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No Safe Place

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

For societies that follow basic rules of living life, it is hard to imagine that someone would just barge into a public place and start shooting people without discrimination.For religious or fanatical groups to highjack and crash big airplanes into great big buildings in what is the greatest city on earth was an eye opener not just for American people but the whole world.It really showed how vulnerable life was when someone was willing to risk their own to destroy other people’s life and property.

Home grown violence of indiscriminate killing of people, all of whom are typically innocent strangers has become common in the recent years.Shopping malls, movie theaters, parking lots, schools, and any other place we think as a place of safety and recreation and visit without worrying for one’s life, have all become places attracting violence.Of late very public places have become places of carnage, and it is not because of some terrorist organization…

Following the Leader

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India has been in its inception a society which looked-up to its leaders.All through the history of the nation can remember Indians have always followed individual leaders for their leadership, behavior, exemplary skills and governance with putting people first.We admire every aspect of the significance of the life and times of great leaders from our mythology and history, and also the conquerors of Indian soil in some instances with great reverence to the meaning of governance.

Perhaps no place on earth has endured the attack on the country as much as Hindustan has in the history of the world, while it retains the love for its history and long lost greatness of then people.We love our heroes and most times revere them so much their life stories and deeds are a part of the Indian day to day life.There is never a moment that passes by without a reference to the great acts of the past heroes of the nation.

A nation with more than a billion people an…

Fostering Democracy

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Since the beginning of time, people have always preferred democratically established governments.We have seldom seen dictatorships or single person enforced laws successfully supported by people who live in such rule.Even if such rule was temporarily accepted by the people, they eventually result in revolt by its population, leading mostly to violent overturn of the establishments.The world rarely has seen a peaceful dictatorship and the very fact the word dictatorship don’t foster the freedom of choice by people who live in such conditions.
Irrespective of where we live, we prefer to make choices of our won and when restricted to what a ruler dictates, we typically revolt against the idea of being told what to do on a daily basis by someone who is in power by force.Time and again restricting human thinking and living, results in revolt that leads to violent overthrow of the powers in place, and people wanting to have a choice of their own in the…

Are Indians God Fearing?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

All through this year the news from India has been scam after scam, and accusation after accusation, and negativity and negativity, and every elected and unelected person in power simply blames one or other for every reason that a human being can think of.We are looking at most of the politicians who belong to the post-independence era, and may not share the camaraderie with each other as the India’s pre-independence folks did.

The generation of freedom fighters had a common purpose of achieving independence from the British as a common goal, while their individual aspirations were kept in check.They focused on one and only one thing; freedom.From the father of the nation to the foot soldiers of India, all of them wanted freedom from oppression and the only and only thing that was their lifelong goal.When you read of the stories of the sacrifices of countless Indians to achieve freedom, they will forever be our pre-independence leaders and people…

Turkey Time

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

It is Thanksgiving time in the USA, and beginning of the holiday spirit and time in North America.Children are making Christmas lists and staring to count down for the holidays.Not much has changed since the last year and we continue to have same conditions as last year, along with the president reelected, and back in the office for the next four years.

Typically turkey has a different connotation in the vocabulary of the United States, and not just the bird in the thanksgiving dinner table.All through the year and probably in the coming months we have a list of turkey’s to look forward to, and perhaps they will keep coming until something is done in the world with both peace and pockets.

The biggest turkey we had recently was the just concluded election where president Obama won handily, and the republicans accepting the defeat grudgingly and the comments after the election in justifying the loss.This country is full of immigrants and it belongs …

The Blessings of Second Term

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

President Obama will not be running for public office again in his life.The reelection of the president of the USA, allows him to build his legacy and work on delivering the election promises he made to the people of the USA.His job is the most powerful job on earth, and term limits prohibit same person from being on the job more than two terms, and after being the president of the USA, one definitely don’t want another job.Once again congratulations on his second term to president Obama.
The second term presents huge challenges to the president.The second term will start with the fiscal cliff, which is just around the corner and the reality of expiration of the tax cuts to the rich, and automatic budget cuts to major programs, and across the board cuts to start bringing the deficit down are all a reality, as congress and president are still at loggerheads.

The republican congress and the president have always been at loggerheads on the programs a…

Sandy’s Aftermath

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Franken storm Sandy did tens of billions of damage, and millions of people in danger and without basic facilities even after a week of the monster storm passing through the east coast of the United States.It has been a week since the big storm and many millions are still without power and basic amenities that are a part and parcel of daily life in the United States.Before and after the storm the people and the services were well aware of the strength of the storm and the possible impact it might have on the areas affected by the storm.

