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I Love My India

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Although ten thousand miles away from my home, and for about one and half generations being away from my home, and having lost my grandparents and father and a brother over the years, and being entwined in the American way of life, I still love my India.No amount of time and distance will make me change my mind on my love for my mother nation.

I believe like every other Indian, I too wanted to go back to India and do things that were helpful and good for the country, but primarily I wanted to go back to my roots and belong in the place that was my birthplace.I really tried at least three times to do work or business and live in India for extended periods of time.I even ventured in purchasing homes in tow different cities over the years.I started 2 licensed businesses that were spanning over probably ten years and had employed lots of friends and family and also lots of people I did not know when I got started.

I did not succeed either with busines…

Presidential Agenda

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

On January 21, 2013, president Obama got sworn-in for the second time as the president of the USA.The pomp and ceremony associated with the swearing ceremony, and the events leading up to the swearing-in of the president is quite a well planned and well scripted event management.The television and internet and the electronic media cover the events 24/7 by the second so nothing can be missed by the common person.

Just about every event that the president and the family and the followers participate gets well documents and publicized.Presidential advisors, handlers and supporters go out of their way to help, contribute and participate in the pageantry of the election and the presidential aura.In the modern times the election of the president of the United States and the swearing in the president and the annual state of the union address of the president; all have great relevance to the citizens of the United States.

Following each of the president’s…

Not In Control

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The last couple of weeks of 2012 and the first couple of weeks of 2013 have been quite eventful.I took a break to writing weekly during the holidays and the few weeks have yielded an Indian government that is incompetent both internally and also dealing with external forces.While people in and outside of India were following the story of Nirbhaya “Jyothi Singh Pandey” for weeks, the killing of the Indian soldiers on the Pakistan border, and beheading them seem to be equally newsworthy, because of the way they were killed and the denial of the Pakistanis about it having happened.One of the Pakistani minister’s comments that there are a billion opinions from a billion Indians was in fact fascinating, as there were a billion Indians in disbelief that people will be so inhuman.

The government in both instances has been quiet in reacting and taking steps to address the issues that have heightened the anxiety of the entire nation.

First; the act of viol…