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The Legacy of My Father

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

My dad was a simple man with little education and the only son for my grandfather, along with his three younger sisters; my aunts.He was quite simple and yet complex with his own way of life and idiosyncrasies but was kind and gentle.My dad was well liked. My grandfather made sure that he allowed little room for anyone else to do much including his only son.My grandfather was for his time a man who worked very hard and lived life fully.The last I saw him was seeing me off in the old Bombay international airport when I first travelled to America to study.A whole lot of my friends came to Madras along with my grandfather, but he wanted to come alone to Bombay to see me off.I was expecting nothing less from him as he always took me to everywhere I went, and seeing me off to America should have been no different.Seeing him at the Airport gate was my last live look at him, as he passed away a couple of years after my departure to America and I never …

Democracy and Riches

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
The disparity in income is nothing new to the civilizations.  From the beginning of time we have had the rich and poor, kings/queens and subjects, well to do and not so well to do, however we frame the societies, the differences in wealth factor has always been as old as the human beings themselves.  For many experiments such as Communism and Socialism and Marxism and many a political and dictatorial experiments have come to bearing on various parts of the world, and they keep fizzling fairly quickly as people constantly seek self-determination.
The most enduring aspect of human life is the will to choose and decide on what is best for oneself.  Irrespective of the time and place we all aspire to think for ourselves and decide for ourselves; what is best.
From the early days of kingdoms and emperors to the last century’s dictatorships, we all have seen the results of freedom of thinking; essentially freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  Ju…

Je Suis Charlie

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
I have thoroughly enjoyed cartoons and caricatures since my childhood.  The beauty of these creations for as long as drawings have been around, represent a simple and often meaningful depiction of current events and sometimes satire on something or the other that comes to the mind of the cartoonist at a particular moment.  I still like Peanuts and Charlie Brown, and a slew of single frame cartoons in the Sunday newspapers and often wonder how the imagination of the artist continues to be so comical and inspiring despite the ages and ages of creating the same characters and situational cartoons in a single frame.  Often they remind one of some time on their own life where they might have faced similar situation (dilemma) and often they bring a smile on the face of the reader.  Most times looking at these cartoons is fleeting and often catches a moment of personal retrospection.
For many generations, individual characters have continued to explore …

Starting Early

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Everyone must have some sort of a resolution for the New Year.  The typical practice is to procrastinate until the last day of the year and the make a resolution at the end of the old year to do something which is quite simple day to day routine, and then right after the new day (of the new year) forget about it.  I am going to lose weight. I am going to work harder, I am going to make more money. I am going to finish the project I started, I am going to finish school, I am going to get a better job, I am going to call my family and friends, and so on and on are many of the normal New Year resolutions that we make, and hardly follow through on them.
We are optimistic in nature as human beings and hopeful of something better every day in life, and constantly want to do better, bigger and greater and whatever if the next best thing in life, and new year is the time to keep reminding one’s self that the next 365 days will hold a better something for…