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Indulging in Perfection

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
26 October 2005

I have been imagining how I can be perfect? Before the readers go on to imagine what is this guy talking about, being perfect, I still haven’t thought of what I am going to be qualified to be perfect in. So, while indulging in imagination of how I can be perfect, some potential possibility of perfection.

While people, actions, companies and things can strive for perfection, we the humans will always be human, and perhaps never perfect. Here is my take on some fine examples of things that can be close to striving to do as well as they can.

My friend last week said that Infosys, Wipro, Satyam and Tata are all brokers and did not add any value to the Indian system. My friend is a computer guy and came to the USA in the new entrants who are the information technology bunch. Me being an old guy contemplated a response, and I did contemplate for several days before I responded to him. I don’t think these companies are perfect nor they are close to b…

Why are they very mean?

Chinni,october 22,2005

Most of us have been to a school in India and also in the America. I had been to a very good school in India. And now I am going to a College here in Chicago. I find a lot of difference in the teaching style. Teachers in India show more Interest in teaching brilliant students rather than concentrating on dull candidates. Teachers were very mean in my school. I myself faced a bitter experience when I had been to school in India. I was then very small and would take the help of my Dad to complete my homework. One day my Madam corrected my book and didn’t notice any mistakes that I had written wrong. So, then my Dad got very angry at her that he wrote a note in my notebook itself that “Please check my daughter’s mistakes before you correct them.” The next day when she had my notebook for correction She had seen the note written by my Dad. From then she started being very mean to me. Though I did my exams well, she used to complain something or the other or would n…

Some Precious secrets about Smoking cigarettes

Chinni,october 20,2005

When we buy a cigarette pack, we see a caption written on the back of the pack that, “Smoking is injurious for health.” Yesterday we had a friend for dinner and he wanted to go out and smoke, I got so mad at him that I said I’d not accompany him if he ever smokes again. He seriously asked me,” do you know why I smoke?” I asked why?? He seriously replied cigarettes are injurious for health that is the reason I am burning them and throwing them away. And He started telling me few facts about smoking cigarettes. The next thing He asked, you know People don’t get older at all if they smoke. I was surprised and asked him “why”? He again replied seriously that people who smoke wouldn’t survive till they get old. Then finally He asked, you know no theft will happen in any person’s home if he smokes. I was bit confused and surprised too. I asked him the same question again” why”? He again replied seriously, coz guys who smoke cough all night, so how can a thief loot thei…

Heart Attack or Gas

October 20, 2005
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Our reactions to our body and mind are quite difficult to plan. I was reflecting on one of my cousin’s situation from a couple of days ago. Said she was getting heart pain and probably heart attack, and she was suffering from pain. Not much I could do except express concern as we live 10,000 miles away. I was thinking about what could be wrong, and was not sure if she was having heart attack how show could be still talking on the phone. She was going to see the doctor and get to the bottom of this. I am sure everyone was concerned, and probably worried.

The next day I called to check on the situation. She ha already been to the doctor and she had indigestion, and nothing close to any problems with heart. Probably heart burn due to a heavy lunch. Although we laughed it off, it could have been a serious situation. Reflecting on the situation in afterthought it is funny, and I am sure next time I talk to her I will have a few laughs.

We will …

My first writing experience

Chinni,Oct.18th 2005

Guyz..........dont get scared reading my article. If you are not interested,just skip reading. This is my first experience in writing something on the Internet. let me share some of my opinions here on my blog. I came to the USA long back and spent a lot of time here. But when i go back and think what i've done all these years. Nothing comes into my mind...coz...done nothing all these years except sitting and surfing the internet and hangingout with friends. This year,hope i did something useful for my life,not the blog though. Guess?? Joining in School in my Criminal Justice program. Which i started on August 22nd. The first day went pretty well and everything was new to me in the college. It seemd exciting to me. I am having 15 credits for this fall semester and i thought it was damn easy to get graduated. First week went pretty kool.
Later started tons of tests and assignments. Though i enjoy submitting them on time and getting good grades.

I dont wa…

Why Are These Guys Yelling?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
12th October, 2005

Our inadequacies make us angry!

One of the things I always remember and say when I deal with business, and every time I have to make a professional judgment I remember that I only get angry when I don’t have an answer. I rarely have the pleasure of yelling at people at work because no one will listen to me if I yell at them. They will simply quit working or ignore me.

Do you watch the programs covering the politicians? Two things that immediately come into the picture when the cameras are present.

1. If there are two or three parties in the same location as in the assembly, it’s really fun to watch them. No one allows the other guy to speak and keep yelling at the speaker. That poor guy must be suffering from earache from so many people really yelling at him.
2. If the politician gets the mike to himself, he will simply blame everything on the opposition party, specially the guy who is in power. It doesn’t need any rhyme or reason. Everythin…

Tapping the Rich Markets of India

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
4th October 2005

Many of the NRI families come from rural areas and smaller towns of India. For example everyone doesn’t come from Hyderabad, although we may have a family member or a relative who live there. With almost 10 million some people in Hyderabad, it is likely that in over 70 some million people who live in Andhra Pradesh, at least we have someone who we know or somehow related to in Hyderabad. In that context the market power of the capital city is obvious. Political center, industrial center, hitech center and cultural center along with the huge population is attractive for businesses to hoard their wares in Hyderabad. Big homes, big fancy cars, multiplexes, cinema and other entertainment centers along with advertisers who constantly spend zillions of rupees in the big city is natural.

