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The Energy of Live Concert

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Mani’s madness concert was hosted by Devi Foods on Saturday 28th July 2012 in Copernicus Center in Chicago.It was a well over three and half hours, and full of energy from the crowd and the performers.It has been some time since I have been to a live concert and I have missed a few great performances.

First the organization was very well orchestrated by Devi Foods team ( had snacks prior to the beginning of the concert and food at half time for all the attendees, and the polish bar was pretty well stocked.The concert started right as scheduled and the performers did not waste any time with trivial issues and got right to business.

Mani Sharma seems like a happy man with a smile continuously through the program, and the men and women performers seem to like what they are doing. What makes it wonderful is the crowd immediately enjoying the performance from the get go and continuing to have a great time through the program.


Planning for the Future

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The current political situation with the timing and the presidential election of Pranab Mukherjee in India is quite well timed by the ruling party.One of the most experienced and seasoned politician in the Indian National Congress is being sent to the presidential suite, while his services to the cabinet and current party could have been well served considering the tactical wisdom Mr. Mukherjee has displayed in his illustrious political career.
Is the congress party really gotten smart finally and placing a seasoned politician in the presidential suite by estimating the political uncertainties that they foresee in the near future, and with the next election cycle?

It is a fairly long question that political analysts and political observers have started to discuss.For a man of Mr. Mukherjee to leave the ministerial position at a time of many crises in the party and nation, there has to be a plan.The political observers have not yet started analyzin…

India United?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

So many people with so many languages with so many religions and so many traditions, and we can go on and on about so many of this and so many of that, and India would be a prime example of so many of everything.
Adding to the vast diversity of the country, there is political diversity in every part of the country that further fuels the real agenda of each of these parties that completely acts as counterproductive measure for any type of developmental activity.After the independence in 1947, the primary focus was on planning for the country’s development and catering to the vast diversity of the nation, which was poor from being vandalized by the occupiers for centuries.Indians never behaved as one nation prior to the independence in 1947, and they don’t seem to behave as one nation after that.
For a while after 1947 the freedom fighters were rewarded the leadership positions as they were the only alternatives and Indian National Congress was the …

Elevation of People’s Champions

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The time when individuals who were really leaders with people’s agenda were elevated as lights of hope in the society has long gone in the world.One last remaining and living leader might be Nelson Mandela of South Africa.The leaders of yesteryear had nothing but human wellbeing in their hearts and mind, and spent all their life working tirelessly to better their brethren.For most of mankind’s existence we have had great men and women who devoted their entire life for betterment of fellow human beings and advancing the humane aspects of societies.For centuries every nation on earth has had exemplary leaders who lived their life for societal well being and advancing the human tolerance and intellect.By simply mentioning a few names, there would be a disservice to the names that will be missed, so the reference to the men and women who strived for others is where we leave it at and remember the peaceful, non-violent and great harmony they advocate…

National Past Time

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India is a country where the population is voracious in reading the news papers.Its guaranteed each page and each line get read every day with the diligence of a student preparing for final exams, and not only read but also get discussed in the normal discussions following the news reading.We not only love to read but also discuss the news and the scuttlebutt that goes with the news and make up our own assumptions on what is being reported.Added to the news papers we also have television and now the internet adding the feed to the ever curious public which is always interested in continuing to follow the story, however long and old it might be.
Prior to the television and internet bombarding people with mostly hearsay and gossip as news, the news papers were the only source of fodder for people, and they were read very diligently by the public.Many folks waited for the paper to arrive, as it was as addictive as the morning coffee.Not a day would …