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Event Management
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It has been a very interesting June of 2015 for the BJP government in India.Interesting the Government just got into its second year in power.The first year in office of the BJP lead government was constantly focused on Narendra Modi and his travels and tribulations.I especially like the Clean India, Clean Ganga, Girl Child and Education were my favorites outside of slew of good initiatives by the new government.Weather repacked from the old government or the new initiatives by the Modi lead government, the first year of the BJP government was quite absorbing for the people of India and also the world.

This last few weeks have been quite different for the Modi government.The never ending issues of the central ministers and state governments dragged into the old cricketing boss, supporting him with this visa status while living in exile in the UK has dominated the news and all of a sudden the media and the opposition has newsworthy fodder to start…

Why Choose Politics?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Even before someone is a year old. The world starts looking at what you do, how you do things and why you do things.It is meaningless to evaluate a little child, but with the availability of internet and telephony (at very little cost to the users) just about everything that we do is getting transmitted, and is available immediately and forever for scrutiny.We simply google for anything and there it is.One doesn’t need to tell their life story, it’s out there for just googling and dissecting.

While the internet brings information on to your screen with just a few key strokes. It also opens one’s life to the www.If you are any kind of a public figure, then there is just about everything that you have done, documented for everyone to google.The www continuously documents every bit of our history and present.The simple search tools are of great value for learning and understanding.The library of yesteryears is at your fingertips and on your computer…

The Business of Killing

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Outside of eat, drink and be happy, we also like the business of killing.I am no longer sure of the word happy applies to killing, as we seem to be surrounded with the business of killing.Where ever you live in the world, from the streets of Chicago, to worn torn Middle East, Asia and Pacific, and Europe and Africa, Australia and everywhere we live we seem to be obsessed with the killing business.

Most of my weekly columns don’t require any research.They are mostly reporting facts as is, or opinions based on observation.For writing this column, I spent considerable time looking for information on when did the human beings start this business of killing each other?The internet has millions (may be billions) of references to our evolution, and along with the evolution into current human form, we also have a history of creating and using weapons.Weapons to kill, what else?

A lot of time was invested trying to trace the first human conflict and invent…

Better Leaders While in Opposition?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Indian politicians in the recent years have become more vocal while in the opposition.The freedom of being in the opposition makes them bold and critical of every move made by the party in power.Once in opposition the national and state and local leadership becomes very vocal and critical of every move made by the government in power.

A combination of available media outlets and the freedom of being in the opposition and also not having the responsibility of governing to the public, makes politicians experts on policy and governance.Part of the aggression and analysis comes from the ability and time to analyze performance of the ruling party without the burden of governance.Also a major part of the aggressive critique is because of the availability of information on every action of the government in power.

The available communications channels serve dual purpose; one – to get updated on everything possible instantly, two – react to whatever is bei…