Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why Are These Guys Yelling?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
12th October, 2005

Our inadequacies make us angry!

One of the things I always remember and say when I deal with business, and every time I have to make a professional judgment I remember that I only get angry when I don’t have an answer. I rarely have the pleasure of yelling at people at work because no one will listen to me if I yell at them. They will simply quit working or ignore me.

Do you watch the programs covering the politicians? Two things that immediately come into the picture when the cameras are present.

1. If there are two or three parties in the same location as in the assembly, it’s really fun to watch them. No one allows the other guy to speak and keep yelling at the speaker. That poor guy must be suffering from earache from so many people really yelling at him.
2. If the politician gets the mike to himself, he will simply blame everything on the opposition party, specially the guy who is in power. It doesn’t need any rhyme or reason. Everything is the fault of the party’s leader in power.

Going back to my theory on yelling, I really think that the guys who are not in power like to disrupt the proceedings because the party in power might get to do something good. If you are in the majority and have the backing of the central government you will certainly want to continue to remain in power, and will want to start keeping some if your last election promises. At least some of them must be kept. If you are allowed to publicly show that your party is able to deliver towards the promises you made, and really keep them, people will remember those promises kept. Even if they are small promises, people will remember them if they are kept. I am sure the party in the majority will make good on their party’s referendum, even if they have the opposing party or parties simply protesting them. But if the opposition parties allow the party in power to keep their referendum, especially the promises made prior to elections and or popular programs, that too on nationally televised events it seems too much to digest.

I rather enjoy the short telecasts that give us a daily briefing on what’s happening in India. But they become yelling sessions when the congress is in session. I first (probably wrote in previous columns) thought this was entertaining. But as I watch them in sessions, it is really obvious that even the smallest thing such as amount of time a guy speaks gets objected. One of the very fashionable things that the opposition seems to do on a regular basis is to walkout. I really don’t have the resources but there must be someway of tracking if an opposition party and its leader stages a walk out, did they go to some filmy function that evening? Were they doing something worthless to the cause of the people in the time they should be legislating?

Lately lot of our politicians seems to happen in filmy parties and entertainment functions. This is not abnormal, but everyday politicians finding time to attend the filmy gatherings is surprising, if they have so many issues that they yell at in front of the cameras. No problem with protesting the wrongs of the others, but what is wrong is just yelling and not making any sense in what you are yelling at. My deduction to this is that the guy who is yelling is simply making a point of disturbing the proceedings and making a scene to get noticed. Nothing more than that is accomplished if guys simply are yelling all the time.

Also, the individual attention grabbing when a camera and a mike are stuck into a politicians face is to blame all evil on the party in power. I have to imagine no one can screw up that much to create illiteracy, poverty, floods, tsunami, global warming, famine and every imaginable evil in the few months they are in power. No imagination or planning is required to blame the guy running the show, and it simply doesn’t matter weather he is good or bad with what he does. He simply is in power and is not a good worker, not a good human being, not a good politician, not a good administrator and not good for anything. That’s exactly what we hear about the guy in power, when the opposition leader gets the mike in front of a camera. If we go specific in to AP politics, even affiliated party can raise slogans against the party that gives you minister positions in center. This must be an anomaly, as it should not be allowed even in a democracy. Politicians either believes people don’t understand them speaking in front of a camera, or think we simply don’t know what party they belong to. It is no longer entertaining to see these grown men simply keep telling that the other guy is bad, screwed-up and totally a waste fellow. Why don’t they start telling what are they doing to make life better for their constituents? Perhaps people will hear that and vote them into power so that they can deliver to their promises.

Stop yelling and do some constructive work. Everything people in power do is not wrong, or right. Each party and has its own plans and agenda, and if people don’t like the ruling party this time, they will be replaced as the last one. No point yelling as no one will listen after a while. People like to see their needs met, not watch politicians on TV simply yelling. You get no votes for yelling.


Anonymous said...

Sure..if you don't yell who will listen?

Vasu Reddy said...

I really think people will not listen to yelling by politicians, but they will listen to what is required to meet their needs.

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