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Leave Chiranjeevi Alone

October 26, 2007

It is an unbelievable situation for Chiranjeevi.

His daughter keeps asking him to do things like meet her in-laws, and she has their blessings. Then why does he have to do anything? She can simply go to their home. Chiranjeevi and his family has said that they accept her wish. Outside of his money there is no more he can offer her. Now she has a husband and his blessed family. So she should get off his back and go where she pleases with who she pleases. Stop harassing the man through the media and so called attorneys. In less then a week, Mom, Dad and family are strangers for this girl, and they should let her go and do what she pleases. She is unable to appreciate that this attorney, this media and this guy she married are never after her but her father's name and fame. He earned his good name for 30 years and she is killing this.

This idiot who eloped with a 18 year old doesn't have a job nor support of his family. He claims to be upset at the police…