The devastation was expected, although horrific in looking at the power of nature on all living beings their homes and businesses, and establishments.Slowly but assuredly the people are trying to get back to their homes if they are still intact, and those destroyed trying to grapple with the reality of rebuilding.The public services and governments, and disaster recovery and support services, and everyone involved …

Surviving the Entire Term

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

When elected for an office the politicians typically focus on serving for a full term of the office, and when reelections are on the radar, they start preparing for contesting the elections again.Typically incumbents present their accomplishments and their party’s accomplishments in the term they are serving and seek reelection for the next term.Democracies allow for candidates to present and support their political party’s agendas, and if popular and acceptable to the public they will continue to be in the office for their full term, and if the administration is successful in meeting the needs of the electorate they get reelected.
In running a government with a group of coalition of parties, the dynamics of the ruling party get prioritized primarily with satisfying the demands of the coalition partners, rather than having a singular agenda for the national interest.The coalition partners typically keeps shifting the demands it has for the leader…

Divine Intervention

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

For what it is worth, even the group that is trying to fight against corruption in India, it itself needed to have its own people be subjected to their own internal ombudsman.It is not surprising to have one’s own introspection in an environment that has fully supported corruption everywhere and every part of the system.There is no steadfast and quick fix to problems that have been entrenched in the political and bureaucratic system of the country prior to its independence in 1947.

Ombudsman in USA and some other democratic countries is an effective way of having governmental agencies respond to common man’s issues, and sometimes problems in having the systems perform their duties on time and correctly.It’s a simple system that has someone who is watching the performance of government and its agencies.Ombudsman works well in helping citizens with issues that are a bit more difficult to handle than a normal process of getting them done.It is not a…

Is Anyone Left Without A Trace Of Misappropriation?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
Each day we hear of massive use of influence to build books and gain financial strength that is unimaginable in a business environment.Each instance typically is backed with a government in power, and person of interest is either someone in power or related to someone in power.You seldom hear of anyone who is not connected to a position of power.
Last couple of weeks have yielded great fodder with one building books from a few hundred thousand rupees to billions of rupees with in a fairly short span.Typically when a company goes public through share markets, they can yield massive investments to great ideas, but not to real estate investments without any track record.This really doesn’t mean that there was something wrong with the way business was built, just that the person who is building it and the support of the massive corporation that has helped build the books of a brand new company without any track record of performance.
India is place of…

Oh My God!

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The idea of finding and defining the almighty has not been possible for humans from their inception, except the notion of the power of god is felt in varying times and in times of need for every person.The attempt to find god has been attempted as long as human beings have been in existence and there is not a definitive case made of anyone really seeing and interacting with god.

The movie Oh My God, explores the human frailty in attempting to make a simple insurance claim being denied as an act of god, and then the person suing god for damages for loss of property and business, and then the entire episode of how he tries to convince the court to claim his damages. Although the movie was adopted from a play, the essence of the power of logic and perseverance, the role of the almighty in a common man’s battle against being denied a legitimate insurance claim, and specially one man’s determination in displaying the logic of reality and simply workin…

All News Planted?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
If you read any of the web based news it is nothing short of unbelievable and often sensational.Typically the level of believability is often tested, and the reader has to interpret the reality verses fabrication or imagination of the writer.As there is little protection for the receiver, and the ability of the writer to simply name unnamed sources, there is little to lose for the writer.Just about any speculation can be made and corrections can be posted on an ongoing basis, and by the time the story gets told, it can be exactly the opposite of what was originally reported.

From movie reviews to personal stories, news columns to financial reports; all of them come out first and then get verified.All the time unnamed sources are quoted as the real source of information, and anyone and anything can be targeted for negative news.All the stories typically when flashing will get corrected over the days that follow and each of them have a disclaimer t…

Depending on the Government?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Be it democracies or communist countries or dictatorships, the value of the government is in planning the process of education, success and enterprise which dictate the daily habits and life of the citizens.Prosperity is not a relative term to a country or a class of people; rather it is the way of life for organized and hard working folks.

Each country has its own share of unemployment, poverty and desperation, which is not a choice of those who face it, rather circumstantial to the conditions they are forced to be in.There is no denying that some portion of the people will always choose to not to work and hang on to the programs that are afforded to the public by the governments.

In general majority of the population of the earth would like their families to live in dignity and comfort.People would like their children well educated, live a life of cause and goodness, and almost all the time a better life than their own.The world has become more …

Insulting the Prime Minister?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
Until he was appointed as the prime minister of India, Dr. Singh was one of the most respected economists and policy makers in the world.His leadership in leading Indian economic engine to grow and prosper is the story of legend and will forever be remembered for the decisions the finance ministry took and implemented.There was no question of his decision making and policy implementation in leading India into the new century with astonishing results.
The past week saw him called a few choice names by a US publication, which were quickly rebuffed by the Indians, and asked for an apology of sorts for calling the Prime Minister a do nothing wimp in kind words.We all know anyone can write anything they want in any country and just get away with it, and even heads of state are not an exception to the sharpness of the language being used by the writers.The truth of the matter in making a story on Dr. Singh is new to the international media in a negativ…