worse than the rapists.

The government is reacting and many people are reacting to the documentary, rather they should react to the comments made in the documentary.  There is shame in the way these idiots show the disregard they have for women.  There is shame in the way they express utter disregard for women.  There is shame in the way they show no remorse to the crime committed and there is shame in the way they justify their actions against women.  They should be prosecuted and punished not only for the acts they committed but for their open disgust for life.  Let the Indian system act and show the courage to take them to task and punish them under the law of the land, and then make the legal process and punishment public to make it an example for any other idiot who represent the same attitude towards women.

The politicians and law makers are wasting so much energy in rejecting the BBC documentary, rather than introspecting in the Indian society and taking the steps to eliminate the prejudice against women.  The legal system should quickly implement the law of the land to make rape extinct.  The public systems and publications, broadcast and other outlets should make people realize that society will prosper with responsibility and respect for all, and freedom of movement, expression, work and life.  My mother did not give me life to abuse her, rather she showed unconditional love and care for me to do the same with her, and every other woman.  My life as with every other man’s life is a gift from a mother, and its simple we treat her with love, respect and care.  She is really superior to us, not inferior or an object of despicable behavior.

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