Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some Precious secrets about Smoking cigarettes

Chinni,october 20,2005

When we buy a cigarette pack, we see a caption written on the back of the pack that, “Smoking is injurious for health.” Yesterday we had a friend for dinner and he wanted to go out and smoke, I got so mad at him that I said I’d not accompany him if he ever smokes again. He seriously asked me,” do you know why I smoke?” I asked why?? He seriously replied cigarettes are injurious for health that is the reason I am burning them and throwing them away. And He started telling me few facts about smoking cigarettes. The next thing He asked, you know People don’t get older at all if they smoke. I was surprised and asked him “why”? He again replied seriously that people who smoke wouldn’t survive till they get old. Then finally He asked, you know no theft will happen in any person’s home if he smokes. I was bit confused and surprised too. I asked him the same question again” why”? He again replied seriously, coz guys who smoke cough all night, so how can a thief loot their home. He was so funny that he made us laugh saying funny things about smoking cigarettes. We really had a wonderful and funny evening together. Hope you too enjoy them!


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Chinni said...

Thanks Jimmy

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