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All Life Matters

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The Christmas week has once again become a police verses community headline for Chicagoans.2015 has really been an active police and politics and community challenge for the residents.It’s not just Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore and many other places in the USA, you will hear the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.This year and this slogan have been synonymous with each other.
To start with the slogan should be “ALL Life Matters”.
With either the police using their power to protect or power to execute, perhaps using their guns with a bit more aggression than needed.There is also constant aid of social media encouraging the public to record everything they see, and 24/7/365 media coverage providing launch pad for the eager attention needed and the drama of personal and political nuances that follows every tragedy.
It is to the public’s dismay that the law enforcement doesn’t have the equipment (cameras and voice recordings on the car or and on person) to cle…

Netas as Netizens

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Active involvement and easy accessibility to internet has made us global netizens.Distance, Language, race or color, country and wherever we are (including the space station) or whatever we are doing, all we need is an internet connection to instantly share with the rest of world.The very good (or bad) thing is anything we put out there is easy shared with anyone else on the net, making an instant statement on just about everything.

India has the second most mobile population (second only to China).There are approximately 997 plus million mobiles in use in India compared to 1,276 million in China.Added to that India has (a little user less density) approximately 375 million internet users compared to 668 million internet users in China.

The per capita income for China is $13,224 a year which is 86 rank in the world verses Indian’s $5,808 a year which is ranked as 125 in the world.Neither countries are in the top 25 countries in the world in per ca…

2015 Wish List – Five Things On My List for Santa

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
There is no particular order on my list of five wishes for Santa.I really think they can be delivered.Santa is in every one of us, so these can be delivered, particularly as if we all behave nice, there is no stopping the Santa in us.
Here is my list: World Peace Seasonal Weather Opportunities Clean Environment Happiness World Peace – It is probably the most difficult wish to ask for.We may have never had world peace ever since our existence.But, I still want to wish for it.As I get older, the more I worry about what is happening to the world. It’s just not people killing each other, but constantly finding reasons to go against each other.People have really forgotten brotherhood.“World Peace might be a lofty wish, but what do have to wish for more than world peace”. It is really not wishing for much; just to travel without violence or fear, go to a restaurant without getting shot, drive without looking sideways, go and pick-up the kids, go to the bus st…

Sustaining The Cities

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Although we constantly hear about rising global temperatures and shifting weather patterns, India seem to catch the worst of the rains and floods just about every year.Somewhere in the nation the rains destroy the infrastructure and disrupt the life of citizens, in millions at a time.This year has not been any different, in fact south India, especially Tamil Nadu has been seeing rains that it has not seen in a hundred years or more.
The floods in Mumbai and Chennai are really more manmade calamities rather than just once in a 100 year rains.We have nothing new to add to people and infrastructure management that has been developed to match the exponential growth in population.Oh Yes! these urban centers have created millions of jobs and billions of revenues, but the government never bothers to map the needs of the population and how to manage their requirements.There is never a disaster management plan for any major event in India.
I really needed …