Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Oh My God!

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The idea of finding and defining the almighty has not been possible for humans from their inception, except the notion of the power of god is felt in varying times and in times of need for every person.  The attempt to find god has been attempted as long as human beings have been in existence and there is not a definitive case made of anyone really seeing and interacting with god.

The movie Oh My God, explores the human frailty in attempting to make a simple insurance claim being denied as an act of god, and then the person suing god for damages for loss of property and business, and then the entire episode of how he tries to convince the court to claim his damages.  Although the movie was adopted from a play, the essence of the power of logic and perseverance, the role of the almighty in a common man’s battle against being denied a legitimate insurance claim, and specially one man’s determination in displaying the logic of reality and simply working with the circumstances that arise with every instance in fighting against the system of injustice and loop holes is absolute master stroke.  This is not a review of the movie, rather the belief in the man upstairs in time of need.

I am first of all a believer in the guy upstairs and him watching our every move, and only fingering with instances where we really need help.  The very fact that we have life and have a long time on earth and the magic of life and death and the cycle of life itself is a miracle, and every human is blessed for whatever time is given on earth to fully live life to the fullest and be as accommodating and contributing to the fellow humans is god’s way of making us very valuable in the cycle of life.  Nothing is more precious as the gift of life, and we are already indebted to the man upstairs for giving us life.  We continue to burden god with the enormous appetite for each of our wants and our needs as typically met with the accommodations already made available to us on earth.

While we are at some time grateful for life. We do spend enormous amount of time thinking of better and bigger things in life, and better and bigger is typically materialistic and money related, and typically when we are asking for more is when we remember the man upstairs.

For love of god, we never seldom tell him we love him and we seldom thank him for what we already have, but simply keep asking him for this and that, and never think that he has billions of others and only god knows how many more living beings also asking for betterment of conditions around them, whatever it might be.

Going back to the movie, it was really touching to see a simple man who only uses logic to try to get back what is right fully his, and how the man who controls the powers of the world, simply points him to the right path.  Also, when really needed how god does show up in a form that gives a helping hand to the needy and rightfully, so and simply disappears when there is no further need for support.

Whether or not anyone likes the movie the message is fantastic and simple.  When in need god will help you to find the right direction, and it is up to the humans to make the nest out of the opportunity.  Doing the right thing will always lead to a happy ending and there will always be satisfaction of doing right thing, its human.

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