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Commoners as Barbarians

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Now a days anyone with an opinion and a mobile or internet connection can automatically express, share and voice opinions (all most all of them unsolicited) online.Online platforms allow for immediate access to a fairly wide spectrum of audience, who intern also have a great deal of variety opinions.All most of these opinions are unsolicited, and often absurd and unintelligible.It is not to disagree with every opinion counts, but the WWW has made irrelevance a common thing.Your friends (and family if they care), their friends, and their friends and essentially everyone else on the planet (for those who use have the experience of million of connected people to you though it could be nth factor on how they are connected) who have access to the internet can see, forward, comment and also use some kind of emoticon to add graphical expressionism to the commentary.Only the WWW knows where something begins and where something ends.Ther…

Man Made

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

This was shared in Telugu from our friend’s group.I took the liberty of translating this into English, as it is quite relevant to where we are today.This is really food for thought, and also reflection of who we are.
Who invented the paper? Man

Who invented the fire? Man

Who invented the wheel? Man

Who invented the agriculture? Man

Who invented the big buildings? Man

Who invented the ships? Man

Who invented the Airplane? Man

Who invented the computer? Man

Who invented the phone, mobile? Man

Who invented the car and other vehicles? Man

Who invented things in the house which we use to relax and enjoy? Man

Who invented things such as Face Book, What Sapp, and Linked in, Email and many other social media and communications tools on a mass scale? Man

Who built this society as it behaves? Man

Who created the religion, caste, sections and divisions in humanity? Man

Who created the Temple, Church, and Masjid, Gurudwara or any other place of worship? Man

Who put god in these places of…

State without Status

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
This past week is a very hard week to comprehend for all citizens of AP.For more than two years after procrastination and postponement, the BJP government at the center declared they will not grant special status to AP, but will provide a package to build the infrastructure to help meet the requirements of the newly formed (now more than 2 years) state.The center announced at midnight just on the eve of the weekend, that there is no way that it can announce the special status for AP.Modi has been in office for 2 years and this parliament under the INC rule had declared the grant of special status to AP, and (once again while Modi is somewhere else in the world) the announcement for all to hear, nothing for AP.
In October 2015, I had written on the same issue and aptly named my weekly column, “OrphanState”.
The current AP political leadership, and its opposition parties and for a fact all people of AP; all did not believe the words “special status …


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Your two eyes are always working together but never see eye to eye.In reality they function well independent of each other, while essentially doing the same thing.For those with not so perfect 20/20 vision, they have a slightly different variation in sight, but still the eyes “don’t see eye to eye.”
The whole world and life is full of perspective.We simply have our own way of looking at things, and can be seeing the same thing and see things so differently as black and white.
From day and night, mother Teresa, Clinton and Trump and religion and interpretation; each person’s perspective can be as different as day and night.There is no right or wrong, simply different.The logic behind perspective can be self beliefs, ability to comprehend, upbringing, constant reinforcement, and choosing sides and any number of life’s teaching that every individual chooses to side with, simply forms the perspective.
Mother Teresa “Saint Teresa of Calcutta” canonized …