But think of the NRI families that are from smaller centers such as Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Tirupathi, Proddutur, Amalapuram, Badrachalam and many other towns,…

Indian Villages, Living and Factionalism

Compiled by Vasu Reddy from Chicago
30th June 2005

The Villages - Settlement and StructureScattered throughout India are approximately 500,000 villages. The Census of India regards most settlements of fewer than 5,000 as a village. These settlements range from tiny hamlets of thatched huts to larger settlements of tile-roofed stone and brick houses. Most villages are small; nearly 80 percent have fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, according to the 1991 census. Most are nucleated settlements, while others are more dispersed. It is in villages that India's most basic business--agriculture--takes place. Here, in the face of vicissitudes of all kinds, farmers follow time-tested as well as innovative methods of growing wheat, rice, lentils, vegetables, fruits, and many other crops in order to accomplish the challenging task of feeding themselves and the nation. Here, too, flourish many of India's most valued cultural forms.Viewed from a distance, an Indian village may appear deceptively s…

Are Marriages Made In Heaven?

Are Marriages Made In Heaven?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
31st March 2005

Relationships are funny things. Friendship, brotherhood, parental, children and marriages are quite sacred with all of us. We can appreciate the value of each of these relationships by simply engaging in them and benefiting from the enormous positive support that each of those relationships provide to comfort us.

My best friend, my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, my uncle, my aunt and my wife and my children are quite common introductions we make when we associate with the people around us. I am sure that everyone alive cherishes the relationships they value, and enjoy.

Here is an email I received from one of my readers, and I have taken out some personal references while leaving the content to reflect my current week’s subject:

Dear Mr. Vasu Reddy,

Once in a while, when my busy life permits me to surf the net, I seek pleasure in reading intellectual columns and blogs. I am very pleased to say your column!

While I th…


Combining Religion and Industry in Small Town India

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

10th February 2005

It is fascinating to look at India and its small towns, which combine the age-old traditions of India and also the modern manufacturing and way of life into the landscape. One such town is Bhadrachalam is located in Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh at a distance of over 300 KM slightly northeast of Hyderabad. A famous pilgrimage shrine, the abode of Lord Rama, situated at the bank of holy river Godavari, and also the home of ITC PSPD which is one of the premier paper manufacturers in the world, while retaining the charm of a rural Indian town. Combining high technology and modern facilities with stable employment, and retaining the religious and holy nature of the age-old practices makes Bhadrachalam a great place to visit.

Today devotes of Lord Rama can still be a part of the services performed from the time of the construction of the temple, and visit the beautiful surroundings …

History of Telugu Language

History of Telugu Language
Compiled by Vasu Reddy

28 July 2005

Origin of the word Telugu

The most popular explanation that is given to the word telugu is that it comes from the word trilinga, i.e. from the three temples at Srisailam, Drakasharamam, and Kaleshwaram. Many scholars may not accept this view.
Some diverse views on Telugu:
Khandavalli Lakshmi Ranjanam
It probably comes from the word talaing. Since tala refers to head, talaings refers to leaders. Probably, talaings were civilized people and conquered the tribals in the area of current Andhra Pradesh. Hence the name talaings. Later this must have given rise to the words telungu and trilinga.
Godavarti Ramadasu
Some say that the word Telugu comes from the Sanskrit forms trilinga or trikalinga: Actually, the word kalinga itself is a Dravidian word. In Kui language, rice is called Kulinga. Since Kuis were mainly rice eaters, Aryans might have called them kulingas or kalingas.
Marepalli Ramachandra Shastri
In Gondi language, unga is…

Interview with Comedian Sunil

On location in Hyderabad
Shooting for Venkat Kuchipudi’s Modati Cinema
9 AM in Jubilee Hills area on 22nd August 2005.

Vasu Reddy - Your Full name please
Sunil - I Sunil Verma

Vasu Reddy – Your native place?
Sunil – Bhimavaram

Vasu Reddy – How did you get started with acting?
Sunil – Even as a child I was very interested in acting. While in school I used to skip school and go and see a lot of movies and also in college I used to skip college and see movies. As soon as I finished college I wanted to become an actor and not work on anything else. I used to act in dramas and when ever I got an opportunity to act in small skits. I was very confident that someday I will get an opportunity to act in films and I kept trying until I got to the movies.

Vasu Reddy – Do you have any formal training in acting?
Sunil – I attended a two-month workshop with media workshop and training. The reason for my attending this training is not that they will be able to teach me something in a short time but to get…