Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Planning for the Future

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The current political situation with the timing and the presidential election of Pranab Mukherjee in India is quite well timed by the ruling party.  One of the most experienced and seasoned politician in the Indian National Congress is being sent to the presidential suite, while his services to the cabinet and current party could have been well served considering the tactical wisdom Mr. Mukherjee has displayed in his illustrious political career.

Is the congress party really gotten smart finally and placing a seasoned politician in the presidential suite by estimating the political uncertainties that they foresee in the near future, and with the next election cycle?

It is a fairly long question that political analysts and political observers have started to discuss.  For a man of Mr. Mukherjee to leave the ministerial position at a time of many crises in the party and nation, there has to be a plan.  The political observers have not yet started analyzing the impact of him leaving the cabinet into the president’s role.  While his election was far from a simple matter of vote, and had some dissent from the opposition, his election was simply a matter of record once his candidature was announced.

With the usual drama of the opposition parties and also some internal bickering between the INC and its allies in the current government, Mr. Mukherjee’s election and elevation to the presidency was just a matter of a few days to complete, and he will be sworn in as the 13th president of India this week.

Is it a seasoned politician who well deserved the appointment to the presidency, and or was it a calculated move by the congress party to place a long devoted congressman as the next president of India is the topic for discussion that might not be answered if there is no political strife in the country until the next election.  If there is a problem with the allies and the current government faces problems in continuing to hold on to power in the center, then the appointment of Mr. Mukherjee is a master stroke.  But, we might never know the value of his appointment until the country really goes into an emergency situation.

Mr. Mukherjee however is probably one of the best suited politicians and statesman India has to represent the largely ceremonial post of the country’s president, and also probably the best person to handle any crisis situation that might arise from the political uncertainty that us expected with so many issues facing the coalition government.

While he is elected as the President which is a very well deserved position for a man of his stature and statesmanship, Mr. Mukherjee is also a very loyal and obedient congressman.  While one will not want the country to go into a political crisis and face another emergency situation, it is also tactically a well planned positioning by the ruling party to have a tactical person in position of power, and while it may not be necessary to worry about an emergency situation, it is good to have someone who can handle the eventuality, and for congress it is one of their old hands in charge.  Mr. Mukherjee definitely has the political and tactical experience to manage the role of the President of India with ease.

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